May 18, 2008

Type O Negative - Ram's Head Live

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Baltimore, MD

Ram’s Head Live

New York neo-goth metal veterans, Type O Negative are out on a Jager sponsored tour this Spring, & I was quite surprised when I found out that the band was opening for Hatebreed on this tour, because it was an odd billing to begin with, but in my mind, I think Type O Negative are a little bit bigger than Hatebreed, but what do I know? Type O has taken some serious time off so the band members could focus on other things, & this was mostly due to Peter Steele’s incarceration, but regardless, Type O Negative are in the middle slot on this national US tour, & when the tour hit the Maryland area on 5/18/08, I made it a point to get to the venue just before Type O Negative went on, because they are the band I wanted to see, the other’s on the bill were ok, but I won’t deny, I was there to see Pete & the boys tear it up!

One of the things I noticed about this crowd after first entering the venue was, the Type O fans were distinctly more darker, more made-up, & the Hatebreed fans were....uhmmm, in a word, uglier! Don’t take that as an insult, it’s just my honest observation...Type O Negative attracts a goth-ish type crowd whereas the Hatebreed crowd is more like the hardcore crowd & you have to know what I mean with that statement, the Type O Negative crowd was more dressed up than the Hatebreed crowd, & when Type O played, some of the Hatebreed crowd seemed disgusted, & vice versa, so this was an odd billing! Type O Negative had a long assed intro tape that led the band onstage for a roughly hour long set that included a handful of new songs with a handful of older songs. “Love You To Death” was played early in the set & for me, it was probably the best number of the night because it was dark, somber, & brooding, yet beautiful in it’s dark embrace of feeling lost. Peter Steele has a new look on this tour..he’s shaved his facial hair & his eyebrows, so he kinda looks a little like Ikabod Crane without Eyebrows & his once large, body builder frame has slimmed down alot, & he seems leaner these days!

Peter was downing Jager throughout the bands set, & at one point he took a bottle of water & pretend blessed the other band members ala a mock baptism & Johnny seemed a little annoyed when Peter tossed water on him although he laughed it off & went right into the next song! “Halloween in Heaven” was the last song of the night & it was proceeded by a speech from Peter about Dimebag Darrell, & it was interesting how Peter was having a touching moment in the bands set, yet, some of the crowd seemed pissed that Peter would even consider a tribute to Dime! After the Type O Negative set, the entire band hung out, Peter jumped off the stage & hung out with the front row of the crowd, & again, I will say that it was odd to see the band opening for Hatebreed, I think they should have been the headliners, BUT, they pulled off a killer set, they rocked the house & when they were done I felt like the show was over, because Hatebreed are good, but I don’t feel like they could top the show Type O Negative just gave & a few songs into the Hatebreed set we decided to leave in favor of of leaving on a high note & I won’t deny that Hatebreed kicks ass, BUT, they are not as interesting as Type O Negative!


Author: Bob Suehs