Feb 25, 2021

Greta Van Fleet - "The Battle of Garden's Gate"

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“The Battle at Garden's Gate”

 Release date:  4/16/2021

Greta Van Fleet is:

Joshua Kiszka: Vocals 

Jacob Kiszka: Guitar 

Samuel Kiszka: Bass & Keys 

Daniel Wagner: Drums

 Greg Kurstin produced this record and also co-wrote "Stardust Chords" and "Light My Love”.   His production on this record definitely adds some new flavors to the GVF sound this go round.

As a complete body of work “The Battle of Garden’s Gate” sounds real, raw, and organic.  “My Way, Soon” is a track that got released early and is a fun rocker that the band will definitely add to their live show once touring resumes.  Listening to this record is like listening to The Beatles “White Album” for the first time in the fact that this band has come a long way since their inception of just a few short years ago.  This is the record that will solidify Greta Van Fleet in rock n roll history because the songs on this record are superb and every track could be a radio single.

 Here’s a track by track breakdown of the record.  

“Heat Above” - Opening with an organ and strings this track displays growth in the bands songwriting and style.  Lead singer Josh Kiszka is a true rock star and his brilliance is ever present on this track.  Greta Van Fleet are old musical souls so it’s no shock that the music created on this record has a 70’s style to it and sounds organic.


“My Way, Soon” - Fun, upbeat, and instantly memorable.  This rocker should always be a permanent fixture to the bands live show with it’s catchy chorus and hooky groove.

“Broken Bells” - This one opens slow and has a dramatic build up; this is a must hear track and expands on how the band has grown from endless touring.

“Built by Nations” - The main guitar lick on this song is an instant classic and the overall tone of this track is reminiscent of the rock supergroup Cream.  This track rocks hard and the ends with an interesting guitar lick.

“Age of Machine” - This one has a vibe that reminds me of Pink Floyd’s record “The Wall”, there’s darkness and despair mixed with optimism.

“Tears of Rain” - This one reminds me ever so slightly of “Hotel California” by The Eagles but that comparison is only slight and for a moment.  Musically this one is beautifully executed and epic.

“Stardust Chords” - This is the song that separates the boys from the men; this one is an amazingly well written, superb track that sounds like a true time aged anthem from many years passed.

“Light My Love” - This piano driven ballad is sassy and magnificent.

“Caravel” - Jacob’s guitar work on this track sounds road tested and groovy.  Musically this mid tempo rocker is a stand out track.

“The Barbarians” - When Josh screams, “Are we prisoners or renegades?” during the chorus this sums up how delicate and passionate this entire record truly is from start till finish.  

“Trip the Light Fantastic” - I have no idea what this song is about lyrically, it reads like a warped sci fi novel and the singular vibe on this one is definitely positive.  Musically this one is an epic rocker with a climactic finish.

“The Weight of Dreams” - The guitar lick on this track is classic and accentuates Josh’s vocals perfectly.  This track is nearly 9 minutes long and closes out the record as if it were an epic novel.  When this track closes you realize this Greta Van Fleet’s opus because this record is the evolution of the band and from their debut single “Highway Tune” up until the very last notes of this record Greta Van Fleet have grown as musicians and songwriters and are at the top of their game at a very early age.

 My final thoughts on “The Battle of Garden’s Gate” is that this record is a true masterpiece and the members of GVF outdid themselves and created an amazing piece of art which will stand the test of time due to it’s well crafted, well written music and the band played their asses off on this record.

Author: Bob Suehs