Sep 2, 2012

Uproar Tour 2012 - Jiffy Lube Live


September 2, 2012

Jiffy Lube Live

Bristow, VA

The 2012 Installment of the Uproar Tour featured the best of the best in terms of main stream active rock with Godsmack & Shinedown as the nights headliners.


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September 2, 2012

Jiffy Lube Live

Bristow, VA

The 2012 Installment of the Uproar Tour featured the best of the best in terms of main stream active rock with Godsmack & Shinedown as the nights headliners.

First off, whomever decided to allow Shinedown to headline over Godsmack made a BAD mistake because while Shinedown has more cross over success on a commercial level Godsmack are a much better live rock band with a larger audience which sadly left after Godsmack were done playing!

I’m skipping ahead of things a bit so to start at the beginning I arrived as Red Light Kings were finishing up their set....I recognized the closing song in their set which was a song played heavily on the radio; they sounded ok but I didn’t catch enough of their set to form any type of opinion though.

The first set we caught this day was from In This Moment. Maria Brink & co. have changed their sound, changed their looks and the current version of In This Moment is like mixing Rob Zombie (the band) with Lady Gaga (Brink) because the last time I saw In This Moment they were a straight up rock band with no real gimmick....the only real gimmick was their singer had big boobs BUT the 2012 version of In This Moment was more theatrical, more visual & LESS hardcore oriented. The new musical direction reflects the bands looks...I’m on the fence with what I saw because it didn’t really inspire me, didn’t strike me as new or FIRST response when Maria took the stage wearing a mask was that she raided Lady Gaga’s closet and as Michelle pointed out to me she also borrowed from Gen (Genitorturers) with her style, looks & attitude.

The virginal white that adorned the stage amidst the skulls & demonic looking band created a weird b-horror movie onstage that was fun to look at BUT was not true to what I felt In This Moment were about....the new looks took from the music a tad bit and I truly believe Maria is really trying for cross-over success at this point because during the headline set from Shinedown Maria joined the band on vocals for the song “Devour” which was honestly not that spectacular because she can’t hold a candle to Brent’s vocals.

My reviews are always honest & truthful so I will point out one BIG topic that most people brought up after the In This Moment set....Maria’s camel toe was very defined with her outfit & the crowd talked more about her camel toe than they did about the bands music...that explains how the I.T.M. set was.

This show was also the last date In This Moment were playing on this tour so I will say they had a proper send off from all the bands & fans...camel toe & all!

Deuce followed In This Moment & it took me maybe 2 minutes to know I had no interest in the Deuce set simply because it was too Hip Hop/Hollywood Undead styled for my personal taste so after checking out the first song of the Deuce set we decided to walk around & check out the vendors a bit.

Fozzy were next and Jericho is a weird rock singer because he’s more pro wrestling than rocker and no matter what he does he will never get past the wrestling thing...Jericho has an ok voice, he had tons o’ energy onstage, BUT he’s got this really goofy quality that prevents him from being taken would be like if Hulk Hogan started a metal concept you might think it sounds awesome BUT in terms of credibility I didn’t feel like Fozzy was anything special.

P.O.D. were the headliners for the 2nd stage area and by the time they took the stage it was jam packed in that area; the crowd was interesting because it was a good reflection of the consummate radio rock listener and much less “metal” than the Mayhem Fest yet still it summoned the essence of popular hard rock with elements of metal mixed in.

P.O.D. sounded good and if you caught the band back in the day you’d say exactly what I did....they havn’t change at all sound wise, they are still tight, have perfect rhythm and the hip hop styled rock made the crowd movee. This wasn’t my favorite flavor of music I can appreciate the energy level they had and the crowds lust for P.O.D.’s music is what made their set so strong!

Adelita’s Way opened the main stage with a short set that actually rocked hard and that’s what surprised me because I’ve seen Adelita’s Way several times over the past few years and I always hated their music but for some reason they came off really good at this show!

Papa Roach were off the bill due to Jacoby’s vocal issues and that meant all main stage acts played slightly longer sets. In hindsight the festival should have added a replacement act for Papa Roach because the main stage did feel like it lacked a little variety with the extended sets from each band.

Once Adelita’s Way finished their set the real deal was about to begin with Staind, Godsmack & Shinedown all in a row...first up was Staind!

Aaron Lewis is an unassuming man who does not look like a rocker yet his voice and style is genre crossing because the man does hard rock & country effortlessly and for this show the man gave it his all playing guitar & singing his ass off while the musicians in Staind played each song with energy & can’t deny Staind earned their place in rock history with a long string of hits that every rock music fan will know!

Aaron made some off the wall jokes between songs and he seemed to really get a kick out of announcing songs like “It’s Been A While” as a song that was brand new & never played before...I guess that was his brand of dry humor but no one really laughed at it.

Going into this show I felt like Shinedown as the nights headliner was a good idea BUT after Godsmack finished their set it was clear that NO ONE on this bill held a candle to what Godsmack did onstage!

Energy wise Sully and the boys burnt the place down with hit after him and this was essentially a home coming for Shannon because he’s a Baltimore boy and this was billed as a Maryland/DC/Virginia show.

The set from Godsmack was standard and pretty much the same thing I’ve seen them do the past few shows...all the songs you wanted to hear them play were played alongside the drum battle between Sully & Shannon which led into a blur of covers ranging from “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith to “Creeping Death” by Metallica.

Godsmack dominated this fest for sure and by the time Shinedown took the stage a small portion of the crowd had actually filtered out after Godsmack were done playing!

Shinedown brought a large rock show to the fest complete with pyro, tons o’ lights & flash but the thing with Shinedown is it’s ALL Brent...his vocals are the key thing that make that band special and I won’t deny that the man IS one of the best singers in rock music today....he sings from the heart, with passion, with anger, with love & musically the band keeps leaning more & more towards commercial pop yet the style the band started off with will ALWAYS be hard rock oriented.

Musically I’ve always preferred the band with 2 guitar players because it’s clear to see/hear they sample song things & depending upon where you were at this show you either heard a good guitar mix or a bad guitar mix.

What I didn’t like about the guitar mix was that Zach’s guitar was loud on the right side of the stage yet he sounded buried in the mix on the left side of the stage & if you walked further back in the venue during their set the guitar parts were very hard to hear in the mix..that’s been an issue ever since Zach took over as the only guitarist in the band.

On this night Maria from In This Moment joined the band on vocals during “Devour” & she wore a red vinyl dress which matched Brent’s red shirt and I will give Brent credit, he’s slimmed down a bit and he looks healthier on this tour.

The band played a brand new song this night that was primarily piano driven and it was a full on ballad which will probably be a monster hit single once it’s released commercially because everything Shinedown touches turns to gold at this point.

Towards the end of the show Brent & Zach walked to the middle of the venue ala Paul Stanley & played on a mini stage in the back of the venue. The song they played on the mini stage was “Simple Man” by Skynyrd.

To Shinedown’s credit they closed their set with a rock song as opposed to what Staind closed their set with which was a mellow track that was only guitar & vocals...Shinedown gave the crowd a big rock show and defined popular radio rock for 2012 quite well.

Despite the day being muggy, over cast & raining through most of the evening I will say that the 2012 Uproar Tour was an absolute blast and this show had a really good turn out for the nights headliners!

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Author: Bob Suehs