Oct 28, 2021

Local H / Radkey - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD


 Local H Set List:  

Patrick Bateman, All The Kids Are RIght, All-Right (Oh Yeah), High Wide and Stupid, Fritz’s Corner, Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl) (Looking Glass cover), Hold That Thought, I Saw What You Did & I Know Who You Are, Hands on The Bible, Farrah, Sunday best, Bound For The Floor (with Radkey), Wold Like Me (TV on The Radio cover with Radkey), ENCORE:  Defy and Surrender, High-Fiving MF/Helter Skelter


 The ultra casual radio rock listener may know Local H as the only band to ever truly utilize the word “Copacetic” in a rock song, but the band has a storied history dating back to 1990 when guitarist/vocalist Scott Lucas alongside drummer Joe Daniels formed the original 2 man rock band long before The White Stripes or JuciferLocal H signed a deal with Island Records in 1994 and released three records (“Ham Fisted”, “As Good As Dead”, and “Pack Up The Cats”) before going the indie path.

 The secret to Scott Lucas’ guitar tone is that his guitars are modified with a second output jack and a bass pick up which creates a low end and high end at the same time thus thickening the bands sound.

 Original drummer Joe Daniels left the band in 1999 and was replaced by drummer Brian St. Clair.  St. Clair worked as a tech for Cheap Trick prior to joining Local H and St. Clair’s tenure in Local H ended in 2013 on amicable terms.

 Ryan Harding joined Local H in 2013 and is the bands current drummer.  Ryan’s first official show with the band was on November 8, 2013.

 In April of 2017 Local H won a contest to open for Metallica on five dates of their “World Wired” tour.


The band’s most recent release is 2020’s “LIFERS” and throughout the Covid Pandemic the band released a series of “Awesome Quarantine Mixtapes” on CD, Vinyl, and cassette.  Each release features exclusive cover versions of songs done both acoustic and electric.  “Volume 3” of their mixtape series is currently available now but will sell out fast so pick one up while you can.

 Opening duties for this show were handled by Missouri based rockers RadkeyRadkey was formed in 2010 by three brothers; Dee, Solomon, and Isaiah Radke.  Radkey have 2 full length records out (2016) “Delicious Rock Noise” and (2020) “Green Room” & 3 EP’s (2013) “Cat & Mouse”, (2013) “Devil Fruit”, (2019) “No Strange Cats”.  The song “Dark Black Make-up” is definitely one of their stand out tracks.


Radkey took the stage at 8 PM sharp and their nearly hour long set covered all the bases:  Punk rock energy, hard rock rhythm, and gritty/bluesy vocals.  Radkey opened shows for Foo Fighters recently and their set was interesting because as they rolled through their set the energy level got higher and higher to a point where the three brothers were bashing it out like mad-men thus leaving the crowd cheering and ready for one more song when they left the stage.


Local H are a true grunge act in the sense that they don’t live the rock star life, they set up their own gear, sell their own merch, and do it all on their own.  Scott’s pedal boards are everywhere in his area of the stage and drummer Ryan Harding owns the entire left side of the stage.

 Local H’s set started strong and by the 2nd song in the set their “hits” were rolled out!  “All The Kids Are Right” is a stalwart, mainstream rocker which gained the band radio airplay back in the day; this post grunge rocker was fun, sharp, and to the point.  “All Right…” was next and kicked the show into high gear with it’s fast, furious, and fearless energy.

 The band’s show is limited at times due to only two guys being in the band, but what they lack in members they make up for in energy and sweat.  The drums hold Local H together more than any other rock band out there: the heavy bottom end, intensity, and solid beats are undeniable and the glue that keeps every song together.

 “Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl)” is the lead single off the bands new EP and hearing the band rock this classic song up, they made it their own and made it sound unique.

 “Farrah” was a slower moment in the set and Scott dedicated it to Halloween.  The 2 guys in Local H were truly happy to be back onstage and made it a point to thank the crowd repeatedly for showing up and spending the evening with them.


Towards the end of the set Scott brought out the guys from Radkey and Local H  became a full band with a bass player and 2nd guitarist.  “Bound For The Floor” and “Wolf Like Me” rocked hard and gave the crowd a small glimpse at what Local H would be like with additional members.

 The Encore consisted of “Defy and Surrender” and “High-Fiving MF” which featured a partial cover of “Helter Skelter”.  All in all this was a fun night of 90’s post apathetic grunge where combat boots and flannel ruled the night.

 Immediately following their set Scott went directly to the merch table to see cd’s, posters, and shirts and sign autographs for fans.  Scott wore a mask while meeting fans and upon entry of the venue ALL patrons were required to show a vaccination card or proof of negative Covid test.

Author: Bob Suehs