Dec 17, 2022

Paul Stanley - New Jersey Art Showing

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Wentworth Gallery

The Mall at Short Hills

New Jersey

 Paul Stanley is best known as “The Starchild” - an androgynous lover, 70’s Rock Icon, and now gaining notoriety for his artwork.

 Paul has done art showings at various Wentworth Gallery’s throughout the United States and his pieces have gone up significantly in price since he began showing his art.

 When Paul announced he would be making an in-person appearance at The Malls at Short Hill in New Jersey it was a no brainer that the KISS Army would be out in full force to support the Starchild.

 Paul offered several familiar pieces such as his interpretation of Jimi Hendrix, Marilyn Monroe, and the Four original members of KISS alongside several new pieces.  In order to meet Paul inside the art show you had to buy a piece of Paul’s art and none of it was cheap.

 The lowest cost for a litho was $2,700 and the cost for original pieces ranged from $20,000 and up to $60,000+. Several hand painted Ibanez Iceman guitars were available for purchase and they were priced at $20,000 as were several hand painted Acoustic Ibanez guitars.  

 Interest free financing was available for those interested in purchasing, and the gallery also offered free frame swap outs if you were unhappy with the frame used for display in the gallery.

 When Paul entered the Mall several fans approached him and he stopped to chat briefly, take selfies, and sign one autograph.  Paul sported a black puffer jacket, oversized shirt, vest, custom Paul Stanley inspired Nike shoes, and a leather man-bag.  

 Paul was in good spirits, greeted all who purchased his art with open arms, big smiles, and warm wishes.  As an added bonus, anyone who purchased a piece of art for $10,000 or more could have dinner with Paul after the show at Ruth’s Chris Steak House.  Around a dozen fans purchased pieces in that price range and got to break bread with Mr. Stanley on this night.

 The honest reality of what truly happened at this art show was that die hard KISS fans went to get a glimpse of Paul with the hope that he would throw everyone a bone and sign/do photos without the purchase of his expensive art.  Most fans were looking for a simple autograph on their cherished KISS memorabilia but the only way that was happening was if they paid a base fee of $2,700 or more for a piece of his art.

 KISS are continuing their “End of The Road” World Tour in 2023 and Paul is slated to host more Wentworth Gallery art shows in 2023.  Gene Simmons hosted his first art show in 2022 in Las Vegas and hopefully he will bring his art shows across the States once KISS ends their “E.O.T.R.” tour.

Author: Bob Suehs