Jul 22, 2022

Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD

Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum SET LIST:  Intro/Vicious, Love American Style, KetaBOST, Nevertheless, The Deeper Down, Eat An Eraser, Let It Go, Sideways, Airhead, Angela Peacock, Jet Pack, Tomorrow’s Screams, Thanks For Coming, ENCORE:  Cruel World, Armageddon Suite, Come Talk To Me 

Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum are an odd bird; they perform music that’s hard to explain and even harder to describe.  One part Brian Eno, two parts Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum are three friends that make weird art rock with no live guitars onstage.

 Let’s talk about the elephant in the room:  Michael C. Hall is the frontman for the band and he IS Showtime’s DEXTERDexter Morgan is America’s favorite serial killer and it’s hard to not see Hall as the character he created in Dexter.  Onstage Hall is an art rock wild man and his appearance is a mix of Adam Ant meets David Bowie.

 Drummer Peter Yanowitz is best known for his time as drummer for Jacob Dylans’ The Wallflowers.  Yanowitz was also a member of Morningwood and Natalie Merchant’s band.


Keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen is a current member of Blondie and his daughter is the one who came up with the band name Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum after she was asked what her own band's name would be when she got older.

 Each member of the band have a nickname they go by onstage:  Hall is Kaleidoscope, Katz-Bohen is Storm Eye, and Yanowitz is Dream Weaver.

 Man On Man were originally supposed to open this show but the band had an unfortunate accident which caused them to drop off the tour and Lorelei K was added as the opener at the very last minute.

 DJ Naeem spun music and mixed throughout the night.

 The members of P.G.T.T.B.M met during Michael C. Hall’s stint as the lead in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway.  Yanowitz performed as Schlatko in the play and Katz-Bohen was the substitute music director.  

 PGTTBM opened their Summer tour in Baltimore, Maryland at Soundstage on July 22, 2022 and the show was filled in nicely with obvious fans of the show DEXTER waiting to see their hero, Hall onstage with his band.  

 The distinction between who was there to see the band as opposed to who was there to see Dexter was obvious:  there were fans dressed like members of P.G.T.T.B.M. in make up and glitter while fans of Dexter were covered in fake blood and one guy dressed like Dexter’s TV show boss Angel Bastista.  Fans brought homemade signs while blurting out lines from the show such as, “Sh*t a brick and f*ck me with it!”

 Hall commented that Katz-Bohen is a wizard, an actual wizard, and joked that he didn’t have a wizard card but could prove it. Katz-Bohen is the musical director and his cues determine where the band will go onstage.  At one point Katz-Bohen did a key-tar solo version of Black Sabbath’s “Into The Void” which was the most metal moment of the night. 

 Musically speaking, Hall and his band are quirky and the start of their set introduced an unlikely star to their show:  a Tootsie Pop which Hall sucked on throughout the night.  The lollipop was sucked on for a few minutes here and a few minutes there, then placed on a towel that sat on the drum riser.  Hall would eventually pick off piece of towel lint before sucking on the pop and at one point the pop fell off the towel, sat on the dirty drum riser, and Hall still continued to suck on it up until the show ended.  At the end of the show Hall left the pop in his mouth and walked off stage.

 Princess performed almost every song in their catalog as well as new unreleased tracks.

Only those up front were able to see it, but Hall's shoes were super sparkly and glorious!  They were a definite contrast to his paint splattered shirt and baggy joggers.

At the end of the night Peter and Matt went outside to meet fans, signs autographs, and take selfies with fans.  When Hall eventually left there was a large crowd waiting to meet him outside the club.  Hall tries to sneak out the side door and was whisked away in their tour van.  A Roadie told the crowd that Hall had to be in Detroit the next day to perform and had no time to stop.  Hall humbly waived to fans as he walked to the bands van.


Author: Bob Suehs