Apr 22, 2013

Sevendust / Coal Chamber - Rams Head Live

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April 22, 2013

Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live

COAL CHAMBER set list:  Loco, Big Truck, Fiend, Rowboat, Something, Clock, Drove, Not Living, Dark Days, I, No Home, Oddity, Maricon Puto, Sway

SEVENDUST set list:  Decay, Praise, Denial, Till Death, Waffle, Strong Arm, Rumble Fish, Bitch, Pieces, Black, Splinter, Face To Face

Stolen Babies & Lacuna Coil opened the show but sadly I arrived just as Lacuna Coil were on their last song so this review will consist of the nights 2 main bands...Sevendust & Coal Chamber.

This was a sold out show & the crowd was packed in tight and I give Rams Head credit for keeping the venue cool temperature wise because I didn’t see anyone passing out from heat which happens sometimes at a show like this.

When Coal Chamber started out they were a nu-metal freak show that borrowed it’s looks from Hot Topic coupled with elements of hardcore...the saddest part of the bands sound back then was that they were just so limited with the music they wrote/created....the musicians in the band were never that great and when I saw Coal Chamber on this night my opinion that Meegs is not a good guitar player was still 100% accurate!

Dez’s band Devil Driver are far superior to Coal Chamber in every way & it’s kind of a surprise to me that Coal Chamber would even reunite at this point but they are on the road supporting Sevendust for their Spring 2013 tour. As soon as Dez took the stage he immediately yelled at the photographers up front, “Who in the hell gave YOU a media pass? This isn’t for you, this is for them (points to the crowd), I don’t want you here, you’re not even supposed to be here!”

Dez flipped off most of the photographers taking pics & even stick his boot against some photographers camera lens...I’m not sure if he was playing around or genuinely pissed off BUT his demeanor with Coal Chamber was not as pleasant as it is when he’s singing for Devil Driver.

Like I said, musically Coal Chamber were kinda limp sounding....they was nothing spectacular about their set, it was all their older material and for me personally it was nothing I’ll remember at all.

Sevendust utilized the full stage at Rams Head Live complete with large lights, loads of gear & a cool backdrop....Sevendust clearly blew Coal Chamber off the stage and I have to point out that Lajon was spitting a ridiculous amount onstage at this show, at one point I thought for sure his spit was going to land on me but thankfully it didn’t! Soundwise Sevendust sounded clear & strong and their set list was the perfect mix of mostly classic tracks with just a few new ones to freshen up the set a bit.

The best band of the night was clearly Sevendust and they definitely slayed the crowd!


Author: Bob Suehs