Apr 23, 2013

Joy Formidable - Ottobar

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April 23, 2013

Baltimore, MD


Joy Formidable Set List:  Cholla, Austere, Ladder, The Greatest Light, Little Blimp, Cradle, Tendons, Silent Treatment, Maw Maw, I Don’t Want To, Spectrum

The Joy Formidable F**king Rock! I’m sorry but I had to say that because this show was an epic journey of sound, mood, vibe & emotions which took the fans in attendance to difference places depending upon what you “got” from this show.

Lead singer/guitarist Rhiannon "Ritzy" Bryan is a short girl who’s unique charm is that she’s anti-rock star on every level...she took the stage looking more like the Flying Nun than a rock goddess yet once she started to play & sing her personality, her soft spoken charm & rock prowess took control and made all eyes fixate on her and the band. The back drop consisted of a white cut out cat’s head which displayed pictures & movies on it throughout the bands set.

The music of Joy Formidable is heavily layered & the band utilizes tracks to make it sound fuller than it really is but to be honest with you I can’t hold the non-live parts of their musical performance against them because they are really amazing to listen to & see live...the 3 members of the band have no attitudes, no egos, they joke & interact with the crowd & they clearly love doing what they are doing on stage!

The venue was packed and I was pleased to see so many people who actually knew all of the music Joy Formidable played...the show itself is best described as a large arena rock styled show which they packed into the tiny Ottobar.

The best piece of advise I can give you is if you get the chance to catch Joy Formidable I would highly advise you to check them out because their live show is jaw dropping.



Author: Bob Suehs