May 11, 2009

Kittie (entire band) - Interview

If you read Rock N Roll Experience on a regular basis, you know that we are big KITTIE supporters & we've been covering the band since the "Spit" CD & we've been lucky enough to interview KITTIE several times throughout their career! It's easy to understand why we enjoy interviewing KITTIE...the girls are smart, quick witted, easy going rock stars, that have no attitudes, & are alot of fun to interview!
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An Interview with KITTIE!

May 11, 2006

Towson, Maryland

If you read Rock N Roll Experience on a regular basis, you know that we are big KITTIE supporters & we've been covering the band since the "Spit" CD & we've been lucky enough to interview KITTIE several times throughout their career! It's easy to understand why we enjoy interviewing KITTIE...the girls are smart, quick witted, easy going rock stars, that have no attitudes, & are alot of fun to interview! To set up this interview, it's a pretty simple set up...the interview was conducted aboard the 2006 KITTIE tour bus & since we are special, we got to interview ALL 4 Members of Kittie! Actually, I just threw that last line in there...I suppose it was just luck, but this was the 2nd time in a row that I got to interview all 4 of the girls in KITTIE & this time around, there are 2 new faces, but you'll get to meet them in the interview! When I went aboard the tour bus, new guitarist Tara told me that she ran to the back of the bus to straighten her hair real quick, & Morgan immediately recognized me & we had a quick catch up before we started the interview & I could babble on forever with the set up, but here's what the girls had to say!

Rock N Roll Experience: So is the title "Never Again" about your situation with Artemis Records?

Morgan: Uhmmm

Mercedes : ha ha

Morgan: It's not in particular, but that could very well be one of the main factors, you know..pretty much it's just like a declaration of never taking shit again, never being bullied like that again, never having to endure the things that we've had to endure in the past few years ever's just pretty much declaring that we are free of all of that, we are free to move on & we are in a better place now, ready to start everything kind of over again.

Rock N Roll Experience: I have to ask blondes have more fun?

Morgan: Uhmmm, I don't know

Mercedes : I think blondes have more fun, but I think redheads have the most fun

Morgan: This is (Mercedes) have some blonde in there as well though.

Mercedes: I think I have the most fun out of the band

Morgan: Yeah, it's true...I mean truthfully, I am having more fun now then I was..I don't know if it has anything to do with my hair.

Tara: It totally does ha ha

Morgan: I am having way more fun on this tour than I ever have..I love these girls so much & things are really, really good & to top it all off we are free from the label & all of the stress of all the things that had gone on before, so I am having fun..I don't know if it has anything to do with my hair...I've been blonde before, it's just that it was really, really short..I wouldn't say's kinda like yellow.

Mercedes: We had a dying party the other night & I did her roots

Morgan: It sounds so metal..a dying party

Rock N Roll Experience: How are you choosing the set list for this tour?

Morgan: The whole kind of idea behind this tour was to spread the word about the digital's not really a common thing, so we wanted to let people know as much as possible.

Mercedes : We're road testing alot of the new stuff...stuff that's not even on the EP...we are playing 5 new songs, 3 of which are on the EP, so we are playing 2 other songs that are not on the EP & we like road testing our stuff alot....taking new songs on the road just helps develop them a little more.

Morgan: Those usually end up being the best songs on the album...the ones that go like, that we get to play every night for like 2 months & they sorta evolve & take on a life of their own & we figure out new parts & that sorta will just help with the rest of the finishing process of the next album, because half of the album is already pretty much set in stone because we've been able to play them & that sorta thing, but we are playing stuff from all of the albums...we are playing some stuff from "Spit" & I think the majority of the set is...I wanna say there is one more "Oracle" song then "Until the End" songs & then there is 5 new's an hour's worth of music, but we are playing 15 songs in that hour, so everything is pretty much back to back like, really professional, just firing it off, not really giving anyone a chance to take a breather or anything like that, & I think the slowest song we are playing is "What I Always Wanted", so it's a good brutal set.

Rock N Roll Experience: So you're not playing "Charlotte" in the set?

Morgan: I think "What I Always Wanted" is lighter than "Charlotte"..we are doing a part of "Charlotte"...we don't wanna give everything away, but I mean the tour is almost done anyways, so we are doing like a medley at the end where we get to play "Spit"/"Charlotte"/"Brackish" all jumbled in there.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you still talk to your last bass player Jenn?

Morgan: I haven't spoken to her for quite a few months, but we are both really busy & every once in a while we will keep in touch via email & I haven't talked to her on the phone in a long time

Rock N Roll Experience: Was the split with Jenn on good terms?

Morgan: Oh yeah, it was was as good as it could possibly be, I mean we were in the worst spot we could possibly be in & atleast with her, she called & we had a discussion about it & she said that was what she wanted to do & she was going to continue on with her side project thing full time & atleast she called & she was cool.

Mercedes : It was no big deal, we were just like luck!

Morgan: Yeah..if that's what makes you happy, that's cool & good was a really difficult time...we were not very happy in the place that we were at & at the time, getting off the road, it didn't really look like there was much of a band, or a future, & you that time, we couldn't really offer or provide much of a future, so we said, hey, cool do your own big deal..


Mercedes: But now we are on the road kicking ass, so whatever!

Morgan: So yeah...

Mercedes: We've had more sold-put shows on this tour than we have had in years..pretty much like 1/2 of the shows on this tour have been sold-out, so we are really excited about it.

Morgan: Yeah..things are looking really good..we had alot of thinking time in a year & 1/2 & time to figure things out

Mercedes: And in that time Morgan & I pretty much wrote the whole record we have a whole album's just a case of us recording it which will happen in the next couple of months. Rock N Roll Experience: Does KITTIE have a record deal yet?

Morgan: No...we are still talking to people

Mercedes : This stuff takes time.

Morgan: I think though, by the end of this tour, we will have a better idea as to what possible choices there are.. Mercedes: We have been talking to alot of labels, it's just a case of finding the right home for the band

Morgan: And alot of times, people really need to see the band in order to kind of "get" where we are at now & where we are going...I mean alot of people still have the same idea about the band from the first album & all of that stuff & so we took this opportunity also to have people come out in New York & LA & so we will be able to make the decision after this tour as to where we are going to go & within a years time I think the album will be out, so I would say it will probably be out in less than a year...we are looking for like January, February or March of 2007, so...

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you have a working title for the next KITTIE CD?

Morgan: No

Mercedes : Ha ha, "Bitches & Hoes" ha ha

Morgan: Yeah, ha ha, "Bitches & Hoes" ha will be evil!

Rock N Roll Experience: I have to ask about Lisa was the split with her?

Morgan: I don't know, I mean....basically it had to do with money than enjoyment or our music or any of that I said, we got off the road at a very bad time..atleast Jenn was cool about it..alot of it had to do with Artemis not being able to help us financially..we were out, spending our own money, paying these 2 girls out of our own pockets, atleast to give them some sort of benefit from being in the band, & after we had gotten home, it wasn't looking so financially good & we said, hey, we're going through a rough spot..are you cool with that? It was cool for a while & then it wasn't for Lisa...she had gotten pretty upset about it & she wanted to know where her money was & all of this stuff & it was like, well, sorry, there is none, I mean Mercedes & I do not get paid, do you know what I mean? Like, people have to understand that..we have sacrificed everything in our loves...

Mercedes : We don't have anything

Morgan: To do this...for other people, & to pay the crew, & to keep the fucking shit running & all of that whatever..all of that is behind us now, but whatever.

Mercedes: We have 2 lovely ladies in the band now that are very appreciative of what is going on & stuff like that

Morgan: And it's a better place now, things are...truthfully..I have never been this happy & I have never felt so just able to not have to worry about other people & things, & not having to humor people & not having to fucking appease's a good feeling. Rock N Roll Experience: Speaking of Crue...did you see Motley Crue on their reunion tour?

Mercedes : I did...just once. I had tickets for the Detroit show but then I decided that I didn't wanna go.

Morgan: We saw the first date of the tour, which was the Toronto show

Mercedes: And Vince Neil sounded Fucking Great!

Morgan: He sounded better than like live recordings that I have heard from the '80's & stuff.

Morgan" Vince Neil sounded fuckin' good!

Tara: I saw him when he went out on his solo tour & he sounded bad

Rock N Roll Experience: No wonder..Vince was always drunk on that tour!

Tara: Yeah, & he looked like he did on that reality TV show..he didn't look like Vince Neil

Trish: You mean Vince Neil was on that?

Everyone: Yeah ha ha

Mercedes: Fuck it man, I'll do "Surreal Life"...they pay you!

Tara: Yeah..Vince sang like 1/2 of the lyrics when I saw him solo & threw (guitar) pics into the crowd.

Mercedes: When we saw him (Vince Neil on the Motley Crue Reunion tour) he was good...I'd never heard Motley Crue sound that good ever!

Rock N Roll Experience: I was especially surprised Mick Mars could move as much as he did!

Mercedes : Well yeah..he's not gonna be walking very much longer, so...

Morgan: We figured we should go & see him now...

Mercedes: Before we see Motley Crue with Mick Mars in a wheel chair

Morgan: Or like somebody replacing him.

Rock N Roll Experience: What did you think of Tommy Lee playing with Motley Crue?

Morgan: ha ha

Mercedes : I don't know..he played great, but I don't know about the whole DJ set he had...I know that they cut it out 1/2 way through the tour & like all of the drawn out shit...performance art stuff...but it was good, but it was definitely a little bit of a filler...I just wanted to hear "Shout at the Devil".

Morgan: I think it w as lost on alot of maybe if he was at Ozzfest & like 14 year old kids were like, yeah, that's cool dude, but, like most of the people that were there were like metal heads & older people...they just wanna hear the fuckin hits & they didn't even wanna hear that fuckin' "If I Die Tomorrow" fuckin' song!

Rock N Roll Experience: It was written by Simple Plan though, so no wonder it sucks!

Morgan: I know..isn't that crazy?

Trish : What?

Morgan: Yeah...Simple Plan wrote that tune

Trish: And they gave it to Motley Crue because why?

Mercedes: Because they got paid!

Trish: Why didn't they keep that song for their own selves?

Morgan: I guess because it was too..from what I heard from my was too dark for the Simple Plan record

Tara: I thought you heard the Simple Plan version?

Morgan: No..I've never heard it... know Justin's brother has it, because he works for their management was supposedly too dark for their album, so they had it recorded... Trish: Maybe it would make Simple Plan look less crappy if they played it!

Rock N Roll Experience: I doubt it!

Morgan: No, I mean it's still..I could still hear the Simple Plan-ness in the song, since I've known

Mercedes : you know though...good for them...they got paid

Morgan: No big deal man..I'd write fuckin' songs for...

Mercedes: Yeah, & you know what..we will!

Morgan: Dude..we could write a Motley Crue song..but we would have to make it cool though, like back in the day. Rock N Roll Experience: You know that the other new song, "Sick Love Song" was written by Tracii Guns

Morgan: Really? I don't think I've heard that one

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you ever see the Brides of Destruction?

Mercedes : I never actually did..I know that they replaced Nikki Sixx,,,Nikki Sixx is the hottest old man ever!

Rock N Roll Experience: And Nikki Sixx is separated from Donna & they are getting divorced

Mercedes : Really?

Tara: Yeah Mercedes!

Mercedes: Hey..if you ever do an interview with Nikki Sixx, tell him to call me!

Morgan: Ha ha

Mercedes: Tell him (Nikki Sixx) to call me!

Tara: She's totally serious!

Rock N Roll Experience: Hey..Nikki messed around with Samantha Maloney (former Crue & Hole drummer) so...

Mercedes : Oohoo I heard about that! She was a good & her did a Zyldjian signing once & it was great.

Morgan: Yeah..she was really nice & cool


Rock N Roll Experience: So tell me how you met the newest members of Kittie.

Morgan: Well..initially, it's kind of funny, because our management initially became aware of Tara a long time was like a year before we actually met you?

Tara: It was early last year & I saw you guys like late last year, like I came out to see your show late last year.

Morgan: They were a completely different style of music than what we were doing (Tara's old band) Dad, who is our manager, was interested in them because they were a good band & he went to go see them & all of that sorta thing & I think Tara initially called to ask about a position for another band that my Dad manages & I was just like, Oh, why don't you just come over & try out for Kittie instead & she was like, I really wasn't calling about that, but okay ha ha

Tara: No, he waited till he got me in your living room before you were like let's talk Kittie, & I was kind of like...

Morgan: Oh, he did? I didn't know he did that! That is evil!

Tara: I knew Dave & I didn't really know anybody else, so I went over & he pulled that on me & I was just like..woah! And then, he thought I wasn't interested because my level of excitement looks like this (Tara shows me her deadpan look)...I try to keep really composed....I didn't wanna do like a dance around your living room & like slam one of your toss cushions on your sofa down, but, yeah, I was kinda like cool,...yeah! And we talked...I came over & talked to the girls & that was the first time I really met them & then they invited me over to play.

Morgan: And that was really it...we didn't try anybody else

Mercedes: And then with Trish.

Trish: I met your Dad when like Lisa joined the band & then we didn't talk for like a year

Mercedes: I guess that she found out that we were looking for guitar players, and Trish actually plays guitar, but a guy that she works wit..Morgan & I were doing demo's at his studio & she was like, "can I come over?" & so then she came over while we were recording & we hung out for a while, but by that time we had already pretty much settled on Tara, so we were like, ok, well... & through one of our mutual friends.

Trish: I was on a date with him!

Mercedes: Yeah..she was on a date with one of my friends.

Trish: I never even though of that before..oh my god!

Mercedes: So, she was on a date with one of my friends...actually, he had told her that we had already settled on Tara, but we still needed a bass player.

Morgan: Actually..what I think it was, is that..

Trish: He was like, Nicole from Anti-Hero is trying out & I was like, I can't let them do that

Morgan: Yeah...people from her ex-band who are like arch enemies

Trish: They were not good at music...I mean I didn't want you guys to settle for a really crappy bass player

Mercedes: So Trish called me at 10 o' clock in the morning & like usually I am awake at like 2 PM & she calls me & was like, Hey..what's up & I'm like....uhhhhhh....what is going on? & she is like..I was wondering..I wanna try out for bass, & ...

Trish: I was like, I'll quit school!

Mercedes: Yeah, she says that she'll quit school & I was like, well, you don't have to quit school because we are not doing anything right now, but come try out, so I basically got her email & we sent her the tabs & our first practice was fucking awesome!

Morgan: And that was it! We only tried out 2 other bass players &

Mercedes: They sucked!

Morgan: It just didn't feel right

Mercedes: Come on & be honest..they sucked!

Morgan: Yeah...well...

Mercedes: The one girl was good

Trish: She was just scary looking

Morgan: Nah..she was good, but it just didn't feel right & not only is being in a band about being good musicians, but it's about chemistry & being friends & like truthfully, for the first time since things started out with Kittie, we are all from London, Ontario..we all hang out, outside of the band & we've developed a relationship that is not just a working relationship, like with all of the other people that we have had in the band, it was difficult because we'd go & practice & we'd go out on tour & then everyone would go home to their respective cities & we wouldn't get to see each other or hang out

Mercedes: But it's cool, because we all have like...we all know the same people.

Tara: Yeah..the same groups of friends

Morgan: Like we can all hang out & we can practice everyday too, which has been so beneficial to the band & for like getting to know each other & hang out & that sorta's just

Mercedes: And they (the new girls) are not crazy!

Tara: We are, but in a good way!


Author: Bob Suehs