May 13, 2012

Rob Zombie / Megadeth - MPP

Leaving this show all I could think in the back of my mind was “Mother F*cker, Mother F*cker, Mother F*cker....” because Rob Zombie said it quite a few times throughout this particular show.
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May 13, 2012

Merriweather Post Pavilion

Columbia, Maryland

Leaving this show all I could think in the back of my mind was “Mother F*cker, Mother F*cker, Mother F*cker....” because Rob Zombie said it quite a few times throughout this particular show.

At the beginning of the evening there was a 2nd stage set up and that was essentially the 2nd stage from the M3 festival that they didn’t pack up from the day prior. The 2nd stage was ALL tribute band sets and I could hear the Iron Maiden tribute band from a distance when I arrived at the venue....the Maiden band sounded decent from afar but the first band I caught on the tribute stage was Battery which is a Metallica tribute band.

Battery have changed members since the last time I saw them and the new “James Hetfield” member is not as good as the previous one...he screwed up “Fade To Black” and his guitar parts were a bit sloppy in pieces but looks wise he did have the Hetfield looks a bit more than the previous James.

The main stage started off at 7 PM when Lacuna Coil took the stage for a short set that highlighted the best the band had to offer. Christina looked beautiful as always and in my personal opinion I feel like Lacuna Coil come off better on a smaller stage as opposed to a large stage and I base that on the fact that I’ve seen the band many times in both large arena’s and tiny clubs...the smaller venues are where Lacuna Coil shine brightest because they get closer to their fans and seem to feed off their energy more...on the large stage Lacuna Coil comes off a little sterile compared to their club shows.

A large black curtain dropped down to cover up Megadeth’s stage set up and I’ll admit I had no expectations for their set because I expected the same old/ same old from them but when they took the stage I will admit that they sounded damn good and blew me away! The guitar tone Megadeth had onstage sounded so clean, so crisp, so my opinion it was the perfect heavy metal guitar tone and playing an outdoor venue that’s not always easy to achieve.

Chris Broderick really is the perfect fit for Megadeth...he’s the exact opposite of Dave Mustaine which makes for a great parallel in both playing, looks & personality between Dave and Chris.

Christina from Lacuna Coil sang “A Tout Le Monde” with Megadeth and in theory it sounds like a cool jam between Christina & Megadeth BUT I’ll tell you how it really came off.....Dave Mustaine sang on David Ellefson’s mic stage right & Christina was given center stage. She basically took over that song & when she took the stage it was almost as if it wasn’t even a Megadeth show anymore!

It may sound sexist but adding a female vocalist to Megadeth made the band sound weak and it’s NOT the Megadeth sound that the core fanbase loves!

Megadeth played a really solid set that was essentially all hits with a few deep cuts tossed in. “In My Darkest Hour” sounded great, “Symphony of Destruction” made the crowd go crazy and “Peace Sells” was the one that made the entire crowd go ape shit!

“Hangar 18” was my personal favorite of the set and when you hear that song you realize just how special that one is to Megadeth’s was recorded during the best era of the band and there’s no bands out there today that actually write music like that anymore...”Hangar 18” is a thrash metal epic!

“Holy War” was the closer of Megadeth’s set & Mustaine made a comment about how being so close to Washington, DC made him need to say how important it was to vote this year.

Megadeth gave this crowd what they wanted and you could actually see some people leaving when Megadeth were finished their set.

A large curtain dropped down after Megadeth’s set was over & this curtain had a large picture of King Kong on it.

Rob Zombie’s set was a visual spectacular that utilized an abundance of pyro, fire, robots, demons, TV screens and for the most part the stage show was very similar to last years tour with the major change being Ginger Fish on drums.

“Mars Needs Women”, “Sick Bubblegum”, “Scum of the Earth”, “Jesus Frankenstein”, “Never Gonna Stop”....the Zombie songs were solid from 9:45 PM - 11 PM and for the most part the set list was standard because there were no deep cuts and nothing particularly odd performed. It was the “hits” that every Rob Zombie fan would expect right down to “Pussy Liquor” which Rob said was “A song about himself”.

It was quite interesting to realize that Marilyn Manson’s former guitarist & drummer were onstage jamming together....this was also the first time that I’d seen Ginger ever play a drum solo....his drum solo was ok, it was a bit “stock” compared to what previous Zombie drummers have done but let’s face it, a drum solo is filler regardless and this show had a 5+ minute drum solo & 5+ minute guitar solo which could have been a few extra songs in the set.

Rob Zombie interacted with the crowd by jumping against the barricade and singing directly face to face with the front of the crowd and later on in the set he walked through the entire crowd with a flood light that he shined on the crowd as he walked through it.

I do find it sweet that Rob Zombie uses his wife Sherri Moon’s face so much in his art, movies & music...Sherri can always be seen in EVERYTHING Rob does & her face was shown many times throughout the night on the large monitors and her voice was sampled a few times as well.

Just before the nights encore started the lights went down and a movie trailer for “Lords of Salem” was shown. The movie looks like a standard Rob Zombie movie.... it’s creepy, odd, the characters are weird, the theme seems to be about “outcasts” and I’ll admit that the trailer made me excited to see the movie!

“Dragula” was the nights closer & featured Zombie atop a large podium and a massive amount of confetti was released on the crowd ala KISS and speaking of KISS it’s interesting to note that before the Zombie set they ONLY played KISS music and it was mostly 80’s era KISS! ”Let’s Put the X In Sex”, “Heaven’s on Fire”, “Lick It Up” & “I Love It Loud” were all blared just before Zombie took the stage.

All in all the show was solid from start to finish and this billing was the perfect show for metal fans because you received a healthy dose of metal, hard rock, thrash, some scary stuff, some melodic stuff and every band brought their own distinct flavor to the bill which made it a solid night for heavy metal!


Author: Bob Suehs