Jun 9, 2005

Corrosion of Conformity (Woody) - Interview

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An Interview with Woody Weatherman from Corrosion of Conformity!

If you're taking the time to read this interview, you probably already know that Woody Weatherman is the lead guitarist for COC...he's one part Tony Iommi, 2 parts Billy Gibbons...his playing is crucial to the sound of COC's southern metal mayhem, & Woody himself, is a very laid back, very cool, mellow guy who will talk all day with you if he has the time. I'd like to thank Woody, COC's tour manager Ross & Andrew from Chipster for helping set this entire interview up. I'm not gonna hype it anymore, here's what me & Woody had to talk about before the 6/9/05 concert in maryland:

Rock N Roll Experience: How's the tour been so far?

Woody: Man..every band fuckin smokes, Weed Eater...you know, I can't complain at all, it's fun as shit to watch every band every night.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is Weed Eater opening the tour?

Woody: If they make it tonight..they got stopped by the New York state police ha ha..apparently they let them go, I don't know why...

Rock N Roll Experience: What happened?

Woody: I don't know..they just called a little while ago & they said the cops let them go, so they will be here

(Ed's note: Weed Eater were pulled over for speeding & them the cops found out that NONE of the 3 guys in the band had drivers licenses & they were taking turns driving, so you can figure out the rest!)

Rock N Roll Experience: How have the shows been selling...have they been sold out?

Woody: No, not really sold out, but it's been fun, you know, it just depends upon where you go, & how big the turn out is..it's enough to have fun...we've got a couple of kids out there that like us ha ha, Crowbar, Thunderpussy, it's all good!

Rock N Roll Experience: Why did you take Crowbar out on the road with you on this tour?

Woody: They got riffs, they're bad, they're cool dudes, buddies, all that shit

Rock N Roll Experience: Did it have anything to do with the fact that Kirk is a member of Down with Pepper?

Woody: No, it's just friends man, I mean I've known Kirk forever & Fu Manchu is joining us on the West Coast, so they got the 2nd half of the tour. Thunderpussy is doing the entire tour.

Rock N Roll Experience: Were you ever afraid at some point that Pepper was gonna leave COC & Join Metallica?

Woody: No, it never really went that far, it was always like a friend to friend kind of deal...they just sorta called him up & he had gone up before to sorta lend a hand when the boy (James) had burned his arm or some shit, but it never got that far & we had discussed it some, but it wasn't a big deal..we knew that even if something crazy like that did happen that Corrosion would still pop out here & there or whatever, so it wasn't a big deal.

Rock N Roll Experience: Who would sing if Pepper left though...Mike Dean?

Woody: Ah no, Keenan would pop in I guess...we never really discussed it actually ha ha, but luckily we don't have to worry about that.

Rock N Roll Experience: Tell me about the 'Let Lones....is that project still happening, or is it done?

Woody: I don't know man, it was mostly, Mike Dean had a bunch of riffs & a bunch of songs & we just got holed up in our little studio & recorded a bunch of it, but I don't know if it will ever...Mike's kind of a perfectionist, so nothing ever gets finished....we worked on it forever & we recorded a shit load of songs....

Rock N Roll Experience: What is the music like?

Woody: It's trippy shit...it's rock, but not like heavy, heavy stuff...it's the more trippier end of the rock.

Rock N Roll Experience: So none of the 'Let Lones songs made it to the "Arms of God" CD?

Woody: No, it could have, because there's a couple trippy songs on our record, but "Arms of God" was just shit when we got together, it just flowed good so we didn't have to....as a matter of fact, there are like 4 songs left over from that session that we did that were plenty good enough to be on the record, but we just ran out of time

Rock N Roll Experience: Will those 4 songs show up somewhere else?

Woody: Yeah...they better eventually, because they are good songs, they are crazy & 3 of them were like the craziest songs we recorded! They were the fastest & craziest ones, but we just ran out of time man & in order to make the deadline that they wanted us to have the shit ready on, we were mixing & going crazy.

Rock N Roll Experience: What took so long between records for COC...it was like 3 years

Woody: Well, the big thing was Pepper getting done with the Down shit, by the time they recorded a record & toured & all that stuff, hell, it was a couple of years right there, so it was not an intentional thing...when the time is right we always get together & do it...you can't rush shit like this.

Rock N Roll Experience: What do you do with your off time?

Woody: Shit...not much, this past time we built a studio & messed around with a bunch of Mike Dean songs, but not much...hang around.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you see Down live on their last tour?

Woody: No....they never came down where I live.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you like the Down record?

Woody: Yeah..absolutely

Rock N Roll Experience: What is your favorite song off "In The Arms of God"?

Woody: My favorite one to play live is "Paranoid Opiod", that's a good one live & "Arms of God" is fun to play live..they are all fun to play man..we had worked up a version of "Back Slider" to play live, but we didn't...we are not playing it on this tour, but we're thinking about, when we do this European thing in the Fall..we are considering playing basically the whole record over there, so I don't know..we'll see what happens with that....we are playing like 7 or 8 new songs a night.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you mostly playing new or old stuff on this tour?

Woody: both...We are playing a long time....we've been playing like over an hour & 1/2 every night, so we are getting to squeeze alot of shit in there which is good.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you doing the Zeppelin cover of "Good TImes/Bad Times" every night?

Woody: We just do a little piece of it, we thought we'd throw it in there, but I don't know if we're doing that tonight or not (ed's note: they did it that night!) ...it's in the middle of "Wise Blood"

Rock N Roll Experience: How was it opening for Megadeth?

Woody: The Megadeth thing...it wasn't that big...the Metallica thing was alot bigger, but I mean Megadeth, you know.....I mean you know, it's Megadeth, & it's like ahhhh, I'm not the biggest Megadeth freak or nothing, but we had a good time.

Rock N Roll Experience: What do you think of Dave Mustaine finding god & religion?

Woody: Ahhh, everybody's gotta do their thing & I don't....I mean it's not a big concern of mine ha ha, I mean I'm not anti-Megadeth, I'm just not a big freak for it...it's not my bag.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you a big Metallica fan?

Woody: Yeah...I like Metallica

Rock N Roll Experience: Who in Metallica was the coolest to hang out with when you toured with them?

Woody: Shit man...ummm, well, whenever we were out with them, they were all really cool, but Hammett was always really friendly & hanging out & real mellow.


Rock N Roll Experience: Did you see the problems with Jason Newsted when you toured with them?

Woody: Yeah...he hung out with us alot & it was cool, but they (Jason & Metallica) didn't hang out too much, so you could tell.

Rock N Roll Experience: How come Jimmy Bowers didn't join you on this tour?

Woody: We were going for something a little different...Jimmy's great, but I mean..."Arms of God" riffs are kind of....it needed something like Stanton...Jimmy's bad you know, but also, at the time, Superjoint Ritual was going full steam & Eye Hate God is happening now, so he's busy.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you ever talk to Reed Mullins anymore...what exactly happened when he split from COC?

Woody: Ahhhh...you know, I've kind of kept my mouth shut about him, but he is what he is, I mean I've got some ill feelings about it because he left us in a lurch whenever he did leave & stuff & everybody's got their own reasons to do shit & I'm cool, but I'm kind of glad we are who we are now because it's alot more mellow now....he was sorta like the odd man out, even though he was an original dude or whatever, we made some great albums with him & shit, but I'm glad we are in the situation we are in now...it's alot more mellow ha ha & cooler

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you ever talk to any of the other past member of COC?

Woody: No, not really man, I don't see any of them & I don't know where they are..they are just out & about, I mean I am friends with Phil & Carl, but they are doing their things, & even when I am home I don't see them, I don't know where they are.

Rock N Roll Experience: How come you guys are not doing Ozzfest this year?

Woody: Well, first off, they didn't ask us, & 2nd off ahhhh Ozzfest is a little bit on the corporate side of things, but....some of those bands are cool, but...I don't know the ins & outs of it, but doing our own thing is really so much more fun, of course we are not playing huge arenas & shit, but we are getting to do our own thing


Rock N Roll Experience: Out of the entire band..who is the biggest weed smoker in the band?

Woody: Ha ha, I don't know man...I know I've been laying kind of low recently, but maybe weed eaters would be more like it ahhhh, actually our crew I guess are the biggest weed smokers, but, we delve in every once & a while...I used to smoke quite a bit more than I do now, but it's all good you know ha ha

Rock N Roll Experience: How many guitars are you taking on the road with you for this tour?

Woody: I've got 4 with me, only because we've been doing this one tune called "It is that Way" & it's got a different tuning than any other song we do, so I sorta had to bring one guitar just for that song because it's completely different. I've got 3 out here, but I only use a couple a night. They are ESP's actually, but they look like SG's. They were custom guitars & they only made the ones that I have & now they make something called a Viper, which is similar, but ....mine are from the custom shop & actually they had a cease & desist from Gibson, so they no longer make them, but....they look exactly like SG's, but they stay in tune & they kick ass....they are from the custom shop so I had them built exactly like I wanted them, which is cool, but I've had them for a long time & they can't make me anymore, so I'm stuck with what I've got, but it's all good!

Rock N Roll Experience: Does the title "In the Arms Of God" have any specific meaning?

Woody: While we were recording the record, a good buddy of ours...I think it all kind of ties in with the record & shit, but yeah, there was alot of shit going on that kind of refers to that & ties it together, no one particular thing, but I think probably the Dimebag incident, which happened when we were working on it, I think that...the song was written & shit, but some of the songs took a little direction form that & just the world in general is different.

Rock N Roll Experience: Where exactly where you when you heard about Dimebag's death?

Woody: We were in the studio...it was like that night, everybody's cell phones start ringing & it was like midnight & we're in the fucking studio & working or whatever & the cell phones were ringing & that sorta shut things down for a little bit & we just took a break there when that happened &....

Rock N Roll Experience: Were you friends with Dimebag?

Woody: Absolutely, yeah! We did some touring with Pantera.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you have any god stories?

Woody: Yeah ha ha, but I don't know if I can tell many of them ha ha, but, the last time that we really hung out was usually when we would go to Dallas & stuff...we did Australia & New Zealand in 2001, us & Pantera were down there & it was crazy....we had a fuckin blast...chartering a fishing boat in Sydney Harbor, & going out deep sea fishing, Dimebag laying over the edge throwing up ha ha, he didn't even drop a line in the water, but shit like that...just partying.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you ever jam with Dimebag onstage?

Woody: No, I guess Pepper kind of did a little bit, but I never really got up & jammed with him onstage....Dimebag would come out & sing some backgrounds & shit & it was weird, because "Volume Dealer" wasn't that well received by alot of people, but I thought it was a pretty strong record, & fuckin Dime was like one of those dudes, who every time you see him, he would be singing a fuckin song of that record & just would not shut up, he was like "Diablo, talk to me!" & would just stand there & sing the whole fuckin thing & we were like shut up dude, come one! Every time we'd see him out doing a shot or partying he'd go "Diablo" & it was like, dude....but just memories like that & crazy shit....he was a cool guy.


Author: Bob Suehs