Oct 23, 2009

Danzig - Ram's Head Live

Glenn Danzig is a punk rock pioneer who had a really celebrated cross over career in the metal/rock world via his first major band, the Misfits which evolved into Samhain and then became Danzig.
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October 23, 2007

Baltimore, Maryland

Rams Head Live

Glenn Danzig is a punk rock pioneer who had a really celebrated cross over career in the metal/rock world via his first major band, the Misfits which evolved into Samhain and then became Danzig.

This particular evening was just strange feeling..I don’t even know how to put into words, but it was late October, it was kinda overcast, the weather wasn’t really hot or cold and it kinda felt like rain outside. By the time Danzig took the stage, the venue was filled & if it wasn’t sold out, I am willing to bet you it was pretty damn close!

Suicide City was added as the last minute openers for this show & they played a short but interesting set & it’s still hard to believe that Billy from Biohazard & Jen from Kittie are in a band together! The crowd didn’t really seem to care about Suicide City, but I enjoyed their set alot. Doom Rider’s were 2nd on the bill & where I was, their mix sounded really fuzzy & muddy, so it was hard to really tell if they were good or not...the bands singer told a funny story though about how their guitar player boasted that he wanted to play Baltimore so he could get a crabcake, & when he finally got one, he had an allergic reaction to it & as it turned out, he’s allergic to crab meat!

Doyle’s band, Beautiful Frankenstein were 3rd on the bill & the band was a 3 piece unit..their singer quit, so the bassist took over as singer & wore a Burger King style headset mic. The interesting thing about the bands set was, they had a stripper pole with a thick blonde stripper sporting mummy-like cloths that revealed a little too much of her thick frame, & the band told the crowd that they were seeing the first EVER Beautiful Frankenstein live show. Overall, the show was plagued with small problems...Doyle’s guitar cut out at one point, The bass player’s gear had problems, & for whatever it’s worth, I think they just rolled with all the technical problems. Again, the audio mix was not great..it seemed like there was way too much bass at times & the distortion on Doyle’s guitar was not the best I’ve ever heard...I wasn’t really impressed by the bands music, but I LOVE their stage presence..they look like Rock N Roll Zombies!

The first thing I commented on when I saw the Danzig stage set up was, wow, there’s not a huge drum riser..infact, there wasn’t even a Danzig bass drum that was professionally made..what they had was a Danzig skull sticker on a black bass drum cover, & the entire backdrop was just the giant Danzig Skull..it was a very low budget, no frills kinda show, & the band came out before Glenn to start off the first song. Guitarist Todd Youth has an amazing stage presence that’s a mix of glam rock excess & New York City sleaze & I thought he made the Danzig live show complete with his tight rhythm & strong lead’s!

Bassist Steve Zing really looks like Glenn...when I first saw him walk out onstage, my first thought was, wow, he looks like Glenn’s brother! The set list was a mix of past & present, & I think “Brand New God” might have been my personal favorite...that song just kicked ass more than you could even know! “How The Gods Kill” was the song that I think the crowd really went off on hard...the mellow parts got the monsters on the floor mellow, then the song kicked in with the heavy parts & the floor went ape shit! In the middle of the set, Glenn went to the edge of the stage & I thought he was going to jump off the stage & touch the crowd, but what ended up happening was, Glenn literally fell off the stage & hit is should er really hard on the end of the stage...he had security pick him up & although he tried to play it off, he totally fell off the stage & hurt himself & the entire front of the crowd saw this! After this incident, Glenn went backstage about a song later & was gone for a minute while the band jammed on an evil sounding riff, then it seemed like the mood of the show changed...alot! Glenn was visibly not that cheerful anymore, he was yelling at a roadie when he tried to put black tape on the edge of the stage & that roadie later returned with green tape..I’m assuming that was done so Glenn didn’t fall off stage again? Glenn was also yelling at Todd Youth during “Twist of Cane” & “She Rides” telling him to slow down, he was playing the song too fast, & to be honest with you, I thought it was fine, Glenn just seemed a little moody after his fall, & I heard later on from a security guard working that backstage Glenn was yelling & saying how hurt he was & it’s unconfirmed, but I was told he dislocated his shoulder by a security guard & to be honest with you, it wouldn’t surprise me, because he fell hard!

There was a Misfits set planned, but after Glenn’s fall, he nixed 2 songs off the Danzig set list & the entire Misfits jam with Doyle was called off. Danzig’s last song was “Dirty Black Summer” & during this song, Glenn missed lyrics, & when the band started the song, Glenn came out way after the first verse should have started..it was clear that the first show of the tour was pure hell for Glenn & I give him kudo’s for finishing the show after he was hurt, but the crowd was yelling “Bull Sh*t” over & over when the lights came on & there was NO Misfits jam with Doyle, which was the advertised draw for this show.

To be perfectly honest with you, the show was what it was..it was entertaining, it was sad to see Glenn fall, but he played it off, finished his show, gave the fans all he could give, & I think he was a little rough on Todd Youth because that guy was dead on in my opinion! After seeing this show, I really felt like I’d seen a rock star/music icon, because Glenn Danzig is an original, he’s a pioneer, & even though he was too hurt to come out & meet the fans at the end of the night, he had a roadie get one item each from all the fans & he autographed something for everyone! I will say this as well, I’ve seen Danzig before & usually, after the first dozen shows on a tour, Glenn’s voice sounds like he’s been gurgling razorblades..with this being the first night of the tour, Glenn’s voice sounded sharp, crisp & really strong! This is one show I will never forget & if you get a chance to see Danzig on their 3 week tour, do it, it’s a great rock show! Oh yeah, one other cool side note...Glenn’s roadie gave a kid a Danzig boxset after the show & told him that he won the prize for waiting to meet Glenn the longest, & IF you own any bootleg Danzig posters, DO NOT bring them to get autographed..a fan tried to get Glenn to autograph one & he refuses, telling the roadie to tell the kid that he won’t autograph bootlegs!


I also got a report from a long time friend of Rock N Roll Experience, Mr. Matt Ceci who attended the next nights Danzig show in Philly at the Electric Factory..he reported that Glenn was wearing a sling on his injured arm & looked in pain at various points in the show & even commented during the 5 song Misfits jam that he was glad the Misfits songs were all short!


These 2 exclusive pics were taken by Matt Ceci with a camera phone & he noted that no camera's were allowed in & he saw people who snuck them in getting them confiscated...at one point Glenn saw someone taking pictures & notioned to a roadie to get security to take the camera. Notice in the Glenn Danzig pic that he's sporting an arm sling! Sorry for the quality of the pictures, but it still gives you a picture of Glenn's injury from the Baltimore show.


Author: Bob Suehs