Dec 19, 2011

Scott Weiland - 9:30 Club

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December 19, 2011

Washington, DC

SCOTT WEILAND Set List:  It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, Christmas Song, White Christmas, Silent Night, What Child Is This, Drummer Boy, Killing Me Sweetly, Do It For The Kids, Atlanta, Unglued, Space Jam, Mountain Song, Vasoline

If you ever get the chance to see a concert at the 9:30 Club in DC during the month of December you will get a real treat because the club always decorates for the Holiday season with tons o' lights & the place really does help to put you in the mood for X-mas right down to the white X-mas tree that's usually somewhere in the club as well during the month of December!

The set up for this show was interesting; the entire floor was an all seated VIP area complete with tables & it looked more like a dinner theater on the floor whereas the upstairs was standing only & where the rockers were!

Scott took the stage close to an hour late which I expected from the start & I was actually glad to see him take the stage based on some of his past shows...when Scott took the stage he was accompanied by Doug G. on guitar & a backing band that was filled with back up singers, a string section & as you can see by the pic I posted, he had a minimal set up & the stage was more about the music than flash.

The first 1/2 of the show was all Christmas classics while the 2nd half was what Scott referred to as the "Rock" portion of the show.

During the Christmas portion of the show I was reminded of David Bowie alot because Weiland over-sang most of the Christmas songs in a very Bowie-ish style & during his cover of "Little Drummer Boy" it was clear that song was his nod to Bowie.

I joked that the Christmas songs were cheesy but to be serious for a moment, rock n roll is generally cheesy on most levels so this show was a nice, intimate treat for STP fans because we got to see a side of Weiland that you won't see too often & it's partially because a tour where he does X-mas songs will only work during the month of December & the crowd in attendance was small compared to most shows the man does.

The "rock" portion of the set was a mix of Scott's solo material, STP songs & a Janes Addiction cover!

"Mountain Song" was awesome but I have to point out that ALL of the "rock" portion of the show was done in a jazz styled way...there was no over the top, loud electric guitars, the tone was mellow compared to how the original versions were recorded & at any given time the keyboards would soften the sound so a song like "Vasoline" which is a hard rock song, the way it was played at this show was more in a rock/swing style & less hard rock which made each song unique to this show!

Author: Bob Suehs