Oct 2, 2009

Al Jourgenson (Ministry) - Interview

An Interview with Al Jourgenson
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An Interview with Al from Ministry!

Do I even need to set up this interview? Everyone reading this should know by now who Ministry is, & that Al Jourgensen is the mastermind behind the band that spawned such blockbuster hits as "N.W.O." (which stand for New World Order), "Just One Fix", "Jesus Built My Hotrod" (featuring Gibby from the Butthole Surfers!) & "Stigmata" just to name a few, & Al also has a few side projects including 1,000 Homo DJ's & Revolting Cocks to name a few. Well, when I was offered the chance to do an interview with Al, because he was promoting the bands new CD "Rantology", I jumped like Oprah on a twinkie! Absolutley no hyping here...here's the interview as is:

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you envision Ministry going as far as it has?

Al: I didn°t start out with any "long-term" plan in mind. I wanted to make music. What a long, strange trip it°s been

Rock N Roll Experience: Whose Lips are on the front cover of "Rantology"?

Al: Leasha Elledge.

Rock N Roll Experience: Was the front cover of "Rantology" a play on the Rocky Horror Picture Show cover?

Al: Maybe that and the Rolling Stones logoI don't know. It is the brain-child of Paul Elledge who is responsible for a lot of Ministry covers.

Rock N Roll Experience: How long have you had your Led Zeppelin tattoos?

Al: About 2 years. I got them around the time I was writing Houses of the Holy.I mean Molé

Rock N Roll Experience: Has Ministry ever covered any Led Zeppelin songs & are there any plans to record one?

Al: No Zeppelin covers to date and none on the horizon I can see. I love the music but I can't really see myself singing about hobbits, wizards, castles and shit.

Rock N Roll Experience: Who is in the touring line-up of RevCo?

Al: That is still a secret and will be announced closer to the tour.

Rock N Roll Experience: When RevCo & Ministry tour together in 2006, will Ministry play a shorter set since you will be doing double duty?

Al: You mean will Ministry's set only be an hour and a half instead of two hours? Possibly. Depends on how many oxygen tanks the promoters have on hand. I've asked for five in my rider.

Rock N Roll Experience: How many guitar slides do you go through on a tour?

Al:Box fulls of 'em. I need to get an endorsement! It drives my guitar tech, Roy, crazy: "Al, stop throwing them into the crowd." When I run out, I'll either cup a Bic lighter or use a broken wine bottle.

Rock N Roll Experience: Where do you get those skulls & bones you use on tour?

Al: You'd have to ask Turner Vanblarcum, the bone doctorhe designed and built the set. I don't wanna know, really, but from what I understand he cruises the highways outside Dallas at dawn and dusk looking for road kill.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you still talk to Trent Reznor?

Al: Yup. Trent came to our LA show last year.

Rock N Roll Experience: How far along are you on the next Ministry record?

Al: Several trax are written.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you have any song titles you can share with us that will make it onto the next Ministry record?

Al: Most of the working titles end up being something else by the end, so that would be misleading. But I can name some of the new RevCo trax, since that is done: Jack in the Crack, Devil Cock, Pole Grinder, Caliente, Purple Head, Fire Engine, 10 Million Ways to Die, Prune Tang, Viagra Culture, Dead End Streets

Rock N Roll Experience: You have the most amount of equipment on a stage that I have ever seen a band have in concert...is all of that gear really necessary?

Al: Absolutely. We're 127 dBs on stage. We carry our own production, which most bands don't do. I'm not one for using "house sound." I have more control over sound quality bringing our own gear, and that is important to me °V just ask all my ex-managers who always tried to talk me out of carrying our own production to "save money." I won't ever do that. Ever. Besides, nothing exceeds like excess.

Rock N Roll Experience: Why did you choose Thrill Kill Cult as openers? I was offended when I saw them & they do not really play live...there are not even any live guitars!

Al: Franke and I go way back. I played guitar and Franke sang in our first band, way back in the late 70s and early 80s in Chicago. I wanted to tour with Franke! it was a blast for us, but I can't comment on their artistic choices.

Rock N Roll Experience: What is that drink you drink on stage?

Al: Something wet and tasty.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you ever forget your lyrics when performing live?

Al: Every night on every tour, there's always a couple that I have some mental block or brain cramp, so I tape cheat sheets on the floor; but the majority of my songs are ingrained by now.

Rock N Roll Experience: Who were the best & worst bands you've ever toured with?

Al: I love The Young Gods, Jesus Lizard, Laika & The Cosmonauts. No comment on worst band.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is there any new band that you'd like to work with?

Al: None in particular, but it all boils down to their music and if it interests me.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you use the internet frequently?

Al: No. I hate phones, cell phones, email. I'm more of face-to-face type of guy. I don't even own a cell phone and I hate fucking typing!!

Rock N Roll Experience: How does it feel to be one of the pioneers of Industrial rock & do you consider yourself to be a pioneer in industrial rock?

Al: First of all, I'm no fucking pioneer. Music is music! there's either good music or shit music. Hopefully I'm in the good category. I didn't invent the wheel for chrissakes, I just added an extra couple of spokes.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is there anything else you'd like to say to the fans?

Al: Vote and vote often. Mid-term elections are coming up.


Author: Bob Suehs