Apr 24, 2013

Suicidal Tendencies / Sick of it all - Soundstage

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April 24, 2013

Baltimore, MD


This was probably one of the most amazing days of my life & it’s simply because EVERYTHING worked out & things just went perfect....that all led up to the big rock show this night and I was pleasantly surprised to see Soundstage almost totally sold out for a hardcore/metal show that had very little advertisement/promotion....the bands on the bill were older acts & it was an evening of loud/fast/heavy music.

D.R.I. were the first national act to play this night & sadly I only knew the band for their running man logo....towards the middle of their set I realized I knew a song they did called “Violent Pacification” because Slayer covered it on their “Undisputed Attitude” record!

D.R.I. sounded good but the vocals were muddy & hard to decipher therefore they were the perfect punk/hardcore/metal band!

Sick of It All were next and their singer joked that he used to be an angry teenager but was now a grumpy middle aged man...their live show was intense & the pit never stopped throughout their hour long set which featured an impressive “Wall of Death” towards the middle of the show!

Sick of it All had the largest crowd from what I could tell based on t-shirts & audience participation but it was clearly a Suicidal Tendencies show when Mike Muir took the stage!

Mike Muir has the oddest skullet hairdo which is totally bald on top & a long braided pony tail in the back. Muir’s stage presence is the same as it was back in the day but the weird thing is he shows his age now & what was once cool is now kinda not so cool....Suicidal sounded great but the band is down to just Muir as the only original member and while I did enjoy the bands set I give props to Sick of it All for being more of a “band” than Suicidal Tendencies which is simply Muir with a hired backing band.

Suicidal Tendencies opened strong with “Can’t Bring Me Down” & they played a great selection of material including “Institutionalized”, “I Saw Your Mommy” & “How Will I Laugh Tomorrow”.

All in all it was a fun, long show that ended after 12:30 AM and I’d say Sick of it All were the best band of this night!


Author: Bob Suehs