Mar 9, 2009

Hellacopters & Nebula - Interview

On March 9, 2006, I had the opportunity to interview The Hellacopters & Nebula prior to their show & both bands are really great, down to earth guys that have no rock star attitudes, & they know how to deliver a high energy, killer rock n roll concert!
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On March 9, 2006, I had the opportunity to interview The Hellacopters & Nebula prior to their show & both bands are really great, down to earth guys that have no rock star attitudes, & they know how to deliver a high energy, killer rock n roll concert! Take this interview with The Hellacopters with a grain of salt, because the guys were having fun & I actually sat down with the entire band, so as crazy as this interview might be to read, it was even more fun to do in person & I'd like to thank Andrew, Oscar, Bruce, & the guys in Nebula & Hellacopters for everything...without anymore babbling enjoy:

Rock N Roll Experience: How has the tour been so far?

Boba: Interesting

Kenny: We lost all of our gear & our luggage & stuff on the way over was stuck in Frankfurt...that was on the plane from Sweden to here & we've been borrowing gear...(we have) no amps, no guitars, no nothing, so it's been sorta strange...very chaotic, but fun.

Rock N Roll Experience: How have the shows been selling here in the states?

Boba: Good..the shows have sold out..not all of them, but 2 out of 3 so far

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you like the US crowds better than the overseas crowds?

Boba: Better? haha, no, not really (huge laughter breaks out)

Rock N Roll Experience: What is the title KILL ROCK N ROLL all about?

Nicke: Nothing, because Rock n Roll is already dead...we didn't kill it, but ha ha, I think it got a bit more attention than we actually thought, because it's nothing's just like a statement, but then people actually thought we had figured something out, but Rock N Roll is dead, but it's still important & we don't deny playing rock n roll, but it died a long time ago. MTV are pretty much controlling what people are buying & music has just kind of.... Rock N Roll Experience: But there's still an underground scene though.

Nicke: Yeah, & the underground is good,

Kenny: Music is supposed to cheer you up & lift you up, but these days they use music to sell you everything from shoes to plastic surgery you know

Rock N Roll Experience: So let me ask you..what are you listening to nowadays?

Nicke: Not really any new bands, or I don't...

Kenny: Right now it's alot of old blues stuff, a bunch of American Hardcore stuff like American Punk bands..the older the better basically ha ha

Rock N Roll Experience: What is the music scene like in Sweden?

Kenny: I don't know, I mean there's not alot of bands, but there are bands around & we are all friends.

Boba: There are quite a few good bands in Scandinavia.

Rock N Roll Experience: How do you like touring with Nebula?

Kenny: Great!

Boba: They are good guys

Rock N Roll Experience: How are you picking your set lists?

Nicke: Basically, it's what we are able to play without our gear haha. You can only play what you can play. We can't play the keyboard songs because we don't have our keyboard,

Kenny: We pretty much picked the songs we are able to play, & with our usual set you have 2 songs that you can take & pull l between, but that is as much as we can play, otherwise, there is a bit more to the show.

Rock N Roll Experience: What is the song "Paul Stanley" about?

Nicke: It's just a has nothing to do with Paul Stanley, but I stole the riff from him.

Rock N Roll Experience: So are you guys big KISS fans?

Nicke: Yeah...That song though is not about Paul Stanley

Kenny: That was the working title & .....

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you playing "Paul Stanley" tonight?

Nicke: No ha ha, we used to, but now we have better songs

Rock N Roll Experience: What do you guys do on your days off when you're touring?

Nicke: We don't have days off

Kenny: We Try to avoid them

Nicke: Usually, when you have a day off you're traveling on a bus & you have a beer & watch a movie


Rock N Roll Experience: Do you get to see alot of each city & sight see at all when you're touring

Kenny: We want to, we just don't have any time.

Strings: We took a walk through the cool sex shops here ( referring to the Baltimore "Block" where the sex shops are located)..the Swedish bookstore ha ha, we didn't go in, but...

Rock N Roll Experience: Well overseas there is more hardcore porn, etc., than over here in the states isn't it?

Nicke: I don't know ha ha.

Kenny: I guess hardcore is a bit more mainstream at home, maybe? I don't know.

Nicke: Ask Boba ha ha

Boba: I have no guess would be Germany..that is the place to go haha, but I think that the Americans think that we have more, but things are really different in Sweden, but we haven't really experienced that stuff...well, I have ha ha, but no one else has ha ha.

Kenny: It's probably more of a miscommunication, because in America you have this whole titty bar culture that we don't have at all back home..we have no strip joints...we have sex shops.

Nicke: But the situation here is alot more fucked up so ha ha

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you have any political agenda's with your songs?

Kenny: Our songs are things that we are pissed off about I guess...they generally tend to be about things that bother us, but that could be anything from being aware of what a jerk you are, but it all depends, we don't really have an agenda

Rock N Roll Experience: Have you started writing for the next record yet?

Kenny: Have we ha ha? No

Boba: We are actually gonna make a movie instead, so things are being finalized now.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you being serious?

Boba: Yeah

Nicke: You know, kinda like the Beatles "Hard Day's Night"...we are gonna give total freedom to Jim Henigan, but he doesn't know about it yet so...he will be into it & it gives us scripts & we will just kind of go along with it. As far as the acting, we are gonna be ourselves, but a little more & Boba is gonna be super weird ha ha

Rock N Roll Experience: Will you play your music live in the movie?

Boba: I don't think we're gonna focus on the music that much..we've done quite a few albums, so we are more into the acting thing now ha ha, rather than making a new album, so if the movie turns out good we might end up making more films instead of records ha ha.

Nicke: We will have a soundtrack to go along with it

Boba: But we have so many new songs that we don't really have to record anything.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you have a name for the movie yet?

Nicke: No, that is all up to the director..I hope we win the Swedish version of the Oscar.

Boba: It could make best independent film on the Oscars

Rock N Roll Experience: Nicke...How come you quite Entombed?

Nicke: Well..there are about 100 reasons maybe...a long story, a short answer ha ha. Uhmm, yeah... ha ha

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you part with Entombed on good terms?

Nicke: yeah

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you playing any covers in your show?

Kenny: From Entombed? No ha ha

Nicke: Yeah, we're doing "Kick Out The Jams"..people know it & we like that better than our own songs ha ha

(A Conversation about the band KISS started & I won't bore you with that stuff, but I will toss out an interesting part) Rock N Roll Experience: Paul Stanley is actually going to release a new solo record & he's supposed to do a solo tour too

Nicke: I've heard that he was gonna do an album, but I don't could be good, but it probably won't be know how old timers are..they wanna try & take the latest technology & go for a fresh sound & that usually never turns out any good, so it can't be any worse than the last KISS record, but I thought the song "Psycho Circus" was really good...

Rock N Roll Experience: Where did the name the Hellacopters come from?

Nicke: From a San Francisco was a college paper & there was an article about CIA Hellacopters trying to track down marijuana & the headline said "HELLA-COPTERS" & I thought that was really cool & then I realized very much later that they say "Hella" in speech.

Rock N Roll Experience: What do you have over in Sweden that we don't have here in the USA?

Boba: Culture ha ha

Rock N Roll Experience: I'll let that one go ha ha

Boba: Good food

Nicke: We had great food today

Kenny: We have nature pretty close in the city

Nicke: You can actually swim in our water without the pollution. One thing we have that you don't is our health care (Ed.s Note: Sweden has universal health care where the Government assists the people as opposed to what we have here in the USA)

Kenny: We also have this thing to slice our hard's a cheese you know what this is? Well, it's brilliant & you don't have them over here ha ha

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you playing any of the big festivals overseas this Summer?

Kenny: We are gonna try to do our own traveling thing....

Nicke: Like a 4 or 5 band thing with us, the Hives, the Backyard Babies & Melencolard (I apologize if I misspelled that band!)...we'll just play Sweden. I think that those 4 bands work really good because we're all 4 rock bands that sound different...we hope that works, but we'll have to keep our fingers crossed.

Rock N Roll Experience: Coming from the band Entombed, which side do you prefer, the really heavy stuff like Entombed, ot the more rock n roll oriented scene with The Hellacopters?

Nicke: Well, I guess that is another reason that I quite because all of the bands that were related to that scene...I've heard ne death metal bands & I don't like it...I like the old stuff, but, alot of things, when it comes to metal today, it's alot about playing really good & showing off.

Rock N Roll Experience: What do you think of the band Slipknot?

Nicke: I think it's really bad

Kenny: Well, we like the Clown

Boba: Well, we haven't seen the Clown

Nicke: We saw Slipknot at a Festival & it just cracked me up..these guys in masks & then they go, "we are really sorry to say that the Clown couldn't be hear today...he has family problems & he extends his love." & I'm thinking, are you guys gonna be evil, or not?

Boba: Rick Rubin actually produced their last record, didn't he?

Rock N Roll Experience: Yeah

Boba: Yeah, because I heard it & it sounded really good.

Nicke: You know what is really bad with those bands? They wanna be really tough & they think they are really tough, but they are not, & then they have parts in their songs where they sound exactly like Backstreet Boys, you know, what they call clean vocals, & I'm like, make up your mind..either you are tough or you're weak, & I think they're wimps. I'm gonna get us killed now ha ha. I mean I'd rather have black metal bands, because they really kill people ha ha

Rock N Roll Experience: Is there anything else that I haven't asked you that you'd like to add?

Nicke: let us all keep our fingers crossed for Paul Stanley's solo record ha ha

So, if you thought that was the end, you are sadly mistaken, because the guys from Nebula were also in the same dressing room, so I sat down with 2 of the 3 Nebula guys & this is what they had to say:

Rock N Roll Experience: Where are you guys from?

Eddie Glass: LA..we are from LA...Tom is from London, so we are kinda international now ha...

Rock N Roll Experience: As a guitar player, is Toni Iommi one of your biggest influences?

Eddie: Yeah, he's up there, but more Jimmy Page & Hendrix , I love Iommi, but I'm originally a drummer, so I kinda play drums with my guitar in a way.

Rock N Roll Experience: You have alot of guitar solo's in your music which is rare today

Eddie:'s kind of like a drum roll ha ha

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you guys really into bootlegs...I noticed alot of them on your web site

Eddie: Yeah, I have alot of 4 & 8 track stuff & we created alot of the records on that...I like to listen to them sometimes more than the records myself & it started off with just live stuff people recorded & some of it sounded cool & then we said let's put it up for free on the web site & then I thought, oh shit, we've got all of the demo's that are cool for people to hear. We need to update the bootlegs, because we do it by volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7..I think we are on 7 & we've been meaning to update it, but with the tour...


Rock N Roll Experience: So you guys are bootleg don't care if people tape the shows?

Eddie: Aww, fuck yeah..we like it...I think it's cool...things are that close with the internet thing & there are like full on groups that internationally trade, but I'm totally down with it. Rock N Roll Experience: How come you are walking with a cane?

Eddie: I broke my heal

Rock N Roll Experience: How many guitars do you currently have out on the road with you?

Eddie: 2...2 (Gibson) SG's


Author: Bob Suehs