Sep 6, 2022

Megadeth & I Love Rich

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"The Sick, The Dying, and The Dead”

 “The Sick….” is Megadeth’s sixteenth’s studio release and hit store shelves on September 2, 2022.  Released on Dave Mustaine’s label Tradecraft, this is the first studio release to feature drummer Dirk Verbeuren and the second to feature Kiko Loureiro on guitar.  This record had various obstacles in it’s way with the three biggest being the Covid Pandemic, Mustaine being diagnosed with Cancer, and the David Ellefson sex scandal.  Testament bassist Steve Di Giorgio re-recorded all of Ellefson’s bass parts for the record and Mustaine commented on the Eddie Trunk show that he (Mustaine) played/wrote all of the bass lines for the record and what Ellefson initially recorded were parts Mustaine had already written/performed on demo takes of the record.

 The recording sessions for the record took place between May of 2019 and completed towards the end of 2021. 

The record opens with the title track, "The Sick, the Dying... and the Dead!” which is an interesting opener because it sets the pace for the entire record by creating a mood that’s intense, thrashy, and upbeat, despite the songs title.  This track has a style that’s very similar to the bands “Rust In Peace” era.

 What’s interesting about this record is that it’s not even an hour long, clocking in at 55:10 it gets in, gets it done, and ends just as fast as it starts.

 "Life in Hell” is a fast rocker and everything that you’d expect from Mustaine and company.  

 “Night Stalkers” features Ice-T rapping midway through the song and this one is actually a tad faster than “Life In Hell” with a slow mid section reminiscent of the Megadeth song “Trust”.

“Dogs of Chernobyl” - Mustaine claims this one is actually a love song and not as dark as the title might imply.  This one starts off slow and has a symphonic feel.  The majority of the songs on this record were written by Mustaine/Loureiro.

 “Sacrifice” is a mid tempo metal track and has a very commercial feel to it.

 “Junkie” is an interesting track.  I feel like the music is solid but the lyrics are slightly goofy and feel dated.

 “Psychopathy” is essentially the intro for “Killing Time”.  

 “Killing Time” has a killer hook and groove coupled with solid lyrics.  This is one of the best tracks on this record and a for sure future Megadeth classic.

 “Soldier On!”  crazy guitar solos, strong rhythm, and all of the typical Megadeth stylings that you’d expect from the band.

 “Célebutante" is a fast one and by this point in the record it’s evident that Mustaine hasn’t slowed down at all despite the various pitfalls he succumb to while recording this record.

 “Mission To Mars” this is the most experimental track on the record and also the most indulgent.  

 “We’ll Be Back” is the song most fans have already heard and the first new song Mustaine decided to add to the bands live show.

 All in all this is a solid record.  It takes several listens to truly let it all sync in, my first initial listen left me with absolutely no true impressions other than Mustaine had recorded a speed metal record.  This record is another page in the history of Megadeth’s career and it remains to be seen which songs will stand the test of time and remain active in the bands future live shows.  

Megadeth went through a lot while recording this new record and it's obvious that everything Mustaine and company dealt with definitely helped to shape this record.



“You Have The Right To Remain Sexy”

 Raunch, Sleez, Dirty Rhythms, and Street Fightin’ Grooves are what you get from the new I Love Rich record simply titled, “You Have The Right To Remain Sexy”.  

 I Love Rich deliver 43 minutes of raw, real, decadent rock on their latest release and are Chicago’s best kept secret.

 “Revolution In My Pants” is a stand out track with it’s in your face rock n roll attitude and “It’s Time To Turn It On” has an old school AC/DC vibe to it.

“God’s Gift To Women” is a fun, tongue in cheek rocker and “I Paid In Sex” has a killer guitar hook.

The bulk of this record has a style that's heavily influenced by Ace Frehley, New York Dolls, and 70's glam culture.

 Various tracks on this record were recorded at various points throughout 2020 - 2021 and what’s interesting about this record is that it sounds so cohesive in terms of the sound/style/tone and overall vibe that it’s almost like a concept record….a rock record about being sexy and celebrating all things hedonistic.

 I’d like to personally thank the band for sending me a physical copy of their new release because in 2021 it’s a rarity to receive any physical product.

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Author: Bob Suehs