Nov 1, 2021

Black Label Society - Doom Crew Inc.

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“Doom Crew Inc.”

 Release date: November 26, 2021

 “Doom Crew Inc” is Black Label Society’s Eleventh release and this record features Zakk Wylde trading solos and twin-guitar parts with Dario Lorina, backed by the rumble of longtime bassist John “J.D.” DeServio and powerhouse drummer Jeff Fabb. Like every BLS album since 2010, the band tracked Doom Crew Inc. at Zakk’s home studio, aka the Black Vatican

This record finds Zakk and company delivering another healthy dose of Black Sabbath influenced heavy metal chock full of guitar solo’s, strong rhythm, and Zakk’s soulfully grungy vocals.  

Here’s a breakdown of each track on the record.

 “Set You Free” - This song opens the record with an acoustic guitar piece that’s reminiscent of Led Zeppelin; within 20 seconds that mellow intro is stripped away and a chunky guitar groove is the backdrop for some of Zakk’s best vocals ever recorded on a Black Label Society record!  This is a stand out track and an absolute rocker!  The guitar solo is exactly what you’d expect from Zakk; jaw dropping, melodic, and shred-a-riffic.


“Destroy & Conquer” - Sounding like a modern day Black Sabbath riff, this one starts with fire and passion.  Typical Black Label Society brutality.


“You Made Me Want To Live” - Introspective, mid tempo, and upbeat, this one delivers a message of hope and the music is just as deep.


“Forever And A Day” - The first ballad on the record, piano driven, and in the vain of “In This River”.  


“End of Days” - Sounding like a riff Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains would have written, this rocker has a modern feel and approach.  This should be a radio single because it’s very commercial and instantly memorable.


“Ruins” - Opening with a 70’s styled Southern Rock riff this chunky rocker has a distinctive 70’s groove.


“Forsaken” - Heavy as hell with a slick guitar lick that holds it all together.  This one is an instant BLS classic and Zakk’s vocals seem to get better with each track on this record. 


“Love Reign Down” 2021 Version - The second ballad on this record, definite “Hangover Music” material.


“Gospel of Lies” - This one starts off mid tempo and radio friendly with a great tempo change midway through the song.  The dual guitar work from Zakk & Dario is nothing less than impressive.


“Shelter Me” - This one is a great deep cut, the dark riffage is ever present and by the 2:50 minute mark you get a “Crimson and Clover” vibe.  


“Gather All My Sins” - Opening with a tinny guitar riff, this one cuts deep with sleek guitar solos, striking rhythm, and superb musicianship.  At times you get a slight prog vibe which disappears fast.


“Farewell Ballad” - This slow ballad is a great closer for the record and gives Zakk and company another reason to jam for over six plus minutes.


"Doom Crew Inc." is the best Black Label Society record since “The Blessed Hellride”, this version of BLS has gelled very well together and this record gives fans the strongest offering ever from BLS!  Look for BLS on tour now and throughout most of 2022.  

Author: Bob Suehs