May 23, 2006

Casey Chaos (Amen) - Interview

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ROCK N ROLL EXPERIENCE interviews Casey Chaos

How do I set up this interview & do it justice??? Let me tell you, Amen, Casey, & the entire band are great people...there are NO attitudes & egos in this bunch! I'm not gonna over hype it, I'll just give you the interview straight up, because like Amen, I want this interview to be very raw & exactly how is was....simple!

Rock N Roll Experience: I like the new CD alot...what's your favorite song off it so far?

Casey: I don't know, it changes all the time, there's so much material documented at that time, it's kind of hard to tell, I mean alot of that stuff isn't even out that I like, like the b-sides for "California's Bleeding", I think "Die or Follow" is probably my favorite.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you playing alot of old stuff in concert, or mostly new stuff?

Casey: We're mixing it up really, like usually we always play whatever people wanna hear, alot of times it's the old stuff, because in America no one's heard the record yet.

Rock N Roll Experience: What was the main differences between the censored & uncensored versions of your new video "California's Bleeding"?

Casey: One's color, one's black & white, 2 different was kind of a nightmare because the guy that shot the video, he pulled the edit so we had to redo it & fix it & I had to edit it with this guy & we saved it really, so at the end of the day I can't remember which one I like better.

Rock N Roll Experience: What happened to your head, you have 2 scars?

Casey: I hit it on something, I think it was from the carpets...I dislocated my jaw because I fell out of my bunk on the bus, I'm always clumsy & have bad luck, but things are amplified on stage

Rock N Roll Experience: How did you get Acey Slade in the band?

Casey: He was a friend of ours through Joey (Jordison) & the Murderdolls & Rich had blood poisoning & overdose in Amsterdam & we just got back from a tour, & he had wisdom teeth that he needed to get pulled for like 6 months & it impacted him so badly, so he had alot of things he had to deal with, we wanted to make sure he got his health back first & foremost, he's in London getting some TLC & taking care of himself


Rock N Roll Experience: How has the Brides tour been so far?

Casey: Crazy, I mean, for me, everyone looks at Guns N Roses, & I've always seen Motley Crue creating a big rift in music & they actually changed it alot & I think it takes alot to do that, a special type of person & a special type of band & I think that he's the only guy in that band that always stayed pure, like Tommy Lee went & did "Get Naked" & tried to be a wigger....

Rock N Roll Experience: I think Mick Mars stayed true too

Casey: Yeah, Yeah, you're right, he did too, I think Nikki has this real pure sense to him & he's like really cool & really surreal & the audience has been cool for the most part & we're totally different types of bands & I think it's great that they are just so nice to us.

Rock N Roll Experience: I've never seen Amen live (prior to this interview!)...can you describe your show to me?

Casey: People ask that...I'm the worst person to really answer it...I think it's....every night's different, it's never the same thing, there's always some sorta confusion or something like that, I don't know, it's just been such a turbulent & crazy tour...this tour, we flew from Paris, directly to New York, & went from Holland to Germany, to London, to all of these...all within like 24 hours we were in 4 different countries around the world & was onstage playing with these guys, so it was just crazy, I'm still kinda jet lagged, so I'm out of it ha ha ha

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you bigger overseas than in the USA?

Casey: Oh yeah, there's not even a comparison, like in the UK most bands play 2 or 3 shows & we played 20 shows this tour, or 18 shows & like 80% of them were sold out...we always bring our own 2 support acts, bands that I usually end up picking. We've toured the UK like 4 times in the last year & 1/2 & then we did the Donnington Festival.

Rock N Roll Experience: Have you jammed with any other bands on stage?

Casey: I've done stuff in the studio with Josh & Nick from Queens of the Stone Age & stuff with Daryn from System of a Down & those are the main things, nothing really done on stage, I'm not that kind of guy really, it's weird for me

Rock N Roll Experience: Tell me about the artwork on Death Before Musick

Casey: I just wanted to change the logo & change everything because it was a documentation of alot of deaths really, alot of purity was lost in the last 2 years...there was an old band that basically fell apart, management, business managers, lawyers & the whole behind the music thing, that's what it was...everyone was like, Alright, see you later, we're not with a major record company any more, we actually had 2 record deals that were done & that's what was the most frustrating thing, there was 2 deals that we signed within this time frame & nothing ever came of it because of people outside of the band like managers & stuff like that & it was so frustrating for the people in the band, we just got fed up, so I basically wanted to try to document everything that was going on & it took me about 6 months to do the packaging & it's a little disappointing because it didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted it to, because there's alot of things where when you cross the pages, sorta like Mad Magazine, it has hidden codes & stuff, in the artwork there's just a big collage of shit basically, there's supposed to be a vinyl version of this with a bonus song, but we made a 45 in the UK


Rock N Roll Experience: What do you think about Shannon Larkin, your old drummer, playing in Godsmack now?

Casey: I love Larkin...I like him, but they (Godsmack) are horrible, I mean Larkin is a great drummer & I love him to death...I always will, but I'm not a fan of that band & he's like a walking piece of art, he's a real inspiration


Author: Bob Suehs