Aug 18, 2012

Wrath of Killenstein and Staind

Wrath of Killenstein & Staind!

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Track Listing: Demoniaxed, Pigsticker, Electric Funeral, Ugly

I have always been a fan of dark industrial music but I always felt like there was an element missing sometimes & that’s simply because I’m a metal/hard rock fan and usually industrial music misses the element of musicianship that hard rock hits upon.... more times than not industrial music winds up being a bit too programmed in parts for me to personally enjoy it like I do organic hard rock music BUT with the latest EP “Ugly” from Wrath of Killenstein I will admit that I fell in love with the bands approach to industrial music which is a bit off course to most bands in this genre because the guitar solos are well written, complex & the music on this EP mixes dark techno, industrial, metal & even a bit o’ prog which saturates the sounds of this record with a truly unique sound that makes it very palatable to my ears!

“Demoniaxed” is a hard rocker that’s got crunchy guitar tones, vocals that sound evil & a guitar solo that impressed me thoroughly!

Listening to this 4 song EP I’m impressed with the production, the elements & layers that make it sound strong, distinct & spooky....the music itself takes you places while the vocals lead you into darkness and that’s the beauty of this band; they are darkness personified YET they also contain a healthy dose of metal & really good guitar playing that will satisfy both the metal fans & the industrial freaks!

There’s a cover of “Electric Funeral” originally done by Black Sabbath that’s a perfect song for this band to cover because it sums up the equal parts of solid playing with eerie spookiness that make this band what it is!

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”Live From Mohegan Sun” - Blu Ray

Track Listing:

This concert video offers Staind fans a nice glimpse of the bands current 2012 world tour.

Hit after hit is played & the video really gives the viewer a full on glimpse of what a Staind live show is like minus the pushing in the mosh pit!

The bonus features on this blu ray include some new interviews with the band & a cool peek at Mike’s guitar rig.

“It’s Been A While” is touching, “Mudshovel” is heavy as hell, “Fade” is cool and “For You” is rockin....the band gives their audience a wide range of emotions & “Country Boy” is probably the only part of this concert where I found myself just a little bored because I don’t necessarily wanna see the band slow it down to that sorta pace.

Overall this is a solid concert video & it’s the ultimate companion piece to the audio cd from this same show that came out a month prior.

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Author: Bob Suehs