Jul 9, 2009

Chris Thorn (Blind Melon) - Interview

An Interview with Christopher Thorn from Blind Melon!

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For those of you who aren't familiar with the band Unified Theory..it features Brad & Christopher, the guitarist & bassist from Blind Melon. This isn't a Blind Melon cover band, although I personally felt some similarities when I listened to their CD at first, this band is completely different & not really anything like Blind Melon. I had the opportunity to interview Christopher Thorn from the band recently & here's how it went:

Rock N Roll Experience: "How's the tour been so far?"

Christopher: It's been great, particularly in the last week it's really been great for us on the East Coast. We had just a really great run actually starting with Baltimore & Philly & Long Island New York & the East Coast has just been really really fun for us.

Rock N Roll Experience: "Are you doing Any Blind Melon covers during your set?"

Christopher: No, we never ever would, it's not Blind Melon & It's not ever intended to be, that's like saying does Greenday play Guns N Roses songs or something

Rock N Roll Experience: It's a little different though, you were actually in the band & your singer sounds a little like Shannon

Christopher: For me I can't admit that because it's one thing to say somebody sings in the register of a certain singer but for me, I know both singer so I'm so spiritually connected to those voices that to me those are 2 drastically different spirits that I personally don't hear it. TO me, when I hear Chris he sound more like Jeff Buckley than he ever does Shannon

Rock N Roll Experience: "Do you keep in touch with any of the other members of Blind Melon besides Brad who's in the band"

Christopher: Yeah, I keep in touch with Rogers all of the time & Shannon's Baby & Girlfriend but Glenn I don't really talk to too often because he sorta goes off in his own world, but Rogers I just saw in New York

Rock N Roll Experience: "What is that on your CD cover?"

Christopher: They're some crazy jellyfish..I actually wish I knew exactly what they were, but we went for 2 days on a photo shoot in Northern California & we went to an aquarium there so we just walked in & started taking pictures of the aquarium

Rock N Roll Experience: "Where did the name Unified Theory come from?"

Christopher: Originally it is an Einstein theory..it was the last thing he worked on right before he died & then it was called Unified Field Theory & Brad was inspired just reading a book on Einstein & had written a song which was entitled Unified Theory & so really liked the idea of that regardless of the scientific meaning of it, the words together sounded like a great sentiment

Rock N Roll Experience: "Will there be a Video for MTV?"

Christopher: We actually already did one fore the song "California"

Rock N Roll Experience: "Do you see alot of fans wearing Blind Melon shirts at the shows, expecting to hear that stuff?"

Christopher: No, I see fans come out & obviously Blind Melon fans come out because they've been following our careers, but I don't really see more than one or two. People are extremely respectful & know that this is a brand new band. People are excited about the new record

Rock N Roll Experience: "Does it seem strange for you to be the focal point of the band, because I always saw you as the quiet guy in Blind Melon?"

Christopher: I don't know if I'm the focal point now, I did just as many interviews with Blind Melon as I do now, maybe I appeared as the quiet guy in the band because there were much louder people in the band, but my position has changed in this band obviously, but I don't really think about it. This bands dynamic is different because It's a completely different band

Rock N Roll Experience: "Do you have any songs that didn't make the CD?"

Christopher: yeah, alot actually, we wrote 20 something songs for the record & there's an additional 6 that didn't make the cut, not because they sucked, but because we tried to make a record that was complete from top to bottom..some of them are my favorite songs.

Rock N Roll Experience: "Do you wish that there was a harder edge on the music?"

Christopher: We're not Korn, we do what we do, why would I want to do something we don't do, Unified Theory is Unified Theory

Rock N Roll Experience: "Do you have anything that you want to tell the fans?"

Christopher: Buy the record!


Author: Bob Suehs