Aug 8, 2022

Skid Row & Skitzo Calypso

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“The Gang’s All Here”

 Label:  earMUSIC

 Release Date:  October 14, 2022


Erik Gronwall - vocals

Snake Sabo / Scotti Hill - guitars

Rachel Bolan - Bass

Rob Hammersmith - Drums

 New Jersey’s best Hard Rock export -  Skid Row, are back with a brand new record that sounds exactly like it should; loud, rude, aggressive, and chock full of in your face attitude.  Some will hate it when I say this but it has to be said:  When you listen to this record it’s clear that the band are firing on all cylinders and new singer Erik Gronwall fills in the void that Sebastian Bach left.  Every song on this record could easily have been sung by Bach and at times this feels like it should have been the big Bach/Skid Row reunion record because this record truly picks up where their last record with Bach, “Subhuman Race” left off.

 Musically, every song has bite, emotion, rage, depth, and power.  Scotti and Snake play their asses off and prove that Heavy Metal is still alive in 2022 while Bolan and Hammersmith hold down the rhythm, low end, and grind it all out.

 Here’s a breakdown of each track on the record:

“Hell or High Water” has a chunky feel and this one is pure Skid Row in it’s writing approach; at times it feels slightly like “Monkey Business” and the chorus is super catchy.

 “The Gang’s All Here” is upbeat, has a great groove, and the drums definitely lead this one.

 “Not Dead Yet” has a slightly punky feel and slide guitar in the beginning.  This one rocks hard and what you notice very fast is how strong Erik is as a singer.  Bach will probably hear this record and think to himself, “Man, that should be me on these songs!” because every track on this record is anthemic and catchy as hell.

 “Time Bomb” is slower in pace but still heavy.  The chorus is mid tempo and if I’m being honest with you, slightly cheesy yet still works in the context of the song.  “I’m a ticking time bomb.  Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick boom!”

 “Resurrected” reminds me of a forgotten Iron Maiden song because Snake and Hill trade riffs in a question/answer style which sounds totally old school and as with every track on this record, Erik’s vocals are the icing on the cake.

 “Nowhere Fast” has an interesting opening and this one is actually quite different than all of the rest on this record because it’s approach feels more melodic.  The song is heavy but it has a more vocal driven feel than any other track on the record.

 “When The Lights Come On” starts off bass driven and this one has a section that feels more rock n roll than any other track on the record; the heaviness is there but the tempo changes alter the mood and vibe several times throughout this track.

 “Tear It Down” - I’m not quite sure how to explain it but this song sounds nothing like classic Skid Row and it’s the only song on this record that sounds nothing like what you’d expect from Skid Row.

 “October’s Song” - This is the token “Slow song” and this one feels like it could be a single for classic rock radio if it gets the right push.  Clocking in at a little over seven minutes, this one is definitely epic.

 “World On Fire” - It’s interesting that they decided to close the record with this song because this song feels like a new beginning for the band.  Erik’s vocals and overall presence on this record have revitalized Skid Row and given them new life.  

 Scotti and Snake play their asses off on the entire record and their riffs and solos are impressive.  The rhythm is tight, and I can’t say enough good things about Erik’s vocals; Skid Row 2022 delivered a truly strong offering to their fans and this record stands alongside “Slave To The Grind” as some of the best material Skid Row has ever made.  



“Shooting Down on America” single

Brad Cox and the boys are back with a new track titled “Shooting Down on America” that was recorded at Deep End Studio in 2022.  Musically the song is upbeat, fast, and the layered guitar parts add an 80’s feel while the overall vibe of the song is modern hard rock.  Brad’s vocals are crisp and clear, the rhythm leads the charge, and the guitar tone is bright with depth and good mids.  Check out the track at:

Author: Bob Suehs