Apr 15, 2021

Wednesday 13 - Interview!

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Wednesday 13 is a mash up of all things glam rock n roll and horror; he has an EP out entitled “Antidote” which features 4 leftover tracks from his “Necrophaze” record.  In this interview we discuss the new EP, Cancel Culture, The Murderdolls, Hair Metal, Toys, Marilyn Manson, and much more.  Wednesday was fun to chat with, his answers were truthful, telling, and witty.   

Rock N Roll Experience:  “What have you been doing during the pandemic?”

 Wednesday 13:  I’ve kept myself super busy, I started doing a fan club and I did it through patreon and I basically had the idea of doing a fan club years ago but just didn’t know how to go about doing it and when all of our tours and stuff got cancelled I’m like, well this is the perfect time to do it so I just kinda went back to my idea of the ultimate fan club, and me being a fan of everything from The KISS Army, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, I’m like, this has got to be, I’ve got to make it, what can I do that’s bigger than that?  So using social media to my advantage I just put this fan club together and I do like 3 one hour live stories a week for the fan club on these private pages, a certain group of fans can text with me, so I’ve just created this really, really cool little fanbase and it occupies pretty much 90% of my time and it’s been awesome.  I’ve literally gotten to shut out the real world and kind of make my own little world here.

 Rock N Roll Experience:  “Did you get vaccinated?”

 Wednesday 13:  I have not been vaccinated yet but I uhm, again, to travel and doing all of this stuff it’s gonna have to be done but here in LA everything is opening up so I just have to schedule my appointment but it’s on the plans.  I don’t know if I’ll post a picture of it like everybody else (laughs)


 Rock N Roll Experience:  “Do You Think Hair Metal is a negative term?"

 Wednesday 13:  It depends on how people are, I mean, It depends on how it’s used.  Like if you and I were talking and I went, “I Love hair metal!” And you went, “Yeah, me too!”, but if I went, “Fuck Hair Metal!”, do you know what I mean?  It just depends on how it’s used.  For me, it’s funny because I was just watching a documentary on some Prime Video channel, it’s like the 1985 - 1990, it’s called “Scenesters” and it’s showing all of this stuff, and they are talking about that term of hair metal and it’s just interesting.  But to me it’s always, glam rock and glitter metal have been hair metal too so it just depends on who’s using that term.  For me I love that term (Hair Metal), I’ve always…I don’t want to say I love that term but it doesn’t offend me and I love that music.  I still love that music.

 Rock N Roll Experience:  “Are you afraid of cancel culture coming after you?”

 Wednesday 13:  (laughs). Ya know, it’s…not necessarily coming after me, I just think it’s such a dangerous thing, it’s almost like a court and jury without all of the facts and everybody can just, ya know, read the headline and go, okay, it’s my opinion.  It’s scary.  But I haven’t thought about it coming after me, I’ve thought about what it probably is like for…I thought about what it’s like for that kid who’s 13 or 14 playing guitar and wanting to be in a band, what’s he going to do, he can’t wait to be in a band and then gets cancelled.

 Rock N Roll Experience:  Now let me take it one further, what are your feelings on Marilyn Manson being cancelled?

 Wednesday 13:  Shhhh, Ya know, again, it’s just one of those kind of things, it’s the same thing where it was, alright, there’s these accusations and ok, everybody is, ok, well…he’s a monster so let’s step on the spider, let’s kill the monster.  And I guess that’s probably the first reaction to that kind of thing, but they are all accusations and I say it’s innocent until proven guilty.  Manson has been a close friend of mine for years and I don’t know of him to be any of the stuff that I’ve read so I don’t know man, it sucks.  I saw Dee Snider talking about Cancel Culture and he was the one going against the PMRC fighting them so it is, it’s a form of censorship, and it’s dangerous.  It’s people seeing, oh wait, this guy can get cancelled so let’s cancel this guy, let’s cancel this guy, you start cancelling everyone for something bad they did there is going to be nobody left.


 Rock N Roll Experience:  “Is the “Necrophaze” era officially over?”

 Wednesday 13:  (laughs) I guess so, I guess it kind of ended when touring stopped last year which sucked because we had all of these European tour dates planned and our headline tour was supposed to be what I was hoping to do, a bigger show, so it all got cancelled and now here we are talking about this EP which is left over music from that recording and now we are scheduled to go into the studio in a couple of months and do the next one so I guess the next tour and everything, I mean if we tour at the end of this year which we are talking about doing some dates, I don’t think I’m going to make it be the “Necrophaze” tour, it’s probably going to be getting out of this (laughs) madness in the world tour and just playing a fun show, a best of that the fans pick kind of deal.  I think the next full tour and everything will be focused on the new release.

 Rock N Roll Experience:  “Will There be a Wednesday 13 Funko Pop Figure at some point?”

 Wednesday 13:  I hope so, I’m a toy nerd, I think my fans would buy it and so yeah, if I have anything to do with it yes there will be Funko Pops, action figures and all of that.  We are working with a toy company that’s been putting out figures and stuff for my fan club and so I’m up to like eight action figures I have out now and some different little toys, everything is based off stuff I grew up on like Rambo Knives, all of that kind of stuff. I’ve been able to do a lot of cool stuff I didn’t think I’d be able to do.

 Rock N Roll Experience:  Necrophaze was extreme and serious while the new 4 song EP is much looser, which direction will your new music take?

 Wednesday 13:  It’s too early to say because I really haven’t delved into where it’s going, we are planning to go in and record in a few months, but that’s just going in with the basic tracks, I don’t necessarily have all of the lyrics and everything figured out so I don’t know where it’s going to go yet.  These songs for this EP (“Antidote”) coming out, they are cover songs and re-recordings from The Screwdriver song, “Your Mother Sucks Cocks In Hell” are re-recordings of Frankenstein Drag Queen songs that we were playing live over the past couple of years and they just went over really well, they were fun, and the W.A.S.P. cover, that was intended to be part of this (EP) as well but I liked it so much that I wanted it on the “Necrophaze” album.  

 Rock N Roll Experience:  That’s interesting because I was about to say “Your Mother Still Sucks” sounded a lot like Murderdolls material.

 Wednesday 13:  Well yeah, that was written right before Murderdolls, all of the Murderdolls stuff and that era was in The Frankenstein Drag Queens going into that so “Your Mother Sucks Cocks in Hell”, that “Screwdriver Song” was a Frankenstein Drag Queens song on our 2nd record from like 1998 so yeah, that’s just what I was into at that time and that’s just that sound so if it sounds like that it’s probably why.

 Rock N Roll Experience:  “Do you keep in touch with Joey Jordison?”

 Wednesday 13:  I have not spoke to Joey in….fuck, we stopped past his house, I think we posted some pictures online of that and that’s the last time that I’ve spoke to him, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything from him.

 Rock N Roll Experience:  "Will there be a Murderdolls LIVE record at some point?”

 Wednesday 13:  No, just because I don’t know if there is any good live recordings, I mean I wouldn’t be opposed to it but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything.  I talk to Acey (Slade) all of the time and I’m like, man, we were like 5 bulls just released out of a cage (laughs), I don’t know how that sounds (laughs) I’ve heard some of our recordings and we looked good, we’re jumping around and sometimes it sounded like that, I don’t know if the live recordings would have to be doctored up like KISS “Alive”, then it would be un-alive.  

 Rock N Roll Experience:  But every live record is fixed in the studio, you know that

 Wednesday 13:  Dude, W.A.S.P. “Live In The Raw” is my favorite thing ever because I think, out of all of their recordings, some of the songs sound better and I know it’s not all real, so yeah, all of that’s not, but uh, again, I don’t know if there’s any soundboard recordings of our stuff, I don’t have anything at all, but who knows, I’m sure there’s something out there.

 Rock N Roll Experience:  Do you keep in touch with Tripp Eisen?

 Wednesday 13:  I have not spoken to Tripp since all of that went down.  Was that 2005?  That was the last time that I ever spoke to him. He was hanging out at our video shoot for “I Walked With A Zombie” so, I think he was visiting North Carolina and all of that just came out and he just kind of fell off the map and I moved on.

 Rock N Roll Experience: I have to ask you, is there any chance of a Murderdolls reunion at some point?

 Wednesday 13:  There’s always a chance.  Next year is the 20th Anniversary and I would love for something to happen and who knows, there’s still time, I didn’t think that last thing would happen and it would be fun to do.  It would be fun to re-visit with so many fans and people that didn’t get to see it and for people who just got turned onto it or were too young to…it’s hard to believe it’s almost 20 years.  It’s crazy, so yeah, it would be fun to re-visit, I think it would be fun for me, it would be fun for the fans, I don’t know if everybody would want to do it, I don’t know….I don’t know, but I would be down for doing it and I’m sure that Acey (Slade) would, but who knows, we’ll see.  Fingers Crossed but, stranger things have happened.

 Rock N Roll Experience:  Is there anything I have not asked that you would like to add?

 Wednesday 13:  I don’t know, I think you’ve pretty much asked everything, you asked all of the good stuff.  My other interviews this morning were just kind of the normal stuff.

 Rock N Roll Experience:  I’m a fan of your work, I know your stuff

 Wednesday 13:  Awesome dude.  I remember you, I read a lot of your reviews, I used to go on Metal Sludge and would read your reviews so yeah, I remember you from back in the day.  You’ve been around as long as I have.  We are still kickin, some people are not even around anymore, we are still doing it so I’m glad to see you’re still doing it man and you’re still lovin it.  Thank you for all of the kind words and support through all of the years.

Author: Bob Suehs