Feb 14, 2022

John Waters - "A Date With John Waters"

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John Waters


Baltimore Soundstage

Baltimore, Maryland

“A Date With John Waters” is a yearly Valentine’s Day tradition for the Baltimore area.  The Pope of Trash took the stage shortly after 8 PM and the sold out crowd was treated to a raunchy, no holds barred spoken word performance by Mr. Waters.

 Before John took the stage a voice came over the PA informing patrons that NO photography or video of any kind were permitted during the performance and shockingly NO ONE tried to break the rules and take a photo with their phone!

 Waters had a simple backdrop behind him and he paced across the stage throughout the night as he spoke of his movies, politics, gay bars, poop humor, and why he believes Valentine’s Day is a crime in 2022.

 “Be Mine You Swine, I’m Your’s Whores” was uttered out of Waters mouth as he compares 2022 to how things used to be; how simply admitting you liked sex is almost a crime in 2022.

 Waters two hour show started off strong and when you listen to him talk it’s clear that he’s Maryland born and bred.  The crowd was diverse and a great snapshot of who grew up watching John’s films.

 My only complaint was the initial set up for the venue.  The cheap GA tickets in the back had many obstructed view seats due to structural beams and they should have listed in the ticket description that there were obstructed view seats.  Many patrons in the back could not see Waters onstage at all and they should have had Waters shown on the video screens in the back so everyone could at least have a view of what Waters was doing onstage.

 Throughout the club rose pedals and paper hearts were scattered on the bars, seats, and tables which gave the club a Valentines Day feel.

 The last part of Waters show was Q&A and fans asked him random questions about his past. 

Waters joked at one point during the set about releasing a record of his show and compared it to dirty records he listened to as a youth; he joked about being nominated twice for a Grammy and how he lost both times; once to Michelle Obama and the other time to Joan Rivers.

Waters informed that crowd that he has a new book coming out in May and that he would be back to sign copies.

 All in all it was a fun night, Waters witty banter, dirty jokes, and trashy references were exactly what one would expect from The Pope of Trash!

Author: Bob Suehs