Mar 16, 2013

Bathsalt Zombies, Mudhoney & Prospect Hill

Mudhoney, Prospect Hill & Bathsalt Zombies!

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”I’m Now” DVD

Track Listing:

The story of Mudhoney is one that’s sadly typical for most rock bands...the band broke, made a name for themselves, signed a major label record deal, they toured the world yet made no money & when things turned to shit they all had to get real jobs.

Mudhoney were actually the band that influenced Nirvana directly & if there were no Mudhoney there would be no Nirvana!

This movie explains the bands rise from the Seattle club scene to touring nationally & overseas...the sad reality is that the band garnered universal praise from fans & the press yet they sadly never made a dent in mainstream rock because their music simply lacked commercial appeal.

I found it inspiring & comical to hear the band tell the story of how most of their music was recorded cheaply & they pocketed all the record company advances by paying around $100 per recording session...way to stick it to the man!

I didn’t know the complete story of Mudhoney till I viewed this dvd & I’d highly advise any music fan to watch this documentary on the band because it explains the music business quite well. Mark Arm is actually an employee of Sub Pop records to this very day & when there’s an order of vinyl or cd’s shipped it’s usually done by Mr. Mark Arm!



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Campy horror at it’s best, this flick’s premise is that there’s a new strain of bathsalt oriented drugs that turns it’s users into....ZOMBIES!

The effects are funny, the acting is ok & the overall plot is fun so I’d give this movie a solid B+ because it’s well done, the acting isn’t pro yet it’s solid & the movie itself is worth checking out if you dig b-horror movies!



Track Listing: Townie, Life Goes On, Superhero, Say Uncle, Come Alive, Rollercoaster, Reflections, Breakdown, Rescued, Time, Reach

Musically the band is standard radio rock with the vocals touching down between Bad Religion & Pop Evil...I know that’s a weird mix but that’s kinda what I hear when I listen to Adam’s singing.

The songs all come with standard hooks, rock break downs and any given track on this cd could be played on modern rock radio today with no format problems.

I think my only complain is that the sound is a tad watered down in some spots & on a production level I’d like to hear a little more edginess & rawness....the production is polished & it kinda takes from the energy in some spots but that’s just my personal take on things...writing wise every song stands on it’s own & the band sounds good.

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Author: Bob Suehs