Oct 16, 2021

Sebastian Bach / Kaleido - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD



Sebastian Bach Set List:  

Slave To The Grind, The Threat, Big Guns, Sweet Little Sister, Quicksand Jesus, Psycho Love, Beggar’s Day, 18 & Life, Livin’ on a Chain Gang, Riot Act, In A Darkened Room, Creepshow, Mudkicker, Waster Time, Monkey Business, I Remember You, Youth Gone Wild, Get the F**K Out


Kaleido Set List:

Die Tryin’, My Rock & Roll, Pretending, My Fire, Drum Solo, Dead To Me, Eating Me Alive, My Enemy, Blood, Panic In A Pandemic


Bach’s tour was originally set to happen in 2020 but Covid changed the world and everything was pushed back one year.  This worked out well for Detroit based Kaleido who scored the opening slot for this entire tour!

 Sebastian Bach performed the Skid Row classic record, “Slave To The Grind” in it’s entirety alongside a handful of Skid Row standards.  The evening started at 7:30 PM with local openers Cinder Road taking the stage first.

 Kaleido took the stage at 8:15 PM and their set ran around 45 minutes with great crowd reaction.  The focal point of the band is lead singer Christina Chriss and at the merch table fans could purchase shirts, photos, and skateboard decks.

 The onstage energy Kaleido exuded was an interesting mix of 90’s hard rock and 2000’s pop.  Chriss is a hard rock version of Gwen Stefani and the band blends alternative with hard rock.

 “Panic in a Pandemic” is the bands latest single and they performed it towards the end of their set. It was set up with a small speech about how after a year like 2020 it’s okay to say that you’re not ok.  Most of the bands set was very positive and upbeat which made their set go very fast.

 Drummer Joey Fava had a health issue the last time Kaleido were in Baltimore which left the band stuck in Maryland for one week.  As a tribute to the time they spent in Baltimore for that week Joey played a small drum solo.  

 Kaleido are a fun modern rock band with a harder edge and their set got the crowd ready for Mr. Sebastian Bach.

 Bas allowed Kaleido to use his 2 onstage flat screen TV set.  The 2 large sets were addressed on a recent episode of the Eddie Trunk show when Bas said that he bought the TV sets from Best Buy after chatting with John 5 who uses the same TV sets onstage during his live shows too.

 Sebastian Bach’s backing band for this tour consists of:  Brent Woods on Guitar, Rob De Luca (Spread Eagle) on bass, and new drummer Jeremy Colson.  Colson is Steve Vai’s drummer of 20+ years and his addition to the band adds more energy due to his intense performance and hard hitting behind the kit.

 Bach opened with “Slave To The Grind” and rolled through the entire record, out of sequence, with random crowd banter about older Baltimore rock clubs like “Network” and “Hammerjacks”.  At one point Bach quipped that there were a lot more diseases in the 80’s than there was today and he assumed that “Crabs” went away for the most part because almost everyone in this era shaves.  Bach’s banter was off the wall, odd, and everything you would expect from him.

 During “Youth Gone Wild” all of Kaleido joined Bach and company, and the nights last song was “Get the F**k Out” which had the entire 2nd half of the song chopped out due to it being politically incorrect these days.  Bach started to rant about the Me Too era but cut it short, which was a wise move.

 Bach’s entire set was sharp, his backing band were tight, and the theme of the night was clearly, “F**k 2020”.  Bach made it a point to ask the crowd if they listened to the Eddie Trunk show as he was a daily listener and loved the show.  Bach went on the point out how his entire set was 100% live and that the band Kaleido were the first opening band Bach had out on the road in 15 years who did not use backing tracks of tapes to fill in their sound.


Author: Bob Suehs