Sep 23, 2021

Ministry - "Moral Hygiene"

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“Moral Hygiene”

 Ministry’s latest release is an interesting mix of new and old from the band.  Al Jourgenson IS Ministry, and with this new record the band’s sound is reminiscent of the “Filth Pig” era.  Dance beats and grooves overpower the meaty metal guitar riffs at times and the closing track, “TV Song #6” is an updated version of a track that Ministry’s done for many years.

 “Moral Hygiene” will be released worldwide via Nuclear Blast Records on October 1, 2021.  This record tackles current day topics and I give Al credit for always being politically conscious when it comes to his lyrics.

 “Moral Hygiene” is Ministry’s 15th studio record and has taken Al around three years to complete.  

 The performers on this record are:  Al Jourgenson, John Bechdel (Keys), Cesar Soto (guitars), Paul D’Amour (Bass), Roy Mayorga (Drums)

 Here’s a track by track breakdown of the record:

 “Alert Level” is track #1 and features scratching by former N.W.A. member Arabian Prince.  The song is six minutes long and epic in it’s approach.

 “Good Trouble” - features a cool harmonica part, musically it’s heavy with groove and vibe.

 “Sabotage is Sex” - features Jello Biaffra.  This one is exactly what you’d expect with Jello on vocals.  Quirky, feverish, and a little over five minutes in length.

 “Disinformation” - a great deep cut on the record, fans will love it because it’s standard Ministry music.

 “Search and Destroy” - originally written/performed by Iggy and The Stooges features Billy Morrison on guitar.  This version is slowed down and the punk rock vide is stripped down to a more rock n roll-is tone.

 “Believe Me” - emotionally honest, raw, and real.  This is a standout track

 “Broken System” - Another Ministry classic, pure Al Jourgenson.

 “We Shall Resist” - This is the one that takes a little to appreciate because it’s different than all of the other tracks on this record.  After a few listens this one definitely gets stuck in your head though.

 “Death Toll” - Groove & hooks power this one.

 “TV Song #6” - This is a play on the track “TV” which the band has been doing for several years now.  This version of the song features former President Trump and if I’m being honest with you I prefer the earlier versions which feature George Bush because the sound bites were more iconic.

Author: Bob Suehs