Jul 10, 2013

Van's Warped Tour 2013 - MPP

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July 10, 2013

Columbia, MD

Merriweather Post Pavilion

The Van’s Warped Tour is one of the more eclectic traveling rock fests that the USA has to offer because the line up is an interesting mix of rock, hardcore, rap, ska, punk reggae, dance and for the most part you never know what you might see or hear when you go to a Warped tour because there’s usually several stages going all at one time and no 2 people have the same exact experience at a Warped Tour show!

The 2013 Warped Tour band roster was a tad weak in my opinion partially due to the lack of bigger acts on this years bill...the most interesting acts were Black Veil Brides, Reel Big Fish, The Used & New Year’s Day...sadly those bands all played early on this day.

Gin Wigmore was the first act I caught on this day and I was alerted of the bands set by posters that were taped everywhere the eye could see... sadly the bands posters were a tad more interesting than the bands music.

Chiodos who take their name from the film “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” took the main stage next and as usual they delivered a strong set which was an interesting mix of hardcore & emo combined. Chiodos was the first BIG set I caught this day and the band made the crowd move/mosh/crowd surf & go crazy. At this point Chiodos is not the same band it used to be because I remember seeing the band many years ago and most of the core members are no longer there so seeing Chiodos was odd for me simply because what I saw on stage this day was very different than what I’d seen on every other time I’d seen the band.

Reel Big Fish played after Chiodos on the adorning main stage where Chiodos played and Reel Big Fish were definitely one of the funnest bands to watch!

The bands set was fast paced and they brought out New Year’s Day singer Ash to sing “She Has A Girlfriend Now” towards the end of their set. Oddly enough the band did a partial cover of that annoying Carly Rae Jepsen song “Call Me Maybe” but the band stopped it midway and said that Black Veil Brides would finish it up when they took the stage next!

“Take On Me” closed out Reel Big Fish’s set and any time you see Reel Big Fish I can almost guarantee you it will be a fun time! Random side note, if you looked closely at Aaron Barrett from Reel Big Fish’s jacket he had several pins on it & one pin was of the hair band Warrant!

Black Veil Brides followed Reel Big Fish taking the stage with none of their trademarked make up in tact...the band came out dressed more like LA Guns with a very old school metal look and I was actually surprised the band decided to dumb it down so much looks wise considering their fan base seemed to adore the bands glam look.

I will give it to Black Veil Brides because they seem to be getting better each time I see them and this show was actually way better than the last time I saw them but I still dislike the bands cover of “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol simply because they add nothing to the song. I will also point out that Black Veil Brides singer Andy Biersack is looking alot like Justin Bieber with his new shorter hair cut.

Bless The Fall followed Black Veil Brides and the bands set was typical of most screamo bands but the crowd seemed to love it regardless.

Oh, Sleeper played the Monster stage and their set was ok, they played in the blistering sun so the band & the crowd had to deal with that lovely issue. The band is considered Christian Metal core but I still have no clue how that style of music pertains to religion at all...the bands singer Micah Kinard reminded me slightly of Bruce Dickenson from Iron Maiden in at times while onstage BUT his vocals are nothing like Dickenson's!

The Used took the main stage next and the band came out wearing torn up ski masks and a large man with a pig mask messed with Burton a bit before the band started their set. The Used opened with a partial cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana and once The Used removed their masked all hell broke loose!

The Used sounded good & the band kept the ski masks on for the first song or so after which Burton pulled out several packets of colored powder & threw it at the crowd & himself....everyone in the front was covered with this power which made people in the front that got hit with it randomly turn pink, blue, green, yellow, etc. ....it was an interesting idea but when the crowd started to toss it back at the band it started to become a bit of a problem.

New Year’s Day played a smaller side stage just after 4 PM and for what it’s worth I felt like their set was the best of the day because they put their hearts into the set and they rocked hard! New Year’s Day sounded great and the band joked that the direct sunlight was bad for goths like them.

The Chariot played the Monster stage and at this point the band is down to 2 guitar players, a drummer & the singer. I can’t really describe The Chariot’s live onstage show as anything other than weird....they are frantic with their music/moves and the bands singer hides in the back for a good portion of the set..... The Chariot are weird!

Motion City Soundtrack played around 7 PM on the main stage and I was impressed with the amount of crowd response they received...the kids knew all their songs, all the lyrics and they filled the main stage in completely for the Motion City Soundtrack set!

I snuck over to the Ernie Ball stage to catch a moment of the headlining set from Japanese band Cross Faith and they were interesting. The bands music is metal mixed with dance elements....imagine if Gravity Kills were Japanese with more dubstep moments...that’s the best analogy for the bands sound.

Bring Me The Horizon closed the entire show with a kick ass, in your face set on the main stage. The band seemed very focused delivering their brand of metal core/hard core which closed the day out perfectly!

All in all the 2013 Warped Tour was a success because the kids had a great time, the bands gave it their all and the show offered a diverse mix of modern music which reflected well on what 2013 was all about.

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Author: Bob Suehs