Jun 4, 2012

GG Allin, Divinyls, & Disco Exorcist



Disco Exorcist

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Blood, Shit & Fears - DVD

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GG Allin’s legacy is one that’s full o’ sick crap and I mean that literally because on this latest GG dvd to hit stores you get to see GG naked, assaulting fans and most of the shows on this set feature GG taking a dump onstage and then eating his own fecesand then hurling the remainder at the crowd!

Sadly I am not joking either....that’s part of the GG stage show....I left out how he’d shove the mic IN his buttocks fyi. In one scene he grabs a female photographer by the hair & tries to force her onstage to do who knows what with her and all the while the backing band, The Murder Junkies, continue to play while GG does his verbal & physical assault on the crowd at hand!

I still have no clue how GG ever got away with the stage show he did & I’ve always wondered if he was really that angry onstage or if it was a mix of the drugs & sexual frustration because GG seemed to get off when he performed onstage and the thing about a GG Allin performance is you can’t un-see a GG Allin performance once you’ve seen it!

The image of GG crapping onstage and then eating it is something you won’t forget!

Just a warning, this dvd is NOT for kids, it’s meant for sick minded adults ONLY so be warned, the stuff you will see on this dvd makes the Jackass show on MTV seem tame!

Live: Jailhouse Rock - DVD

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I always had a soft spot in my musical heart for The Divinyls because the band was a one hit wonder in the states but overseas they actually had a long musical career and released several records, toured many times and here in the USA they are only known as the band that did that “I Touch Myself” song.

Chrissie Amphlett always came off as a classy woman who had a very sexy style & appeal to everything she did both onstage & off.

This dvd captures The Divinyls live from 1993 and the band was actually a much grittier rock n roll band than most people realized because the twin guitar attack they had onstage rivaled The Rolling Stones and with Chrissie’s sexy vocals over it that made some sexy assed rock n roll!

I can’t find a bad song on this set, the entire show rocks! There’s not much production as far as the live show goes, it’s basically the band playing live onstage & the Divinyls deliver the goods when you watch this dvd!


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This ode to 70’s sleeze set in the disco era is a blood, guts & boobs filled movie. It makes fun of the disco era and is complete with bad wigs, bad clothes, bad acting & actors who can’t really act; this movie is a campy slasher flick that’s easy to figure out...everyone gets naked, most of the characters die & there’s tons o’ blood & boobs!

The initial plot is the main character hooks up with a woman, the woman is a witch or some sorta satanic priestess, she wants more from the man but he only wanted sex from her, she puts a curse on him and basically all his friends & lady friends turn into zombies....there’s a happy ending but I won’t spoil it for you.

I think the film re-creates the 70’s in a way that’s both comical & stereotypical because it’s not done in a glamorous way like the TV show “That 70’s Show”, it’s done in a dark, b-movie/slasher flick way & all that’s really missing from this movie is Ron Jeremy!

I will spoil one moment in the movie by telling you the funniest moment in the movie is when one guy’s “member” is cut off & they show it in the most graphic way possible yet it’s funny because of all the bad acting & cheesy “special” effects.

All in all this is a fun b-movie, you know what you’re going to get when you pick it up so it’s a fun, campy horror flick with a 70’s disco theme to it.

Author: Bob Suehs