Apr 20, 2013

Anthrax, Alanis Morissette & more!

Anthrax, Alanis & More!

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Track Listing: Anthem, TNT, Smokin’, Keep on Runnin’, Big Eyes, Jailbreak, Crawl, Crawl (Remix)

The cool thing about this cd is that if you look closely at the cover you have a choice of 7 different cd covers to choose from..my personal favorites are the Cheap Trick & AC/DC parodies although the Rush one is kinda cool too....this cover EP is ok for the most part, the band chose some songs you might not expect them to cover like Rush & Cheap Trick tracks yet Anthrax makes each cover their own & the last 2 tracks on the disc are 2 versions of “Crawl” off the bands last record...the remix is interesting but I’m kinda surprised they put their own original song(s) on a covers record.

”Jailbreak” is probably the best cover on this record & “TNT” is my least favorite simply because the song’s been covered so many times that for me personally I can’t stand the song anymore.

This is a fun EP of covers & it definitely shows some of the bands various influences!


”Live at Montreux 2012” Blu Ray

Track Listing:

I won’t hold any punches on this review....Alanis kicks butt on this release but her edge that she had in the 90’s is gone....I miss the angrier tones she used to have, the youthful expressions of discontent....with this concert Alanis is clearly happier in adult life, she’s older, wiser & a song like “You Oughta Know” is still good yet lost the edge that made it what it was.

All of the Glen Ballard co-written songs are stand out on this release and Alanis shines through the entire show as a songstress that has confidence & control in her life & career....the highlight of the show is probably “Head Over Feet” because it comes off heartfelt & sounds really cool. I did find it odd that she chose to close with “Thank U” instead of “You Oughta Know” or “Hand In My Pocket” which were clearly bigger hits.


”The Rise, Fall & Rebirth of the Independent Record Shop” DVD

Track Listing:

This documentary was made overseas & sadly the movie is rather slow...it doesn’t necessarily peak the viewers interest due to boring interviews & for the most part the movie tells the story of how most of the independent music stores overseas closed once people began downloading music on the internet. The ending segments of the movie show how some small stores managed to cling on once vinyl records became popular once more.

This movie is interesting yet the pace just made it a slow thing to watch & keep up with because the subjects being interviewed were just very boring.



Track Listing:

This documentary tells the story of Ear X-tacy Records in Kentucky and shows how the business came to be & shows when it started to have problems due to internet downloads & people no longer buying music in retail shops.

Overall the movie was a good watch but sadly this is life as we know it now...so many small businesses have been affected by the internet & music shops are a sad casualty of the internet!

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Author: Bob Suehs