Jun 9, 2022

Michael Monroe - “I Live Too Fast To Die Young”

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“I Live Too Fast To Die Young”

 Released date: June 10, 2022

 Monroe and company recorded “I Live Too Fast….” in Helsinki, Finland at Inkfish Studios as a follow up to the bands “One Man Gang” record.  Recorded between November and December 2021 and produced by the band with engineer Erno Laitinen, “I Live Too Fast….” Is an 11 song story of Fun times, darkness, danger, Glam, and all things Rock N Roll!

 “I Live Too Fast…” is Monroe’s 10th solo studio record and possibly his strongest release to date.

 The band consists of Monroe on lead vocals and harmonica, Steve Conte (guitars and vocals), Rich Jones (guitar, vocals), Karl Rockfist (drums) and Sami Yaffa (bass/vocals/guitar).  Guns N’ Roses axe slinger Slash plays solos and provides additional guitars on the title track.

 Here’s a track by track breakdown of the entire record.

 "Murder the Summer of Love” - The record starts off with a rocker; lyrically Monroe starts the song with the line, “No Fun In The California Sun Man, I Gotta Get Away, I Gotta Get Away.”  At times this one sounds influenced by Iggy and The Stooges and this song starts the record off with a one - two gut punch!  Steve Conte & Rich Jones lay down tough sounding guitars and this one rocks hard!

 “Young Drunks & Old Alcoholics” - Sounding like an old Hanoi Rocks song, this one chugs along at the same pace as “Murder The…” and the lyrics are positive, upbeat, and autobiographical on Mr. Monroe’s life and personal beliefs.

 “Derelict Palace” - Slightly more melodic and much darker, this one sounds like early The Cult and the guitar riff is just as moody as the lyrical content.

 “All Fighter” - This is one of the faster songs on the record and the drums pummel hard while Michael’s lyrics steer the track.  Pure rock, no filler, and exactly what you’d expect from the band!

 “Everybody's Nobody” - “Good bye to the Bowery, so long to Times Square, Times Keep Moving On and you ain’t going anywhere.” This pre-chorus explains this song and it’s theme perfectly.  Failed rockers who are hometown heroes that never quite “Made It” in the music business.  Monroe clearly saw tons of his peers in this situation.  This mid tempo song is a toe tapper and definitely worth a listen.

 “Antisocialite” - This piano driven ballad is sweet, moving, and where the record truly changes pace/tempo.  

 “Can't Stop Falling Apart” - Upbeat, punchy, and radio friendly, this one has a rock n roll piano underneath it and is slightly Rolling Stones-ish in it’s delivery and feel.  This one has a definitive old school rock n roll groove.

 “Pagan Prayer” - bass driven, loud, fast, and nasty, this one is the heaviest song on the record and it’s pace is brutal.

 “No Guilt” - Mid tempo, introspective, and to the point.  This one delivers a different flavor than most of the record.

 “I Live Too Fast to Die Young” - featuring a solo by Slash from Guns N Roses, this one is a pure rock anthem and it’s obvious why they named the record after this track.  This one is pure Michael Monroe in all of it’s glory.

 “Dearly Departed” - The record ends with this deep, dense, dark track and in a weird way this track forces the record to end on a low note.  Metaphorically, this is the perfect ending track for those who choose to listen to this record in it’s entirety because this one is the true ending and closes the record on a dark note.

 Overall this is a kick ass record, Monroe and company have released a string of solid records over the last decade and all I can say is, Thank God we still have artists like Michael Monroe who create music for the mind, body, and soul.  Monroe and company are a very visual band but their music stands on it’s own; the band looks cool performing onstage but where they differ from other Glam bands is that the music stands totally on it’s own regardless of the bands looks.

 Catch Michael Monroe on tour throughout 2022-23.  Hopefully Monroe will play shows in the USA on this tour!

Author: Bob Suehs