Mar 26, 2009

Lacuna Coil - Interview

I interviewed the two guitarists for Lacuna Coil, Cristiano Migliore and Marco Biazzi when they played the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC as openers for Rob Zombie, & to set the scenario a was a little after 4 PM on a Sunday afternoon, & there was already a small line formed to get the prime spots inside the standing room only 9:30 Club.
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An Interview with Lacuna Coil

March 26, 2006

Washington, DC

I interviewed the two guitarists for Lacuna Coil, Cristiano Migliore and Marco Biazzi when they played the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC as openers for Rob Zombie, & to set the scenario a was a little after 4 PM on a Sunday afternoon, & there was already a small line formed to get the prime spots inside the standing room only 9:30 Club.

I managed to get ahold of Lacuna Coil's tour manager very easily, & I was whisked onto the bands bus, & playing in the background was VH-1's "Best Week Ever" program, & on the screen at the moment was a recap of the TV show American Idol, so I immediately took that as my starting moment for the interview:

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you guys watch American Idol?

Marco: Yeah

Rock N Roll Experience: What do you think of American Idol?

Marco: It's freak ha ha.

Rock N Roll Experience: Who do you think is gonna win this current season of the show?

Marco: Uhhhh...let me think about it

Rock N Roll Experience: How has the Rob Zombie tour been so far?

Marco: It's been great, I mean we just's been a little over one week, but so far the reaction has been great.

Cristiano: There are alot of people that don't know us & it's actually a positive thing. We can probably steal some of Zombie's fans ha ha, hopefully, but I'm gonna say that it's been very good so far..the other bands, the crew, it's been nice & let's hope it stays like that.

Rock N Roll Experience: Have you hung out with Rob Zombie yet?

Cristiano: Not much, but also because he has a new album coming out & he is doing alot of interviews & so we haven't really had the chance to hang out, but we hung out with Zombie's band & we met Bullet for My Valentine as well...everybody seems to be very nice. We have enough time to get to know each other before the end of the tour I think.

Rock N Roll Experience: Can you tell me about the new Lacuna Coil CD "Karma Code"?

Marco: It's still the same Lacuna Coil style, I mean you can recognize Lacuna Coil's style on the entire album, but for this album he had more budget & we could spend more time mixing the songs & recording the songs in a real good grade studio, I mean we recorded the album at the Galaxy studios which is in Belgium with one of the most famous guys in the music business which is called Ronald Prant...

Cristiano: He is the guy who mixed Rammstein & Depeche Mode. We were basically looking for someone who could mix the album & we tried to work with different people & we didn't find the right one and he was actually the one who came closest to what we had in mind, & so that we could work together in the studio & like telling him what we wanted to do & how we wanted it & he was actually the one who could get it there because he knew how to get there.

Marco: We mixed together all of the ideas & we had a really, really good result in the end, so... Rock N Roll Experience: Are there guitar solo's on "Karma Code"?

Marco: Yes, each (from Marco & Cristiano)

Rock N Roll Experience: How many new songs are you playing in your current set?

Marco: 6

Cristiano: It's like 60% is gonna be new stuff. 9 song

Marco: and 5 or 6 are new...4 old songs from Comalies & the rest..we have just 40 minutes to play..40, 45 minutes every night, so we try to combine the old songs with the new ones because we are promoting the new album right now with Zombie, so.

Rock N Roll Experience: Tell me about the cover art for "Karma Code".

Cristiano: The album is entitled "Karma Code" so we actually, for the first time, I must say, we actually tried to have a cover that actually reflected the meaning of the title, so we worked with this company that actually does alot of designs & artwork for band...they are called Asteric & they are from LA I think, so they actually tried to come up with something that was related to the title & you actually see this man taking off his own face as if it was a mask & underneath you just see bandages & stuff & it's really weird. I mean, the first time I even saw it, we were like, is this really...does this really fit with Lacuna Coil, because it's really different from everything that we've done before, but I think that it's probably the best cover that we have, not because it's really well done, but also because it has a relation with the title & that is something that we have never had before, so check it out & you'll have a clear idea of what I mean, but I think that it is actually very well done, & also, the inside of the booklet is..we actually spent alot of time working on it, together with this company, telling them how we like this, we should try to do that & stuff, so it was pretty cool in the end & I think the result is very nice.

Rock N Roll Experience: How is it to have 2 singers in a band?

Cristiano: It gives you alot more chances ha ha, it's a wider range of experimentation's especially because, with the music that we play, if it was only a guy singing we would probably sound like alot of other bands, I'm not saying that we are not original, we try to be as much as we can, but the fact that we have a female singer too gives us a chance to experiment alot more, because on some really heavy parts, if you put the melodic female voice on it, it changes completely, so it makes us more accessible to people who wouldn't normally listen to this's kind of weird to explain....the way we write songs is usually, we start from the music & then at a later time the vocal lines come in, so we have alot of instrumental songs before they start to write their parts & when we make people listen to them, they are like, wow, this sounds like a death metal album.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you looking forward to playing Ozzfest 2006?

Marco: Yeah

Cristiano: Yeah, definitely

Marco: We are opening the main stage

Cristiano: feels almost like we graduated ha ha, from 2nd stage to main stage

Rock N Roll Experience: Would Lacuna Coil ever tour with Stone Sour?

Cristiano We don't know yet, I mean it's always decided last have like a few bands that are going out on tour & if it matches the timing for when we have to go on tour as well, you see who gives you the best offer & what is the best tour to do, I mean it's never easy to choose, like I wanna go on tour with this band..., it always depends on the

Marco: For sure we are gonna have a really busy year because after the Zombie tour, we are gonna be at the Ozzfest & then we are going back to Europe to do our headlining tour & then maybe we will comeback to the states & do a headlining depends on the album, I mean if the album can sell so much, we are gonna have our own show here in the states, so we'll see what happens.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you have any bands in mind that you'd like to take out with you on the Lacuna Coil headlining tour?

Marco: I would like to tour again with Tye O Negative, but they have to be the headliner ha ha, Type O were a family to us, they are our family & they should be the headliners...they are just great guys & we had alot of fun together..we toured for like 2 months & we had so many great experiences together & I can tell you that Pete, Josh, Johnny & Kenny are really great guys...they are friends & kind people. I was not a big fan of Type O Negative before that tour, & after that tour I bought all of their CD's, all of the discography from Type O Negative...we are still in contact with them by phone, for example, they are coming tomorrow to see us at the show & it will be great to see each other again.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you see Peter Steele's issue of Playgirl?

Marco: No, No, Never ha ha, I don't wanna see it, come on!

Cristiano: Of course I've seen it..when my girlfriend & I met, she was into this kind of music & like yeah, I've seen Peter & Type O Negative & I have the was a bootleg with all of the pictures taken from Playgirl & I was like, whoa! ha ha

Marco: How is it...have you checked it out?

Rock N Roll Experience:'s just common knowledge ha ha.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you guys ever get annoyed with Christina being the focal point of the band?

Cristiano: Well, it's something that we had to deal with since the beginning because of course, when you play in a band like ours, the attention is mainly on her

Marco: It's rare to have a girl in a metal band, so...

Cristiano: It was something that we learned to deal with it & now I think things are changing a bit, because people are starting to realize that we are not just Christina's band...we are a band that has 6 different people & everybody does something in the band, for example, if we didn't write the music for Christina, she wouldn't have any music to sing to ha ha...I mean it's an alchemy that we have, because we've known each other so long & we all like different types of music, so we like to put together all of the influences that we have in Lacuna Coil, so I think that now, also seeing all of the covers of the magazines that put the band picture instead of Christina's, I think that things are starting to change & it's okay, I mean it's okay if sometimes, like the hottest woman of the year, then of course it can't be a band picture. Marco: It could be me ha ha, I could shave, dye my hair,

Cristiano: Maybe you're gonna see him on the cover of Playgirl

Rock N Roll Experience: I don't wanna see that one man... ha ha

Marco: ha ha

Cristiano: ha ha...maybe Larry (the bands bus driver) would do Playgirl

Larry: I could get into it man, shoot.... Rock N Roll Experience: ha ha ha

Marco: ha ha ha

Cristiano: ha ha ha


Author: Bob Suehs