Jun 7, 2013

Sons of the Radio, Garbage, Iggy & The Stooges

Sons of the Radio, Garbage & Iggy and the Stooges cd/dvd reviews!

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“The Delicate Machinery”

Through the years Maryland natives Sons of the Radio have grown from being a cover band to performing sets of all original material and opening for national touring acts like My Darkest Days at some of Maryland’s largest venues!

“The Delicate Machinery” is the bands sophomore release and this time around they have found their niche with music that’s standard hard rock with hooky grooves (“Lady Conundrum”), while maintaining the heaviness (“Melodramatic Yellow”) with an alternative flavor (“Bagman”).

This 12 song disc is a step forward for the band and it shows musical growth with how the band operates as a unit.... Matt’s vocals are really dominant on this record and the bands debut disc was a stepping stone for where they are now. I give Sons of the Radio props for really coming together as a band...the sounds on this disc are unique & you can tell the band have figured out who/what they are now!

“21225” is a quirky little instrumental that sounds like it could have been on a Perfect Circle’s debut record as an interlude & the track that follows it called “Bagman” is actually one of my personal favorites off the disc because it’s got this drive and demanding rhythm that makes it an instantly memorable song!

It’s funny that I’ve seen the band performing many of these tracks live for the past year or so & to finally hear the studio versions of these songs....the band captured the essence of their live sound very well on these studio versions & this is definitely one of the best self released rock records from an unsigned Maryland band!

“Premonition” clocks in at just over 6 minutes long and it’s the bands epic track on this cd and it’s also the heaviest song vibe wise on this disc too!

“The Suppliant” is the stand out track on this disc because there’s a really cool dynamic to the song...the changes within it, the mood, the vibe....it’s really strong simply because it’s the most open and fragile moment on the record... it’s a rock song but also has this tender spot in it which makes it an open book moment for the record.

Sons of the Radio have stepped up things with “The Delicate Machinery” and they have redefined who/what they are...the highs are higher while the lowers are deeper and I’m impressed with the bands musical evolution!

A Tribute to Ron Asheton

”featuring Iggy & The Stooges & Special Guests” dvd

Ron Asheton started out as the guitarist in Iggy & The Stooges but eventually switched to bass during the “Raw Power” era of The Stooges and this dvd is a tribute to Ron’s legacy. The sad reality is that Ron was not a great guitarist, his legacy was always standing in the shadow of Iggy Pop and most people don’t even know who Ron Asheton is!

I didn’t say that to be mean, I’m just telling the truth when I say that Iggy Pop IS the star of Iggy & The Stooges and this concert is a weird little celebration of the musical career of Ron Asheton. The show starts off with a long and drawn out rant fest from Henry Rollins...Henry usually makes his point very well but on this dvd his speech about Ron’s life comes off like he was forced to say good things about someone who he really didn’t know that well on a personal level.

Henry gives a touching speech BUT it’s wayyyy too long & quite boring. The music kicks in with Rollins signing “I Got a Right” and the show doesn’t really start till “Raw Power” featuring Iggy Pop kicks in!

Iggy sounds old & worn out on this dvd & it’s sad because I was hoping this dvd would be a kick ass documentation on the life of Ron Asheton with a really tight show from Iggy, Rollins & the Stooges BUT sadly the show itself is really sloppy, the music is so/so and this is not really a great way to remember Iggy & The Stooges.


”One Mile High...Live” dvd

This is Garbage’s first ever live dvd release and it documents the bands 2012/13 “Not Your Kind of People” reunion tour which saw the band playing sold out shows all around the world!

The bonus footage on this disc is pretty cool....the band explains what certain songs off the “Not Your Kind of People” record are about and there’s a quirky little pre-show vid that’s essentially the band just goofing around....the meat & potatoes of this disc is the live concert footage which is more like a really high end bootleg than a professionally recorded concert vid and what I mean by that is the footage on this dvd is clean but not movie quality... the audio is a tad harsh in spots and NOT over polished...the flubs are all in tact and this is a very “human” sounding release.

Starting off with “Automatic...” the live show moves fast with hit after hit and watching this disc you realize just how many singles the band has released over the years....well crafted songs with catchy hooks, strong choruses and interesting themes, the Garbage live show is captured 100% as it is when you see it in person on this disc!

“Vow” is my personal favorite because it’s the heaviest song in the set & it actually closes out this show...the song that the band changed the most would have to be “Happy When It Rains” because it starts out slow & doesn’t pick up steam till the chorus which will surprise fans who didn’t see the band on this tour.

The bonus section also includes the music videos for “Great Big World” & “Blood For Poppies”.

All in all this is a kick ass dvd & well worth checking out!

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Author: Bob Suehs