Jun 29, 2005

Riggs (Rob Zombie Band) - Interview

Wow...how can I possibly set up this interview? To give you some rough insight into it, I was scheduled to meet the band at their bus/van contraption for a 7 PM in-person interview on June 29, 2005 & I arrived about 5 minutes late, which is always a sign of true rock n roll clique, because no one in the rock n roll world is ever on time, & when I knock on the door of the Scum mobile that is the bands home, I am greeted by a grimy, dreadlocked guy who turns out to be Riggs.....

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An Interview with Riggs from Scum of the Earth!

Wow...how can I possibly set up this interview? To give you some rough insight into it, I was scheduled to meet the band at their bus/van contraption for a 7 PM in-person interview on June 29, 2005 & I arrived about 5 minutes late, which is always a sign of true rock n roll clique, because no one in the rock n roll world is ever on time, & when I knock on the door of the Scum mobile that is the bands home, I am greeted by a grimy, dreadlocked guy who turns out to be Riggs! Riggs immediately figured I was the guy there to interview him, I assume by my gear lol, & he immediately says, "Dude, I tried to call you before you got here to tell you to bring us some more smokes!" & I was a little bewildered & Riggs goes, "I'm just kidding" in his Irish/Canadian sounding voice. This entire interview took place while the band was enroute to their motel, which was a Super 8, about 8 minutes from the venue. This is one of the darkest & weirdest interviews I have ever done....reading it does not quite sum up how different this interview was, compared to the usual sit down, get in, get out type interview I usually do with bands...everyone in Scum of the Earth, including their tour manager were really friendly & super-great to deal with, so here's what Riggs had to say!:

Rock N Roll Experience: How's the tour been so far?

Riggs: It's been pretty good, ya know? We kind of hit & miss in certain places, but for the most part we are still on tour.

Rock N Roll Experience: What happened with the first tour Scum was supposed to do?...it got canceled right?

Riggs: Yeah, the...what did I say the last time...everything got screwed up with the contracts & the booking agent & the tour promoters had different contracts & shit & it was just one giant breach of contract from the first show to the last show, so we had to stop, that's how it really happened.

Rock N Roll Experience: So who is in the touring line-up of Scum of the Earth?

Riggs: It's just me...& some dudes, a bunch of fuckin assholes ha ha, but these guys, like Brandon playing bass, we went to school like in sixth grade & we've known each other since then...

Rock N Roll Experience: You went to school Riggs? ha ha

Riggs: Up until about the ninth grade....& then fuckin Alex Van Halen & Krueger, we got them...nah, it's just that everybody bailed out at the last second & they had their own bands they had to go & do & like the Powerman thing & whatnot & I had a couple of weeks to find some f**kin dudes & I scraped up some people.

Rock N Roll Experience: So how is the new band live, are things gelling together?

Riggs: I don't know, because I can't hear us...you'll have to tell me, you know everything is pretty good except for....I mean we practiced for about 5 times & we started the tour & it seems like everything is going pretty good, I mean as long as we can make it to the end, everything will go fucking great.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you playing any covers in your live show?

Riggs: No, because we only got to practice like 5 times, maybe 6 for a few hours.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you playing "Little Spider" live?

Riggs: No....there's just too many guitars & every song has a different tuning, so if we could play more songs within, there'd be 6 more guitars & we only have one guitar tech & there are already like f**kin 10 guitars, so this is the low budge tour, we've gotta cut back on some stuff.

Rock N Roll Experience: What happened with Rob Zombie...did you quite his band or were you fired?

Riggs: Apparently I was fired I guess, I don't know, but I'll go with that. I didn't quite, & he is doing Ozzfest & I am not there, so I got fired I guess...no one ever told me I was fired.

Rock N Roll Experience: What do you think of John 5 from Marilyn Manson replacing you?

Riggs: I don't think anything of him

Rock N Roll Experience: Have you talked to Rob Zombie at all....has he even heard your new record?

Riggs: Yeah, I talked to him before we went on this tour & he seemed like everything was cool & then he's doing the Ozzfest without me.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you still talk to Blasko?

Riggs: No....me & Johnny (Tempesta) stay in touch alot, he came down & played on the record, like 3 songs.

Rock N Roll Experience: What is your favorite song to play live off the Scum of the Earth CD?

Riggs: "I AM The Scum" usually seems to be the funnest one for me to play

Rock N Roll Experience: Tell me about the CD artwork...who came up with that entire concept?

Riggs: Well....the original CD artwork we couldn't use, we had to create that CD artwork that came out in a couple of weeks, because the original one was a cover with a chic setting on a toilet with her panties down around her waist with this like sexy pose & we couldn't use that for anything & then the back cover had my son dressed up like Elvis with this big devil head over this naked chic & every page inside was just some gnarly hot chic doing f**ked up shit & I submitted it in & the word I got was that America is not ready for this yet, so then I had to turn to all the dudes, like Piggers & Braritan & Dave Cook to just try to help me out in a pinch & they did some artwork & then everyone was like, this is like f**kin Rob Zombie, the mother f**kers, if they'd seen the first sh*t...maybe I can use it on the 2nd CD & get away with it...I don't know.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did the title of the band, Scum of the Earth come from the song off the same name by Rob Zombie?

Riggs: That was something I had before hand...it was actually the name of my publishing company also, Scum of the Earth music, which I've had forever.


Rock N Roll Experience: You actually did one of the coolest things I've ever seen at Ozzfest....in Bristow, Virginia, during Zombie's set, you had guitar problems during "Thunderkiss '65" & you smashed your guitar to bits.

Riggs: Yeah...I smashed a bunch of them on that tour...I don't do that so much anymore, I kind of ran low on them & couldn't buy anymore, so, but it's cool, I f**kin smashed that shit & threw it into the crowd & people would take shards & carve stuff into their chests.

Rock N Roll Experience: Who's the real chic inside the CD booklet?

Riggs: That is Clay's Ex-Wife....(censored bad word said!)

Rock N Roll Experience: Has your attitude changed since you've become a father?

Riggs: I don't know..that was 10 years ago...I don't think so, because I have him singing on the record about the devil & shit, so it must not have changed too much. He sings on "Bloodsuckinfreakshow", "I see the Devil..." lines, that is him.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you purposely copy off INXS on the line "Devil Inside"?

Riggs: Kind of...I had the words in there in the verses, I mean in the chorus, but it didn't fit because the chorus is like some weird timing on guitar, & then whenever I went over just that guitar riff it sounded like INXS, so I am like, that's pretty fitting, because that is how that dude (Michael Hutchinson) died, that is kind of like what that song is about...auto erotic effixiation shit, it's a tribute to all the people who died jerking off ha ha.

Rock N Roll Experience: As a guitar player, do you ever wanna just get out there & play guitar solo's?

Riggs: No, I'm not into guitar solo's, I'd just rather play rhythm & NOT sing, I hate to f**kin sing!


Rock N Roll Experience: Will you possibly get another singer to sing for the next Scum of the Earth record then?

Riggs: If I could find anybody that's any good I'd have no problem giving that up.

Rock N Roll Experience: On the song "Ghost...", did you actually play sitar on that?

Riggs: No, a dude from Fernandez guitars played that....we were down in the studio & there was one hanging on the wall & he pulled it off & was setting there just playing on it & we were doing that song & I was like, f**kin come over & play that on there. That was kind of one we just made up on the spot...we had that kind of guitar riff & sh*t & some chic came over there & ...everybody came to the studio all the time, because we were writing in Josh Abrahams studio at Pulse Records & there were just tons of people coming in & out of his place & they always just came in there to see what we were doing & they were like hey, I can sing, hey I can play violin, I can play this or that & it was like hey, f**kin bring it down, ya know, do it, & that was kind of how that song came about, just all of these people coming in & recording sh*t.

Rock N Roll Experience: The entire CD is really good, because it's not too long, it's like a little over 30 minutes & leaves you wanting more.

Riggs: Yeah..the 2nd one will be good because I can put all of the songs on it that I couldn't out on this one...they were too offensive....I think we can get them on the next record...there's like 4 more that I couldn't put on there because they were too offensive.

Rock N Roll Experience: How could those 4 other songs be that much more offensive than anything that is already out there?

Riggs: Just...the killing & biting & the samples....I had a bunch from this movie "Crimes of Passion"....it's all ANthony Perkins screaming you worthless cunt & this whole song starts off with shit, scum fuck, scum, eat scum, fuckin, shit, fuck whatever, & then the song starts & they (the label) were not down with that & the words were really bad too, I think the lyrics were the entire problem, because there is not an edited version of that CD...that is the same one you get at Walmart or whatever....they just get all bent out of shape about calling girls pigs & shit.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you married?

Riggs: No....I think chics are f**kin pigs...ha ha, no I'd kidding, uhmmm....no, I never got married & I don't want to either.

Rock N Roll Experience: Does your son play music?

Riggs: No, he just sang on that song (Bloodsuckinfreakshow)....I needed a little kid to do that part & I asked him to do it & I wrote down the words for him & he said I'm not singing that, no way..I won't say that! And then we was like, well, if you give me $2,000 I'll do it ha ha, so I said alright, you'll get paid when I get paid for the record, so maybe by the time he's about 30 or 40 years old he might get his money ha ha

....and with that last question, the band arrived at their destination & had to get off so they could get cleaned up & do their thing before the show. I'd like to thank Riggs for inviting me to the strip club with him after the show...that's how you can tell a rock star is a really nice person, when they invite you to their after show party!


Author: Bob Suehs