Nov 3, 2009

KISS (Gene & Paul) - Interview


Interviews with Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley from KISS!

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Rock N Roll Experience: On Alive 3 there was an error, it said “I Was Made For Lovin You” was on “Dressed to Kill” when it was actually on “Dynasty”, will that be corrected?

Gene Simmons: We repeatedly told the record company, I personally typed up the credits stuff & it’s proof positive that people who create the music care to find out the right things & sometimes the people who actually go out & market & sell the stuff have different sorts of agendas so they made a mistake and that’s life.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is it true that “Hard Luck Woman” on Alive 2 wasn’t actually played live but recorded “live” in the studio?

Gene Simmons: No.

Rock N Roll Experience: What is your absolute favorite KISS song from everything released?

Gene Simmons: Probably “Deuce”

Rock N Roll Experience: On the “Revenge” tour would you say the venues were packed or did you see smaller crowds?

Gene Simmons: It did well but every once in a while you’d see an empty seat and that’s just life in America as we know it today.

Rock N Roll Experience: In the video for “Domino” Paul is playing bass , how come you are not playing bass in that video?

Gene Simmons: Just something to make guys like you say “How come?” doesn’t mean anything.

Rock N Roll Experience: Does seeing KISS bootlegs being sold piss you off?

Gene Simmons:’s like, only you are supposed to be able to sign your name to a piece of paper, but how about if you start to see your name & signature on things you didn’t sign? That’s how I feel about bootlegs. That’ my name they are using...I didn’t say it was ok to use my name.

Rock N Roll Experience: What do you think of the “KISS My ASS” Kiss Tribute record?

Paul Stanley: I think it’s great. The thing that gives me the most pleasure about it is the variety in the scope of people who are on it because I think the greatest thing about KISS is not necessarily that we are responsible for bands that sound similar to us but in part we are also responsible for bands who sound nothing like us but were influenced just the same.

Rock N Roll Experience: What would you say is your all time favorite KISS song?

Paul Stanley: “Love Gun”

Rock N Roll Experience: Was it easy getting rid of Vinnie Vincent?

Paul Stanley: It was very easy to get rid of him but you had to feel a little bitter about somebody screwing you when they tell you that they’ve being honest with you so you have to be a little bitter about that, but getting rid of a bad seed is usually a relief but at the same time it kinda leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Rock N Roll Experience: How did you go about designing your KISS make up?

Paul Stanley: I always liked stars & I always felt a certain identity & an identification & kinship to it so initially I was a bit lazy & put a ring around my eye kinda like Petey the dog on The Little Rascals & then it became a star. I liked the idea of just having one so it didn’t look like I was wearing some kinda weird glasses.

Rock N Roll Experience: On the first KISS record was “Kissin’ Time” a record company decision?

Paul Stanley: Yes & we hated it

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you ever consider taking it off the current pressings?

Paul Stanley: No, it’s a part of history, I mean it’s a part of history, the fact that it got on & now it’s on so why take it off?

Rock N Roll Experience: You did a major autograph signing tour, was that hard to do as opposed to playing music?

Paul Stanley: It was great, I mean obviously when you sign 1,500 autographs a day it takes a little out of your hand but I’ve done all kinds of things with my hand that I’ve enjoyed, but as far as 1,500 people, they are 1,500 fans and the only thing that’s hard is the fact that you don’t get to spend as much time with them as you want to. It’s one thing to sign an autograph & shake a hand, but I would really rather be able to spend an evening with those people but you can’t so this is the best we could do.


Author: Bob Suehs