Apr 12, 2022

Dorothy / Classless Act / Joyous Wolf - Recher

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Towson, MD


 DOROTHY Set List:  Down To The Bottom, Gun In My Hand, Ain’t Our Time To Die, WCTM, Sweet Dreams, Rest In Peace, Jam, Raise Hell, After Midnight, Medicine Man, Flawless, Dark Nights

 Dorothy brought her “Gifts From The Holy Ghost” 2022 tour to the Recher in Towson, Maryland on a mellow Tuesday evening.  This three band bill offered an interesting glimpse into the future of Rock n Roll.   

 Classless Act kicked the night off with “This Is For You” and the room seemed to enjoy their set; starting the show at 7 PM on a week night insured that there would be a small crowd for Classless Act but towards the end of their set the room did fill in more.

 “Give It To Me” is an upbeat rocker, “All That We Are” has an anthemic chorus, and the surprise second to last song in their set was a cover of “Civil War” by Guns N Roses.

 Classless Act formed in 2018 and their original line up featured London Hudson, son of Slash (Guns N Roses) on drums.  Classless Act were hand picked to open the entire 2022 Motley Crue/Poison/Def Leppard Stadium tour and their music is a mix of energetic hair metal mixed with upbeat pop-punk.

 Lead singer Derek Day is a wide eyed madman onstage; he jumps like Ozzy, moves like Gerard Way, and has an endless supply of energy.  Derek’s vocals are impressive and received his big break when Steve Vai took him on the road as a solo artist.  Day has also toured with Ted Nugent and Living Colour.


 Lead guitarist Griffin Tucker plays guitar in the style of Ace Frehley, Jimmy Page, and Slash; his rhythm is strong and his leads are passionate.

 Classless Act plan on releasing their Debut record in June.  The band currently consists of:  Derek Day (Vocals), Dane Pieper (Guitar), Griffin Tucker (Guitar), Franco Gravante (Bass), and Chuck McKissock (Drums)

 Next up was Joyous Wolf.

 Joyous Wolf formed in 2014 and their current line up consists of:  singer Nick Reese, guitarist Blake Allard, bassist Greg Braccio, and drummer Robert Sodaro. 

 The story of how Joyous Wolf got their name is anything but ordinary:  The band decided to use an online band name generator and among the random names were: “Global Death” & “Intense Resentment” before “Joyous Wolf” appeared and the rest is history.

 Joyous Wolf opened their set with “Quiet Heart” and that song led into “Get Myself Right”.

 Band leader/vocalist Nick Reese is an acrobatic wizard onstage; his moves are laser sharp and his vocals are intense.  After the bands set Reese asked me what I thought of their set and I said that they were good.  Reese jokingly said, “We were only Good?  What would it take for us to be GREAT?  I did tons of flips onstage, what more do you want?”  It was an awkward moment when I finally said to him, “Ok, You were Great!”  Reese stopped me, assured me that he was just joking, that he knew I had probably heard that stuff before from bands and he thanked me for coming to the show.

 Musically Joyous Wolf are a mix of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and all things 70’s hard rock.  The band recorded a kick ass cover of “Mississippi Queen” by Mountain that you need to check out!

 Dorothy took the stage 9 PM.

 Dorothy delivered an hour long set and her new band features Faster Pussycat guitarist Sam Bam Koltun on lead guitar.  Supporting her latest release, “Gifts From The Holy Ghost”, Dorothy and her band delivered a solid set of originals complimented with one cover, “Sweet Dreams” by The Eurythmics.

 This version of Dorothy is a three piece and it’s interesting to hear the bands sound stripped down to the bare minimum.  “Down To The Bottom” was Dorothy’s opening number and set the pace for a bluesy, rockin’ set that featured “Flawless” as the second to last song of the night.  “Flawless” should have been the nights closer because it was the strongest moment in the set where the entire crowd sang every single word.  Interesting side note:  the bad word featured in the original version of “Flawless” was not sang on this night and Dorothy apologized at one point for cursing onstage.

 The entire night was over by 10 PM and the crowd cleared out very fast.  This was the first time I’d seen a show at the new “Recher” and I have to admit that the new Recher is way better than the older version of the club.  The new sound system, the new lights, the new stage…the entire venue has been renovated and made better than it ever was before.  As far as parking goes, if you park in the large movie theatre garage directly behind the venue and ask the club for a parking validation pass you can park for $2.

Author: Bob Suehs