Mar 19, 2022

Alice Cooper / Buckcherry - The Hall at MD Live!

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Hanover, MD

The Hall at Live! Casino

 ALICE COOPER Set List:  Feed My Frankenstein, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Bed of Nails, Hey Stoopid, Fallen In Love, Go Man Go, Under My Wheels, He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask), Go To Hell, Be My Lover, I’m Eighteen, Poison, Billion Dollar Babies, Roses On White Lace, My Stars, Black Widow Jam, I Love The Dead, Steven, Dead Babies, Escape, Teenage Frankenstein, ENCORE: School’s Out

 Current Alice Cooper Band Members:  Alice Cooper (Vocals/Harmonica), Chuck Garric (Bass), Nita Strauss, Ryan Roxie, Tommy Henriksen (Guitar), Glen Sobel (Drums).

 Covid delayed everything for a very long two year stretch - this show was one of the many casualties which luckily was rescheduled once the world went into it’s new “normal”.  Doors opened at 6 PM and tour opener Buckcherry took the stage at 7:30 PM.

 No covid vaccination cards were required to enter the building and it was not mandatory to wear a mask.

 The Hall at MD Live! Casino is an upscale, swanky venue with various options for viewing a concert/show there.  The room itself is large, boxy, and designed for sound.  The back of the venue is set up with gymnasium styled bleachers and what most fans didn’t realize was that the merch tables were set up behind the bleachers in an almost completely hidden area!  My biggest complaint with the venue is that there nothing is labeled and easy to find/figure out.  Seat numbers, restrooms, and merch areas are nearly impossible to figure out once the lights are lowered.

 Buckcherry sounded good but seeing them on the large stage felt odd because Buckcherry will always be a gritty, in your face club band.  The older audience lacked the enthusiasm of a smaller/younger audience where the fans are interacting with the band members and losing their minds; most patrons remained seated during Buckcherry’s set and it created a semi sterile vibe at times.  Regardless, Buckcherry delivered a solid rock n roll set and new guitarist Billy Rowe adds a lot to the bands sound.

 “Still Alive” was the strongest song in their set and “Crazy Bitch” was the one that brought the majority of their crowd to their feet with the room being “Lit Up” (pun intended ha ha) by the glow of cell phones recording said song.

 This was the first night of the Buckcherry run with Alice Cooper and BC did a good job of warming the crowd up.  KIX guitarist Ronnie Younkins was spotted walking into the show during Buckcherry’s set.

 Alice Cooper offered fans many cool shirt designs at his merch table and for $40 you could get a hand signed copy of his latest release, “Detroit Stories” while a signed copy of the vinyl set you back $75.  Alice also sold a hand signed postcard for $50.  The members of the Alice Cooper Band sold their own merch:  for $20 you could get a hand signed Glen Sobel drumstick, for $20 you could get a hand signed Nita Strauss 8X10, and for $50 you could get a set of 5 postcards hand signed by all 5 members of the Alice Cooper Band sans Alice along with 4 guitar picks from each member.

 Alice’s stage was set with a huge castle in the background which band members used as a prop while monsters, and giant babies broke down the walls at various points during the show.

 Rather than ruin every moment in the set I’ll simply say that the set list featured a great mix of 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and current Alice Cooper hits, and the band were full of energy and gave it their all.  The theatrical aspect of the show is what made it Alice Cooper; the blood, the monsters, the craziness, and even an appearance by Jason from Friday the 13th!

 “Be My Lover” was a nice addition to the set and it was interesting to see Alice play harmonica in the middle of the set because it’s something Alice doesn’t always do.

 Few rockers deliver an over the top show like Alice and if you get a chance to experience his live show I can’t stress enough that it’s an experience every rock fan needs to witness at least once.



Author: Bob Suehs