Apr 9, 2009

UDO (Accept) - Interview

An interview with UDO from Accept!
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I had the rare chance to interview UDO, former lead singer from Accept. I thought that this would be a good chance to re-aquaint the rest of the USA with this former metal legend & his new musical venture, UDO. I admit that the translation with him was hard. I spoke to him from Cologne, Germany & although he does speak English well, I had a very hard time asking him things because as you'll read, He couldn't understand everything I asked him. I tried to ask him about his height & it took about 2 minutes before he understood I was asking him how tall he was. Don't get me wrong, he was a very nice person, it's just that we had a hard time communicating. Some question came out good, others were spotty. If a response during this interview from UDO doesn't seem like it makes sense, that's how it was talking to him. I tried to clean this up a little bit, but I wanted to preserve the candidness of it & show the comedic side of the bad translations. I hope that you enjoy this. This interview was done to promote UDO's New CD which we reviewed last month. To check out that review, look at out archive for April listed on our start page. Now without anymore ado, here's UDO:

Rock N Roll Experience: Were are you calling me from?

UDO: Cologne, Germany

R n R E.: Are you on tour right now?

UDO: Not now, we start in the middle of May doing some shows here in Europe, then we come over to the US on the 1st of June doing 16 shows on the East Coast.

R n R E.: On your New CD, Holy, what type of music do you consider it to be?

UDO: What do you mean? What type of music it is?

R n R E.: Do you consider it Heavy Metal, or..?

UDO: Yes, definitely

R n R E.: Do you feel funny making Heavy Metal Music since Metal isn't big anymore?

UDO: Yeah, but it was not popular since the last years, definitely here in Europe, so it's become big again in music, so I don't want to change anything about my music

R n R E.: How do you feel about Marilyn Manson?

UDO: Marilyn manson? What can I say about Marilyn Manson...some good songs & good marketing

R n R E.: Are you a fan of his music?

UDO: Not really

R n R E.: Will you ever play with Accept again?

UDO: Yeah, I mean this is definitely over since '96 & I mean 2 guys are living in America there & we're still having contact, but the band is definitely over

R n R E.: Why did Accept end?

UDO: Don't Ask me, ask them, Wolf & Peter decided that they don't want to tour anymore, they say accept is over so what can I do, nothing. Then I say okay, I'll do UDO over again because I don't want to stop making music so now I already did 3 albums with UDO again, so now I already have out with UDO new album

R n R E.: Do the initials U.D.O mean anything besides your name because you have periods after each letter?

UDO: Besides my name..you mean UDO? UDO is my name & when we did the logo we put some puns between there & it means nothing special, it's just my name & when I did my own project I didn't want to search for a band name or something like that, I'm thinking I'm known as UDO in the business so that was the easiest way.

R n R E.: Did you ever get made fun of because of your height?

UDO: Capital what?

R n R E.: Did you ever get made fun of because of your height with you being shorter than most musicians?

UDO: I don't understand you

R n R E.: Has anyone ever mad fun of your height?

UDO: Height..what's that mean?

R n R E.: Being that you're short & most musicians are taller?

UDO: No, no, no, I mean I'm still having fun to do this & I'm not tired of all of this, or what do you mean?

R n R E.: your height..how tall are you?

UDO: Old?, I'm old, how old I am?

R n R E.: How tall, tall, are you?

UDO: Tall..what that mean?

R n R E.: T-A-L-L?

UDO: Tall, Ahhh, Jesus, uh me, I can say in German I'm 1 meter 68'.

R n R E.: How old are you?

UDO: old, 48

R n R E.: Will you ever retire?

UDO: No, definitely not at the moment, i don't think about that happening, so at the moment we have really good success & alot of touring coming up, so we have already planned for the next album, it will be a live album & we already have planned when it is coming out & the studio album, so definitely the next 3 or 4 years I don't stop thinking about stop & everything

R n R E.: How involved are you with your web site?

UDO: I mean, I think now in these days it very important thing to work with a web site, I mean to get much more quicker information around the world, I mean the fans can send you email & can, everything gong very very quick. I think it very important, but in Germany it not so popular, I mean it's more in the US & in Scandinavia, there are alot of fans into the internet stuff.

R n R E.: Is UDO your real name?

UDO: yeah, this is my real name

R n R E.: What do you feel is the best song you've ever written?

UDO: This is very hard, I mean definitely the most popular is the "Balls to the Walls" with Accept

R n R E.: What was "Balls to the Walls" about?

UDO: This song is about the human race, I mean in many countries they still have social problems, alot of political stuff

R n R E.: What do you think of the current Heavy Meal scene?

UDO: At the moment, i can say that what's happening in Europe at the moment, we have a big metal scene here in Germany & now since the last 2 years we have also big metal scene in Scandinavia & there are alot of interesting bands coming up & it's interesting how all of these young bands are playing traditional metal.

R n R E.: Do you make enough playing music that you don't have to keep a day job?

UDO: A day job, me, no, when I'm not on tour or doing albums with UDO I have my own record label & I have 4 bands on this label already so I work then for my record label. I'm nearly everyday in the music business

R n R E.: Do you still tour alot?

UDO: Oh yeah, I mean we did our first European tour part 1 & now we start touring again & it look like that we are touring until October so we touring alot, yeah

R n R E.: What do your kids think of your music?

UDO: My kids, My son he likes, yeah, heavy metal music & he's playing the drums already & my daughter is more into Backstreet Boys & stuff like that

R n R E.: What's your favorite possession?

UDO: My favorite...what

R n R E.: Your favorite possession

UDO: What that mean?

R n R E.: Something that you own

UDO: own?

R n R E.: yeah

UDO: You mean my favorite thing that when I was owned?

R n R E.: Your favorite thing that you own, your favorite possession, your favorite item that you own

UDO: My favorite item?

R n R E.: Item...I-T-E-M

UDO: What can I say...at the moment I can't think of nothing

R n R E.: Is there anything that I haven't asked you that you want to tell the fans?

UDO: I don't understand you very good,

R n R E.: Is there anything that I haven't asked you that you want to say to the fans?

UDO: No, i don't think, I mean we already talk about touring, the album, nope. At the moment I think there's nothing left, I mean we can talk for hours of course, but that means we have to talk for hours then, I mean I think at the moment we did do the important things.

R n R E.: Alright then, thank you, i appreciate talking with you

UDO: Alright thank you very much,


Author: Bob Suehs