Aug 21, 2021

KISS - Atlantic City, NJ

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Atlantic City, NJ

KISS Set List:  

Detroit Rock City, Shout it Out Loud, Deuce, War Machine, Heaven’s on Fire, I Love It Loud (Gene Fire), Lick It Up, Dr Love, Say Yeah, Cold Gin, Guitar Solo, Tears Are Falling, Psycho Circus (edit), Drum Solo, 100,000 Years (Partial), Gene Solo/Blood, God Of Thunder, Love Gun, I Was Made For Lovin’ You, Black Diamond, ENCORE:  Beth, Do You Love Me, Rock & Roll All Nite

 Walking into this show I had no idea what to expect in regards to shows requiring a Vaccination card or proof of a negative Covid test prior to entering the venue.  Theprevious night I caught Three Doors Down in Baltimore and there were NO Covid protocols in effect, no vaccination cards needed to enter the venue, no negative covid tests shown, and no mentions of those un-vaccinated wearing a mask.  At the KISS Atlantic City show the only mention of Covid protocol was when a recording played over the PA upon entry stating that any patrons fully vaccinated did not need to wear a mask but those un-vaccinated SHOULD wear one.  NO mask enforcement was in effect, no vaccination cards were checked, and the members of KISS interacted with the crowd, handed fans guitar picks, and performed as if it things were back to normal.

 KISS were supposed to take that stage at 8:45 PM but they were not onstage until closer to 9:15 PM which pushed the show to end at 11 PM.

 This was my 5th time seeing KISS on their “End of The Road” tour and on this night something went off wrong because after Led Zeppelin’s “Rock N Roll” the band usually takes the stage….but on this night they played Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” before KISS’s intro and the entire night was off by almost 20 minutes.

 The line for meet and greet photo’s with KISS snaked all the way to the very back of the venue and it was interesting to witness how many people payed $1,000 to get a photo with the band behind Plexiglass.

 The Atlantic City venue was much smaller than most venues KISS performed at on this tour and Paul commented that this was definitely one of the smaller places they had performed on this tour.

 The venue was sold out, the fans sported KISS make up, KISS shirts, KISS shorts, and pretty much anything that the band had ever issued which was wearable.  You could see KISS displayed proudly throughout the entire casino.

 The merch table featured updated tour merch with similar designs from previous legs of this tour.  There was a $350 signed drum head/set list from Eric Singer, several smaller drum heads were available for $150 - $50, and Tommy Thayer signed 8X10’s were $30 and included 3 guitar picks.  The real souvenir from this show was the limited edition, promo only Hard Rock Pins which only Employees of the Casino were given.  ALL employees of the casino were given free KISS shirts to wear during their shift as well so the entire Casino was KISS themed.

 Vocally Paul sounded great and the band were clearly enjoying their time onstage with each other and the crowd.  

 I overheard one woman saying to her husband, “You said this was the last time 5 shows ago, when are they truly going to stop?  This isn’t the end!”  That statement was funny because it is true, but the band are performing great, their show is strong, and the fans keep showing up so there is no true reason to end as long as they are having fun.  

 At this point there isn’t much to say about KISS that hasn’t been said.  They came back after a 19 month Covid induced hiatus and gave their fans an insane, super sized rock show like no other band can deliver.  If this truly is The End of the Road they are going out in fashion and giving their fans what they pay for…more band for the buck!  Gene breaths fire and spits blood, Paul commands every eye on his every move, Eric hold down the back beat, and Tommy is the lead guitar….Long Live KISS, The Biggest Rock Spectacle You Will Ever Experience!

Author: Bob Suehs