Feb 2, 2012

Sebastian Bach - Ram's Head Live

Sebastian Bach from 2/2/12 & an extra bonus piece on Eye Empire!
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Did you ever wonder where the name "Rock N Roll Experience" comes from?

I get asked that question once in a while & I'll spill the beans on the 2 meanings of that name right now:

1. The phrase "Rock N Roll Experience" was a passage I saw in an interview Paul Stanley from KISS.....he described KISS as the "Ultimate Rock N Roll Experience" & the phrase just popped out at me when I saw it typed in some random music magazine because it sounded cool to me. It also summed up what I was about and that bleeds into the 2nd meaning.

2. Rock N Roll Experience is the phrase that describes how I live my life & the title I use when I'm offering up my reviews & opinions on all things rock n roll based.

With that statement tossed out there, here's 3 not so random nights of rock n roll debauchery & I might add that I technically did 5 nights in a row because the prior nights were Lacuna Coil & Machinehead shows which are reviewed on this site under separate links for those who care to check them out.



February 2, 2012

Baltimore, MD


This show was an absolute blast, I can't put it any other way than that...most of the crowd was partying their asses off and the crowd was an interesting mix o' cougars & older men who clearly saw Sebastian back in the early days & mixed in with that bunch were the younger kids who more than likely were not even born when the first Skid Row record came out!

I'll share a funny story with you that happened between band sets this night. Aries opened the show & when they finished there was around 25 minutes of downtime for Sin4Sin to set up their gear. I was standing on the left side of the stage & this older woman began crawling all over me. She claimed she was 48 even though she looked 68 and her boobs were probably 15 years old at best...she had a nice body BUT was drunk out of her mind....she came up to me almost out of nowhere & began groping me...I allowed it to go on because I found it amusing....she asked me if I was male or female and then she said that regardless, I was beautiful & she just wanted to make out with me...needless to say the guys around me were laughing their asses off at this spectacle & that scenario would play itself out in a similar way after the show as well when I went to an afterparty & had a cute young blonde wrap me in chains while telling me, "I bet you like this, don't you!" Just don't ask...this was a night of sexual innuendo & even I laughed at most of it because it was so over the top!

Sin4Sin were direct support for Sebastian Bach and the band sounded great as they jammed out songs like "College F**ked Me" with catchy hooks & Sleazy riffs.

"Slave to the Grind" was the song Sebastian opened his set with & as you might expect, the show was 1/2 Skid Row covers 1/2 Bas originals.

"Big Guns", "Here I Am", "18 & Life", "I Remember You", "Youth Gone Wild" & "Monkey Business" were Skid songs played while "Kickin & Screaming", "American Metalhead" & "Tunnel Vision" from Bas's post Skid days played.

 Sebastian sounded great & his voice is still strong. I personally felt like he was better at this show than he was at the M3 Rock Fest 2011!

The backing band Bas had was good BUT what I did notice was he didn't choose a backing band based on looks & I can't help but wonder if he did that intentionally so the attention was ALL on him & his backing band was 2nd to him. Bach has always had a "glam" side to his music & persona & usually "glam" musicians will look for other players who look the part...Bach's band are far from glam looks wise.

My ONLY complaint for the night was when Sebastian unbuttoned his shirt...the man has a giant outtie belly button & it looked like a small penis sticking out...dude, keep that thing covered, we don't need to see it! You can clearly see what I'm talking about with the pic below!

Sebastian Bach's show was amazing & the crowd made it just as enjoyable as Sebastian did...drunken debauchery is an understatement!

Author: Bob Suehs