Mar 15, 2012

Dizzy Reed - Recher Theater

Before you read this review, if you're not familiar with the book "The Last Living Slut" by Roxana Shirazi I'd highly advise you to read my review of her book:

The Last Living Slut - Roxan Shirazi

Knowing about that book will make the last part of this review make sense.

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Before you read this review, if you're not familiar with the book "The Last Living Slut" by Roxana Shirazi I'd highly advise you to read my review of her book which is at:

The Last Living Slut - Roxan Shirazi

Knowing about that book will make the last part of this review make sense.

I had the privilege of seeing Dizzy Reed play with Guns N Roses a few weeks prior at the Fillmore in Maryland & the show featured a solid 3 hours of music from AXL & co. On that night GNR played to a jam packed, totally sold out crowd!

In stark contrast, this particular Dizzy Reed show had 25-30 people tops in attendance and it's noteworthy to point out that the local openers brought their own crowd(s) & the club went from having around 250 people to 25 quite fast after the local bands were finished playing!

Dizzy took the stage a few minutes late & his band members all arrived separately. The set Dizzy played was loose, they did 2 Dizzy originals while the rest of the set was all covers and I'll point out that choosing really obscure songs is hit or miss considering most of the core GNR fanbase were probably not that into random Warren Zevon songs.

Jeff Duncan from Odin / Armored Saint was on lead guitar & he also sang "Sin City" by AC/DC....Jeff's Slash guitar licks were a bit sloppy in parts BUT he had a good guitar tone and he was what held the bands sound together onstage.

Guns N Roses classics "Sweet Child o' Mine", "Used To Love Her" & "Pretty Tied Up" were played BUT what you realize when you see Dizzy singing these songs is the sad fact that Dizzy ONLY played keyboards on a few GNR songs. When Dizzy plays a song like "Sweet Child.." it's kinda weird because the man had NOTHING to do with that song & while I definitely enjoyed hearing the song it was no different than having a random cover band play it because without Slash OR AXL a song like "Sweet Child o' Mine" is just a cover & the same goes for Steven Adler when he does that song in his live shows.

I can go along with the notion that sure, Dizzy IS a member of Guns N Roses so technically you're seeing a member of GNR play a GNR song, BUT Buckethead & a quite a few other dudes were also in GNR at some point yet there are ONLY 5 key members who had anything to do with the best GNR record..."Appetite For Destruction" and that's AXL, Slash, Duff, Izzy & Adler. Steven Adler can actually say he WAS part of the classic line up whereas Dizzy is considered an add on that wasn't really needed in many GNR fans minds and I'll say for the record that this show was fun but VERY unscripted, not rehearsed, they didn't know what they were playing from minute to minute & the bands bass player even joked that he felt like he was in a wedding cover band & he started to play the bass lines to "Rappers Delight" which made me crack up!

"Sympathy For The Devil" by the Rolling Stones was the nights last song & I'm not really sure if Dizzy cut the set short or what because they played for just around an hour BUT there were so few people there that it was almost as if no one cared either way.

My buddy Brad commented that he wondered who the "All-stars" in Dizzy's band were & then he quipped that perhaps the "All-Star" line was a joke pertaining to the Chuck's that the band members wore & I think Brad was 100% correct with that statement he made...the "All-Stars" were the band members shoes!

So after the show I will admit I wanted to get Dizzy to autograph my copy of Use Your Illusion 1....GNR was a pivotal part of my childhood & it meant something to me to have Dizzy sign it.

When I approached Dizzy he seemed pleasant yet I could detect a slight bit o' rockstar cockiness to his presence. Trust me, I've been around much bigger names than Dizzy Reed who didn't have that vibe...Dizzy signed my cd jacket & then asked me if I had any "Gak"?

I was clueless as to what "Gak" was....I said to Dizzy that I had no idea what "Gak" was but if it was drugs I had none because I don't do drugs.

I then made a mention that I knew "Gak" was a one time band that played CA which had members of Metallica, GNR, Skid Row, etc., & Dizzy said to me they called the band "Gak" because they all did "Gak" & "Gak" was what they called Cocaine....Dizzy said that Lars from Metallica came up with the idea to call the band "Gak".

So after I just had Dizzy asking me for "Gak" I was kinda let down because I didn't expect that to happen, I mean it was so random to ask ME for drugs like that....I didn't bother asking Dizzy if I could get a picture with him because he rubbed me the wrong way & I decided to go for broke by asking him about the touchiest subject of all....Roxana Shirazi & her book "The Last Living Slut".

I'll preface this question by telling you that my review of Roxana's book pissed her off because she felt like I made her out to be nothing more than a groupie when infact she felt like her book was an uplifting story about a girl who chased her dreams & overcame adversity....sorry but the story of how she asked Syn Gates from Avenged Sevenfold to piss on her blew the chance of her book being "uplifting".

So back to my story, I asked Dizzy Reed if he's ever read the book "The Last Living Slut" because he's mentioned extensively in that book...Dizzy replied with a sharp "no!" & he told me he's never even heard of that book before. I told him that the books been out for a while now & it's sold quite a few copies, that Roxana did the promo tour thing & her stories about him are out there...his EXACT comment was, "Good for her, I hope that bitch dies a rich whore!"

After Dizzy made that comment I was done, I wanted to get out of there, Dizzy clearly didn't wanna talk to me anymore & I walked out of the venue thinking to myself, wow...I had Dizzy asking me for blow & I got the only comment from him regarding the Roxana book...all in a night's work for Rock N Roll Experience!

Never let it be said that I don't bring you, the Rock N Roll Experience readers, the juicy dirt!

Author: Bob Suehs