Apr 9, 2022

Tommy Wiseau - "Love Is Blind" - Philadelphia

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“Love Is Blind” 2022 Tour


Philadelphia, PA


Cult Film star/writer/director Tommy Wiseau hosted viewings of “The Room” at Landmark Cinema in downtown Philadelphia, PA on April 8 & 9, 2022.  We caught the Midnight showing on the 9th and rabid fans lined up an hour early to catch a glimpse of Tommy.

 Signs outside of the theater stated that in order to meet Tommy you had to make a purchase first.  Tommy met fans from within a plastic box and each person was granted one selfie with Tommy in the box and one autograph.  Several fans brought footballs which Tommy signed and then threw to them from the top of the box.  There were three showings of “The Room” on this night and we attended the first one which started at midnight.

 Tommy personally introduced the movie by starting off with a clip of “Big Shark” which was preceded by a commercial for Tommy’s brand of underwear.  Tommy did a brief question and answer session and at the end a fan took the stage with Tommy and proposed to his girlfriend.  She said yes!

 Tommy answered five questions from fans and the most interesting two were:

 Question:  How Do You Feel James Franco did playing you?

 Tommy:  He Did good job, next question.

 Question:  What Is Your Take On The Will Smith Slap?

 Tommy:  Whatever it is that he did is….you know what, it should not happen, but next question.

 Watch the entire Q&A session below.

Author: Bob Suehs