Jun 18, 2022

Trashlight Sinatras - Dobbs on South

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TRASHLIGHT SINATRAS: A Benefit & Memorial Concert for Roger Segal


Dobbs on South

Philadelphia, PA



Sorry & The Sinatras:  45’s, WWWK, Black Dog, Black and Blue, Hated Heart, Riverside, St. of Philadelphia

 Trashlight Vision:  Allergic To You, Face Plant, Black Apples, Nola, Horns & Halos, Bonzo (Ramones Cover)

 Ramones Tribute Band:  KKK Took My Baby Away, Let’s Dance, I Don’t Care, Rock & Roll High School, Cretin Hop, 53rd & 3rd

 Encore:  Hey Rags (unreleased tribute song for Roger)

 Trashlight Vision was an underground rock act formed in 2004 and fronted by Dope/Misfits bassist/guitarist Acey Slade.  The band released one full length record in 2006 titled “Alibis and Ammunition” and 2 EPs.  Trashlight toured the East Coast as well as Europe and the UK before disbanding in September of 2007.

 Trashlight Vision was:

Acey Slade: Vocal/guitar

Steve Haley: lead guitar

Roger Segal:  Bass

Jonny Chops:  Drums

 In 2011 the band reunited to play one show in Philly on September 29, 2011 which served as a benefit for drummer Jonny Chops.

 Roger went on to form Sorry and The Sinatras with former Amen/Wildhearts bassist Scott Sorry.  Roger left the band and remained mostly inactive in the music world after this point.

 Segal was murdered in early 2022 and this show served as a fund raiser/tribute to the fallen rocker.  The nights headliner was called TRASHLIGHT SINATRAS and featured: Acey Slade, Scott Sorry, Andy Watts, Larry The Kid, Kris Rodgers & Eric13.

 Prior to Trashlight Sinatras taking the stage a bevy of Philly based bands took the stage to pay tribute to Roger.  The most interesting of the bunch was a band called Candy Cigarettes who played a sleazy 70’s styled rock n roll set which brought the energy of early Johnny Thunders to the room.  A little after 11 PM there were several drawings for 50/50 raffle prizes that included a signed bass guitar, vintage Trashlight passes, Catfight Coffee, and a brand new Leather Jacket.

 The Trashlight Sinatras set was divided equally with a set from Scott, a set from Acey, then a set from Roger’s Ramones tribute act.  The first 2 sets were high energy and amazing; the 3rd act was the icing on the cake and featured a barrage of Ramones standards.  

 Scott’s Sinatra material is best described as singer/songwriter punk and got the room charged.  Acey’s Trashlight set was where the energy in the room hit peak potential and Acey got so into his set that the sound guy had to tell him twice to not put his foot on the monitors.

 Sorry played guitar for the first seven songs while Acey played bass;  during the Trashlight material Acey played a blue glitter flake Les Paul guitar and Sorry played bass.

 Sorry wrote a brand new song titled “St. of Philadelphia” as a tribute to Roger and debuted the song live for the first time on this night.  Sorry told the crowd that the song was recorded and that it would be released at some point.

 During the third act Eric13 formerly of Sex Slaves and a touring member of Combichrist took over on vocals and led the room in singalong chants to various Ramones classics.

 Towards the end of the Ramones set Eric told the crowd they were going to veer off the set list for a moment and play a random song NOT on the set list; “Cretin Hop” was tossed in as a surprise and their set ended with “53rd and 3rd”.  

 The very last song of the night was a brand new one Eric wrote as a tribute to Roger titled “Hey Rags” and it ended the night on a hight note.

 This was not a memorial to Roger, it was a celebration of his life from his friends and family; those who knew Roger said he loved to talk and hated silence so this show served as a loud, non silent tribute to a well loved Philly rocker.

Author: Bob Suehs