Nov 4, 2021

Cold - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD



COLD Set List:  

Back Home, Happens All The Time, No One, When Angels Fly Away, Ocean, End Of The World, Another Pill, Different Kind of Pain, Whatever You Became, Just Got Wicked, Suffocate, ENCORE:  Remedy, Don’t Belong, Bleed, Rain Song

 Founded in 1986 and hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, COLD is the brainchild of lead singer Scooter Ward.  The band has released six full length records and currently Ward is the only original member in the band.

 Cold has sold over one million records in the US alone and their original name was GRUNDIG.

 Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst was instrumental in helping the band in their early years by inviting Ward to record two acoustic tracks, “Check Please” and “Ugly” which got passed along to producer Ross Robinson who was impressed by what he heard.  This led to the band changing their name to COLD and signing a deal with A&M Records in 1998.  Sidenote:  A&M Records folded in 1998 and merged with Geffen/Interscope.

In 1999 before recording the album “13 Ways To Bleed on Stage" the group recruited local guitarist Terry Balsamo, who briefly played for Limp Bizkit.  Terry would eventually leave Cold to join Evanescence.

 “13 Ways to Bleed on Stage” was Cold's breakthrough album with hit singles “Just Got Wicked" and "No One”.  

 Cold released their record “Year of The Spider” in 2003 and it featured the hit single “Stupid Girl”.

 Cold signed a deal with Napalm Records in 2016 and are still currently signed to the label.  The band’s most recent release came out in 2019 and is titled “The Things We Can’t Stop”.

 The current line-up of COLD consists of Scooter Ward - Vocals, Lindsay Manfredi - Bass, Nick Coyle & Jon Nova - Guitars, and Tony Kruszka - Drums.

 Tony Kruszka replaces original drummer Sam McCandless who recently left the band.

 Cold performed at Baltimore Soundstage on a balmy Thursday evening in November and their set is best described as short and to the point.  There was no filler, no long stage rants, and nothing to keep the show from moving along quite fast.  Cold took the stage at 9 PM and their set was over just around 9:45 PM. 

 Crowd wise there was about 100 bodies in the room and everyone in attendance were die hard fans of the band who knew every word and sang almost every song along with Scooter.

 The mood of the show was somber, the band performed under very dark lighting, and the surprise of the night was that “Stupid Girl” wasn’t performed!

 “Back Home” was the first song of the night and by the time they ripped into the track “No One” the room was filled with an interesting vibe:  The music was dark and melancholy yet the lyrical content was overtly positive.

 Scooter thanked the crowd for showing up and for supporting Cold for 20 years.  During the bands encore Ward let go and jumped off the stage to sing against the barricade and interact with the crowd.  Fans adored his interaction and truly appreciated the bands set.

 The bands encore was a mellow experience that saw Ward stripping the arrangements down to just piano and vocals.  The arrangements were dark, dapper, and depressing at times; Ward thanked the crowd for always sharing their experiences with the music, he said that when fans tell him how the music got them through hard times it meant the world to him.

Author: Bob Suehs