Aug 3, 2006

Priestess - Interview

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An interview with Mikey Heppner from Priestess!

Rock N Roll Experience: How has touring with GWAR been so far?

Mikey: The tour has been great

Rock N Roll Experience: How did you come up with the name Priestess?

Mikey: It was really just simple..we were brainstorming & thought of different names & that was one name that one of us came up with & it just stuck

Rock N Roll Experience: You guys remind me so much of Queens of the Stoneage, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, etc., are those bands all big influences on Priestess?

Mikey: Yeah..they are all partly our influences..we pretty much listen to all kinds of music & we are really all over the place as far as music, so, but yeah, as far as heavy rock bands, we definitely listen to those bands among many others.

Rock N Roll Experience: What does the phrase "Color Me Black" mean?

Mikey: "I am the Night, Color Me Black" was a Twilight Zone was the one where they wake up in the day & the sky just goes black in the middle of the day.

Rock N Roll Experience: What is that cat tattoo of on your arm?

Mikey: It's like a Japanese lucky's just something that I like

Rock N Roll Experience: What does the hand mean on your CD cover?

Mikey: The hand was just something we needed because we had Eric Roper paint this...he had finished it & it was without the hand & we were like, we really need something iconic in the center & I was thinking that maybe we could get a planet or some kind of character & then one idea was that I thought a hand would look pretty heavy, like as if it's climbing up from the edge of the world sorta.

Rock N Roll Experience: It reminds me of alot of the great '70's rock record looks cool

Mikey: Actually, it's funny, because after we did that & I sent out the first draft of that cover to a bunch of my friends & stuff, I had like 3 people email me at the same time..oh fuck, they sent me the Rainbow "Rising" cover & it's basically like that, but he is holding a rainbow ha ha, & it's pretty funny looking at it, but it was just a coincidence

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you playing "Time Will Cut You Down" in your live show?

Mikey: Probably not tonight...we have a limited set & especially like opening for metal bands & stuff we like to keep the audience pumped up for the headliner.

Rock N Roll Experience: What is "Time Will Cut You Down" about?

Mikey: It's basically about what I am saying in the lyrics, it's pretty simple..been done wrong by a girl & telling her this is your fate basically.

Rock N Roll Experience: When did you start playing guitar?

Mikey: When I was like 13 or a major #1 influence that made me wanna play guitar was Kurt Cobain, like he was the only main reason I started playing guitar...I was at a friends house & his older brother was playing a Nirvana song on a guitar & I was like, fuck, I can't believe you can actually play didn't make any sense to me & he was like, Oh, I can show you how to do it & he showed me "Come As You Are" & then ever since then I just tried to learn all of their songs & that wasn't the first band I was into, but that was definitely the band that got me into playing guitar for sure.


Author: Bob Suehs