Sep 16, 2021

Ace Frehley has never seen new KISS record?

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Ace Frehley Has Never seen new KISS Record?

Today on Eddie Trunk’s SIRIUSXM radio show Ace Frehley was a phone in guest.  Ace was in good spirits, spoke of his tour rehearsals for the upcoming Alice Cooper tour, and addressed the recent A&E KISS documentary.

 Ace stated that his band were opening the Alice Cooper tour, that due to CDC covid regulations he and his band had to be tested at least twice a week, and that there was absolutely no backstage access or meet and greet’s for this tour.

 Ace stated that he had not seen the KISS A&E documentary and he declined to be a part of it due to the fact that he had no say in the footage that was used.  Trunk told Ace that he was presented in a good light throughout the documentary but Ace still seemed to not care about the doc.

 One of the last questions Trunk asked Ace was about the recently released KISS “Live From The Soundboard” authorized bootleg series which featured a show Ace was a part of with drummer Eric Singer.  Ace acted as if he was unaware of the release but clearly he has seen it and actually signed quite a few copies, most of which are for sale online.  Ace stated:

 “That’s interesting….I should be getting a check for that (laughs), if not they’ll be getting a call from my attorney.”

 The rumor is that once the Ace Frehley/Alice Cooper tour ends Ace will do a small headline run of dates through the States.

(Video below is audio of Ace saying he's never seen the new KISS record)


Author: Bob Suehs