Jul 13, 2013

Warrior Soul - Kory Clarke

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An Interview with Warrior Soul front man Kory Clarke

July 12, 2013

Kory Clarke is an outspoken mouth piece for the rock n roll world...his ideas, theories & politics are legendary and I had the chance to sit down one on one with Kory when Warrior Soul played Maryland on July 12, 2013. As an added bonus original Warrior Soul bassist Pete joins the interview to answer a few questions as well!

Rock N Roll Experience: How come you are no longer singing for the band Trouble?

Kory Clarke: “I don’t know....they didn’t want to do an album with me, they didn’t want to pursue it anymore..they weren’t touring & I had work to do so I just told them, Whatever, if you guys can’t get off your ass & do an album with me, I’d already done alot of vocals & they just didn’t wanna do anything with it and plus I didn’t agree with some of their politics. I don’t like them that much....people liked me in the band and there’s a few people that gave some negative response from I guess on their web site or something but I know the people that did it, they come on with different names and it’s the same guys and the thing was, Bruce didn’t.....I was more Rick’s guy and Bruce wanted someone that was more religious possibly but it was something like that. I am NOT religious, I hate religion so whatever.

Rock N Roll Experience: Does having Pete back on bass add more to the band now?

Kory Clarke: He adds to my beer tab....he adds Pete ya know? He’s a great bass player and he’s played with alot of guys since he’s played with me...Brian Setzer, the guy in The Clash, alot of guys and him coming back is really fun because he....it’s just good to have the guy back but I have not’ played with him since ‘95 so...

Rock N Roll Experience: Is Pete a permanent member now?

Kory Clarke: He can play as long as he wants, I am in a rebuilding phase in America, I’ve done alot of work in Europe over the last 6 years....I just don’t think America was ever exposed to me correctly, I think I’m one of the most misunderstood bands in history and there’s alot of people that have alot of animosity towards me because I’ve got an opinion and that opinion is probably not positive but the band kicks ass & it’s great to play a little more stuff off the first album this time but also the latest record was really cool, it has more subtle beginnings to it, it flows a little bit differently and it’s really a Warrior Soul record so we are playing a whole bunch of that stuff, the new “Junkie Stripper” video is really cool, I just wanted to throw that out to get publicity.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you hate AXL Rose?

Kory Clarke: I never hated him I just like making fun of him. (laughs) I blame his publicist for sabotaging my career, Bryn Bridenthal is a f**king cunt but AXL had nothing to do with it as far as I know. I just think that they were trying to protect their boy and that’s how it was, but she never liked me, that’s all....AXL never had nothing to do with it, as a matter of fact I’m friends with his brother Scott, he’s a good friend and Del James for a while till I called the “Destroy the War Machine” record “Chinese Democracy” and he acted all smug about it so I don’t know if he still had a bug up his ass about it but....I mean what are you kidding me, I just do this as a joke and it upsets everybody so. My record only had 8 songs & it wasn’t the epic drama piece that he (AXL) had but I’ll put it up against that one any day, that thing opens up with “F**k the Pigs” & it just rips your head off....listen to his, (laughs) but no, I’ve got nothing against AXL, are you crazy? Who cares.

(Pete joins at this point)

Rock N Roll Experience: So what made you rejoin Warrior Soul?

Pete: Kory called me up and said, Hey man, you wanna play a couple of shows? And I said, yeah, sure.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you a permanent member now or just for this tour?

Pete: You have to ask Mr. Clarke.

Kory Clarke: It depends if we can get his visa straight to go to England (laughs)

Rock N Roll Experience: Why did you quit Warrior Soul?

Pete: I was having some problems with substance and I had to get that straightened out.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did it make you mad when Ricco was selling Warrior Soul dvd’s without your consent?

Kory Clarke: He’s an amateur human being, a professional guitar player but he’s a f**king wanker, a real loser.

Rock N Roll Experience: Would you ever play with Ricco again?

Kory Clarke: No! There’s no point in...the truth of the matter is without me he’s shit! I think his career had barred that out....on the first album I directed & produced and Pete helped me write most of the stuff but Rico came up with a riff or 2 and of course he came up with some licks but....he’s a good player but the guy showed up in pajamas to f**king record.

Pete: I don’t think he’s still doing music currently.

Kory: I think he’s flying high in the sky.

Pete: He’s a pilot I think.

Kory: Yeah, a f**king ass pilot (laughs)

Rock N Roll Experience: Would you ever work with former Warrior Soul guitarist X-Factor?

Kory Clarke: From what, the grave? He should commit suicide.

Pete: Personally I wouldn’t be interested in working with him....

Kory Clarke: If I were him I’d find a new fashion designer and/or commit suicide.

Pete: I wouldn’t be interested in working with him.

Kory Clarke: He’s a manipulative wanker and what has he done since that one album? Without my direction, in other words, not to toot my own horn but I’m just saying X-factor, if you’re reading this, kiss my ass, you suck!

Pete: I have an issue with him as well...

Kory Clarke: He begged to work with me and I mean he’s a total attention seeking....he tried to f**k up the band, in a way he helped to break the band up so.

Pete: He’s a pretty divisive kinda character....

Kory Clarke: He’s not a team player, he’s an Alex X-Factor...as a matter fact if he was Ohio I’d give him back to the Indians (laughs)

WARRIOR SOUL Set List:   Ruins, Trippin on X, Drug, Love Drug, Blown, Shine, Junky, Rotten Soul, Punk, Ghetto Nation, Charlie's, Intro/Interzone, F** the Pigs, Downtown, Wasteland

Musically the band sounded amazing & Kory’s voice sounded strong. Sadly the show had a small turn out but the band played a full 90 minute set that rocked hard and Kory and the band gave it their all!



Author: Bob Suehs