Dec 3, 2009

Jon Norum (Europe/Dokken) - Interview

An interview with Jon Norum from Dokken / Europe
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Rock N Roll Experience: How did you end of joining Dokken?

Jon Norum: They asked me *laughs*

Rock N Roll Experience: What happened to Europe?

Jon Norum: They broke up in '92, & I quite in '86, it was a long time ago. I did a gig on the Millennium in Sweden, a reunion thing & we did 2 songs, "Rock The Night" & "Final Countdown" & it was great. I did a little tour with Dokken in '97/'98 & I did a solo album after that & after Reb quit they asked me to join because I played with Don on his solo album along time ago

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you a big Zakk Wylde fan? I caught the Zakk riffs in your soundcheck & loved the cover of "No More Tears"

Jon Norum: Oh yeah, he's like the only guitar player who I can listen to, he's the only organic, real thing, it's has alot of attitude & he's great


Rock N Roll Experience: What other bands do you like besides Black Label Society?

Jon Norum: I don't listen to new bands that much, the stuff I listen to is mainly bands that have been around for atleast 10 year, like STP & people like that

Rock N Roll Experience: How do you think the crowd will like the show?

Jon Norum: I don't know, because this is the first night of the tour, It will be guitar heavy, but not like Reb, because he played solo's all over the place & he was just a little too much, it's not really my style, he's more into Steve Via, there's alot of tapping going on & whammy bar stuff & I'm just really sick of tapping & dive bombs, I'm real sick of them, so I think I play a little more rhythm in these songs than he did

Rock N Roll Experience: Is there anything else you'd like to say ?

Jon Norum: Well, we have an album coming out in March, It's called "Long Way Home" & I didn't come up with that title, believe me, it's Don's title, I thought he could come up with something a little more interesting, but when he sets his mind on something, that's the way it's gonna be. He can be a bit bossy sometimes, but that is alright, that's why he is the lead singer, but the album will be out March 5 I believe & it's very good, very heavy too. It's much heavier than "Erase The Slate", I like that album alot too, but the new one is one step...actually I brought in a bit of the Black Label Society *laughs*, which is kind of a cool thing, we tuned down very low on a couple of songs, but Zakk is a big influence



Author: Bob Suehs