Jun 2, 2009

Kittie - Interview 2007

For this interview, I was one member short since bassist Trish was too sick to be on this tour, so this interview took place on Kittie’s bus with Morgan, Mercedes & Tara. Morgan joked that she was comfortable enough around me, since we’ve done many interviews, that she wore her glasses instead of putting her contacts in, & in all honesty, I can’t remember exactly how many interviews I’ve done with Kittie
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For this interview, I was one member short since bassist Trish was too sick to be on this tour, so this interview took place on Kittie’s bus with Morgan, Mercedes & Tara. Morgan joked that she was comfortable enough around me, since we’ve done many interviews, that she wore her glasses instead of putting her contacts in, & in all honesty, I can’t remember exactly how many interviews I’ve done with Kittie, but everyone is always memorable, & this one is no exception, so without any further rambling...

Rock N Roll Experience: What does the title “Funeral For Yesterday” mean?

Morgan: This album was written during a really, really difficult period in our careers..it was just the 2 of us, Mercedes & I, & we were without a label, without a full line up & it was sorta our way of coping with things & pretty much all of the songs ended up being about the death of the past & being able to accept it & move on & in a way, this album is like a rebirth of us, it’s like we’re redefining our sound, we’ve grown up alot, we are on our own label right now, so for us, it was all about letting go & being able to be reborn & in order to have the rebirth, you have to have death, so it’s just like letting go of the past & accepting & moving on for a better future.

Rock N Roll Experience: Does it piss you off that one of your ex band members is doing a reality show/talent show & they are using a Kittie video for it?

Morgan: ha ha

Mercedes: It’s not really a reality show, it’s an info-mercial & it’s not being broadcast anywhere, so we really don’t care...we don’t care what she does, I mean at the end of the day, we are still doing what we love to do.

Morgan: I mean she obviously is allowed to move on with her life too, but at the same time, using our likeness is a big no no & there was a bit of a dispute about that & there’s not really much more we can say about it other than, we took it to the Oxygen network & they dropped the show because they were using our music without our permission & I mean Mercedes & I wrote the song

Mercedes: On top of that, we also own our own publishing, so in order for them to use that, they need our consent

Morgan: And they probably need to pay us too, but they are still allowed to use her likeness.

Mercedes: We don’t own her face

Morgan: Our faces are in there too!

Mercedes: I don’t wanna be a part of that (show)!

Rock N Roll Experience: How come Kittie didn’t play on a festival this year like Sounds of the Underground or Warped tour?

Mercedes: Those have major buy on’s, except for Warped Tour, major buy on’s, & we were offered alot of really awesome tours, but none of which could we afford to pay for because a buy on nowadays is 50 - 100 thousand dollars & I don’t have any money! ha ha

Morgan: So yeah, the financial backing is not like a major label, so it’s a little difficult, but whatever..we’re still doing it, so it’s no big deal. We’d love to be able to do that sorta thing eventually & I know that there is gonna be a point when we can, so...

Rock N Roll Experience: Have you started writing for the next Kittie record yet?

Morgan: Not really, I mean we have idea’s & stuff, but right now we are still focusing on the tour & it’s really hard to write on the road & we will be heading other places after this run of the United States as well, I think we are going to South America for a little while..we’ve never been there before & there’s been some really great offers there & alot of interests in like Brazil.

Mercedes: We are hoping to go back to Europe as well

Rock N Roll Experience: Is it better for Kittie in Europe than in the USA?

Morgan: I don’t know..it’s been like 5 years since we’ve been there, but honestly, I know there’s alot of kids there that are just so excited to have us back & I think the scene is a little bit different, but I think kids will wait a long, long time...

Mercedes: They’ll love your band for your entire career

Morgan: It’s not so much about what’s new & what’s hot & the passing trends...I don’t know, they are just exposed to different things over there & the way that their industry works is a little bit different so it allows for them to be a fan for life.

Rock N Roll Experience: Why the coffins in the pictures on the inside of the new cd?

Mercedes: It went along with the theme of the album

Rock N Roll Experience: Was it creepy laying in the coffins & were they real coffins?

Mercedes: Ha ha, no, infact, my Mom loves Halloween so much & she does her & my Dad’s house up like crazy. She has this like old style, but it’s cardboard & it looks like a real coffin & she puts like a vampire in it

Tara: I think that the satin red sheet that we laid down on made it look even more real

Mercedes: Yeah, but we were actually laying down in a coffin shaped

Tara: It was actually pretty funny because we had our legs dangling out of it because it was such a small fake coffin & we were laying with our legs out of the coffin & just our head in there.

Mercedes: It’s weird too, because it was taken in this girl Lyn’s house & actually it was in her living room Rock N Roll Experience: You know Dave Navarro has a coffee table that’s really a coffin

Morgan: That would be cool..coffins are very expensive!

Mercedes: I wish that I had one, coffins are expensive though, unless you get a used one

Rock N Roll Experience: Do they sell used coffins? (Editor’s note..this is the STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever said & I decided to leave it in anyways!)

Mercedes: No...I think that’s a little bit of a health hazard..I would love to have a coffin in my house, but like an old creepy Victorian one that’s...

Rock N Roll Experience: You’d probably like to have a hurst too

Mercedes: Actually, I was gonna buy a hurst the other day...my car actually got stolen & before I found my car I was actually looking at buying a hurst..a Cadillac hurst..it was an 80’s one & it was nice...it was fun, but the only thing is, like there’s only 2 seats, so everyone has to lye down in the back

Morgan: Actually, you know what, if you ever had a hurst, you could just buy a coffin for the back

Mercedes: Yeah, an open coffin for the back..there’s your seat! Tara: Don’t go anywhere!

Morgan: That would be so amazing!

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you recording any of this current tour for a live cd/dvd release?

Morgan: I know we are playing the Key Club in LA & usually they have a fairly professional system & they record all the shows & we get a copy most of the time, so we don’t actually have anything set up ourselves, but we’ve seen the recordings of the Key Club before & it’s really really professional & it sounds good..it’s like board mix & all that, so maybe perhaps we’ll get to use that for something eventually, but other than that, we don’t really have alot of like video tape stuff touring wise

Mercedes: Yeah we do...I mean it depends, if we are having a great night, you don’t always get the camera out

Morgan: Which is why we need someone to follow us for a whole tour.

Rock N Roll Experience: That’s what Disturbed did on their last tour

Morgan: Yeah..it’s a great idea & then it takes it out of the hands of the actual band members, because it’s usually us who are the ones being ridiculous & having having fun, right? So, you need to have someone who has that job just to sit there & film, & you’ll have so much to work with

Rock N Roll Experience: Kinda like the DVD you put out from the first tour?

Morgan: Yeah, exactly..those people came out for pretty much the whole tour & it worked pout very well

Mercedes: Alot of the video footage was shot by me or Morgan though

Morgan: But I think alot of it had to do with the fact that it was some of our first tour experiences & we were just really excited to be there & really young & crazy

Mercedes: We’re not saying we’re not excited right now, but it’s a different kinda...

Morgan: & it’s something that we’ve been doing for a long time, & we are just really comfortable with it now, so we don’t always think like, Oh, this is funny, let’s pick up the video camera.

Mercedes: We did when we first got a video camera..we video taped like everything

p> Morgan: There’s some stuff that we got (on tape) that was really funny, but I don’t know..I this tour’s there’s gonna be a really

Tara: There’s video of you (pointing to Mercedes) & your underpants

Mercedes: Really?

Tara: Remember..it’s on that teaser on the internet?

Mercedes: Oh yeah...

Rock N Roll Experience: So are you jammin’ onstage with any of the bands on this tour?

Mercedes: Probably not jammin’, we hang out alot, like there’s not really time, like we sound check & they have to put their shit up, except for today..we had a little jam session with ourselves. Me & Tara played Stevie Ray Vaughan today

Rock N Roll Experience: Which Stevie Ray Vaughan songs did you play?

Mercedes: We did “Pride & Joy”...

Tara: So you do know, I was like, Holy shit, you didn’t know....

Mercedes: “Tightrope”

Tara: And we did “If the House is a Rockin”,..we did those 3 tunes, but in more like a loose jam style Rock N Roll Experience: Why isn’t Trish playing bass on this tour?

Morgan: She is unfortunately sick & can’t make the tour...it’s at the point now where we don’t know when she’s gonna be back & unfortunately, she has a really serious eating disorder & these things take time, it could be 2 months, 6 months, 2 years, or never & it’s all in her hands & it’s all up to her & it’s all up to her whether she has a speedy recovery or not & it’s a totally difficult subject to talk about even, it’s difficult for us because we have touring commitments and such, so yeah, we support her 100% & just hope that she pulls through..


Rock N Roll Experience: Why the clean vocals on the new record as opposed to the aggro vocals that Kittie’s known for?

Mercedes: There’s lots of screaming songs on the album

Morgan: I think what misleads alot of people is the actual song order, but we’ve always had a melodic side to us, I mean a song like “Charlotte”..”Brackish” was a clean song, “Paperdoll”..alot of fan favorites from the first album are singing songs & like all of our singles have always been singing songs as well because radio doesn’t wanna play screaming, but I think for us, in trying to redefine our sound, we tried to take the 2 elements that were separate in previous recordings & blend them together, like on “Until the End”, you have a song like “Until The End” which is a singing mid tempo hard rock kinda ballad & then you have a song like “Pussy Sugar” which is all crazy & screaming ...we tried to blend those 2 elements together where you have like say for instance, the thrashy & fast kinda musical element with singing over top of it & I don’t think that it lessens the metal-ness of what we are trying to do..some of the greatest bands ever in metal had singers.

Mercedes: Like no one ever told Joey Belladonna, who has this crazy operatic like voice, nobody every told him that he wasn’t metal for singing like a princess...

Morgan: No, No, No, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest...

Rock N Roll Experience: Rob Halford is a princess, come on!

Morgan: Yeah..he’s definitely a princess

Mercedes: But that’s ok..he’s all dressed in leather! But yeah, like James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, even though I don’t even know what he (Dave Mustaine) does

Morgan: ha ha

Mercedes: I don’t even know, but you know...like there’s so many bands that sing & are heavy, & I just don’t understand why we can’t do that

Morgan: I mean it’s something that we’ve always had in our music & it’s not like the screaming is totally going to be phased out, that’s definitely a part of our identity as well, but in order to just evolve & mature, sometimes you have to embrace different things & try new things


Author: Bob Suehs