Apr 17, 2013

Hatebreed / Terror / ETID - Ram's Head Live

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April 17, 2013

Baltimore, MD

Ram’s Head Live

This show started really early so it was a no brainer that I’d miss the first few bands on the bill and I made it to the venue about 10 minutes before Terror took the stage!

Ram’s Head Live is a 2 level venue with a 3rd floor that’s strictly for VIP’s....this night the upper levels were closed & only the floor level was in use which clearly meant the show itself was only 1/2 packed yet once Terror started their set the pit opened up so big that it looked like a sold out show if you viewed it from the front of the stage!

Terror’s set was hardcore from start to finish & the band even tossed in a Suicidal Tendencies cover to boot!

I was surprised to see stage diving during the Terror set because Ram’s Head Live NEVER allows that at the venue but during the Terror set it happened several times and there was one girl who jumped off the front of the stage and she landed on the ground because the crowd didn’t bother to catch her...that’s not how it’s supposed to work at a hardcore show but sadly it happened.

Terror’s set was a non stop, continuos blur of energy & riffage...next was Every Time I Die & their set was stylistically the same just with a tad more metal in parts...during ETID’s set there was a small ode to Pantera if you listened closely and by the time Hatebreed took the stage the crowd had thinned out just a tad...I think Terror had the biggest crowd of the night & the Terror crowd was also the craziest because the Hatebreed crowd WAS crazy & intense but the Terror crowd seemed to be a little rowdier!

This was the first time I’d seen Hatebreed in a year or 2 and what I noticed right off the bat was they had a few different members in the band & Jamey commented that they had the bands original guitarist back with them for this tour...sound wise you couldn’t tell they changed members because Hatebreed’s music is all rhythm & they always have strong rhythm players in the band that all sound the same...unity was the theme of the night & all the bands on the bill gave the crowd a good show.

Author: Bob Suehs